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10 Best Looking Rocket League Designs 2020 - Cheap Fennec Cars, Black Market Decals & Petacio Wheels

3/6/2020 10:34:39 AM

It’s time for our Rocket League car designs again! For the RL players who don’t have much time or money on RL trading to collect top customization items for their battle-cars, a budget and eye-catching design is most saught-after. Goldkk.com always presents beautiful and cheap RL designs for you. In our previous articles, we have presented some nice Werewolf designs with FSL-B Wheels & Mainframe Decals, and today we are going to showcase some Fennec car designs with Petacio wheels, BL Mystery Decals. Follow us to make your Fennec car shine in the game!

RL design

Best Rocket League Design Store - Buy Cheap RL Credits, Items To Create Your Dream Car 

Goldkk.com will update the newest and hottest Rocket League car designs every week, with cheap wheels, painted car bodies, beautiful decals or black market decals. You can easily put these Rocket League items together for creating your dream car according to what you like, without spending tons of Rocket League Keys, Rocket League Credits or endlessly opening Rocket League crates. Take a look at the following best and most unique looking Rocket League designs Fennec with budget wheels and popular black market decals (Dissolver, Heatwave, Intrudium, Mainframe, Streamline, Tora, Spectre, Labyrinth, Magma, Parallax). 

Hottest & Newest Rocket League Car Designs On Goldkk.com 

Hottest Rocket League Design 1 

Car: Burnt Sienna Fennec

Decal: Mainframe

Wheels: Burnt Sienna Petacio

Primary: C8-R1

Accent: C4-R4

Hottest Rocket League Design 2

Car: Sky Blue Fennec

Decal: Labyrinth

Wheels: Sky Blue Petacio

Primary: C4-R4

Hottest Rocket League Design 3

Car: Saffron Fennec

Decal: Parallax

Wheels: Saffron Petacio

Primary: C1-R4

Accent: C1-R7

Hottest Rocket League Design 4

Car: Purple Fennec

Decal: Magma

Wheels: Purple Petacio

Primary: C10-R2

Accent: C13-R2

Hottest Rocket League Design 5

Car: Cobalt Fennec

Decal: Spectre

Wheels: Cobalt Petacio

Primary: C6-R4

Accent: C9-R4

Hottest Rocket League Design 6

Car: Orange Fennec

Decal: Streamline

Wheels: Orange Petacio

Primary: C3-R4

Accent: C5-R4

Hottest Rocket League Design 7

Car: Crimson Fennec

Decal: Intrudium

Wheels: Crimson Petacio

Primary: C8-R4

Accent: C4-R4

Hottest Rocket League Design 8

Car: Forest Green Fennec

Decal: Heatwave

Wheels: Forest Green Petacio

Primary: C2-R4

Accent: C6-R7

Hottest Rocket League Design 9

Car: Pink Fennec

Decal: Dissolver

Wheels: Pink Petacio

Primary: C10-R4

Accent: C14-R1

Hottest Rocket League Design 10

Car: Titanium White Fennec

Decal: Tora

Wheels: Titanium White Petacio

Primary: C6-R1

Accent: C1-R1

For more popular and hot RL designs please head over to https://www.goldkk.com/rocket-league-designs-list

Are there any items fit your preference and style? Check their value on our Rocket League prices list for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch. If you want to own any of these cars or even just specific item, hit us up! Use code for 5% off your next Rocket League credits or Rocket League items purchase. Which one did you like the most? Let us know!

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