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Buy Rocket League Blueprints Trade Ups For Higher Rarity Blueprints | Goldkk.com

3/13/2020 10:35:19 AM

Rocket League March update 1.74 released, come with a long-waited Blueprints Trade-In System, which is a new type of drop that show you exactly what item you can build by spending Credits, trade the Blueprint to another player, or keep it in your inventory. Then how to get blueprints fast in Rocket League?

Buy Rocket League Blueprint Trade Ups For Higher Rarity Blueprints

Players are able to trade in five Blueprints from the same series and same rarity for one Blueprint of higher rarity. Here are for Trade-in Blueprints RL:

Five Rare Blueprints - One Very Rare Blueprint

Five Very Rare Blueprints - One Import Blueprint

Five Import Blueprints - One Exotic Blueprint

Five Exotic Blueprints - One Black Market Blueprint

Remember that: you should collect enough blueprints for trading in if you want to get higher rarity blueprints. So Goldkk.com can help you out with the best package offer for Rocket League Trade-In Blueprints. Fast buy these RL Blueprints!

Goldkk.com Sells Cheap RL Blueprint Trade Ins & New Rocket League Items

Goldkk.com is a secure online game store for Rocket League items purchasing and trading. With the Rocket League’s March update allows for Blueprint trade-ins, we help players to get more blueprints and have a better experience in the game. We sell Rocket League Blueprint Trade-Ins (PCC Exotic Blueprint Trade Up, PCC Import Blueprint Trade Up, PCC Very Rare Blueprint Trade Up) on PS4, XBOX One and PC platforms at the most favorable prices. In addition, we regularly launch new Rocket League items including the newest Komodo car, Tremor wheels and Ultralex. Keep an eye on our RL items and you can get cheaper items ahead of time than other players.

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