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New Rocket League Twinzer Designs & Prices - Lime, Cobalt, Pink, Saffron, Orange Twinzer Car Ideas

5/25/2020 11:38:35 AM

Rocket League Twinzer is inspired by the popular Octane, which one do you prefer? If you have a Twinzer to decorate, welcome to visit GOLDKK design list, which is featuring thousands of varying custom car designs with different Rocket League items and available at different prices level, you can find the best for you. Here we brings 5 new Rocket League Twinzer designs 2020 with wheels from Rocket Pass 6, plus the price of Twinzer variants on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What is Twinzer in Rocket League?

Twinzer is a Rocket League Import battle-car released in May, 2018, the design is on the basis of  Octane and a buggy, the difference between Twinzer and Octane is that its engine is on the front and it doesn't have a spoiler. Twinzer can be obtained from Impact Crate, which was converted into the Impact Blueprint in the game, you can also buy Twinzer car with cheap prices at goldkk.com. 

Rocket League Twinzer Prices - How much is a Twinzer worth in Rocket League?

The default color Twinzer prices on PS4 is 231 - 340 Rocket League credits, on Xbox One is 277 - 408 credits, on PC is 152 - 224 credits. Check out Rocket League Twinzer prices in different colors as below.

Rocket League Twinzer Price PS4

Twinzer prices ps4

Rocket League Twinzer Price Xbox One

Twinzer prices xbox

Rocket League Twinzer Price PC/Steam

Twinzer prices pc

Rocket League Twinzer Decals

Twinzer can be equipped with the following Rocket League decals and any of the universal decals.

- Import: AWD, Motor Monster, Radium, Slimed, Stripes, Trace Racer

- Rare: Good Shape, Muddy, Smooth Jazz

5 New Painted Rocket League Twinzer Designs

1. Orange Rocket League Twinzer Car Design

Bodies: Orange Twinzer

Decals: Orange Mainframe

Wheels: Orange Jandertek

Primary: C4-R4      

Accent: C1-R1


2.  Lime Rocket League Twinzer Car Design

Bodies: Lime Twinzer

Decals: Lime Mainframe

Wheels: Lime Jandertek

Primary: C1-R3      

Accent: C1-R1


3. Cobalt Rocket League Twinzer Car Design

Bodies: Cobalt Twinzer

Decals: Cobalt Mainframe

Wheels: Cobalt Jandertek

Primary: C7-R4      

Accent: C1-R1


4. Pink Rocket League Twinzer Car Design

Bodies: Pink Twinzer

Decals: Pink Mainframe

Wheels: Pink Jandertek

Primary: C10-R3      

Accent: C1-R1


5. Saffron Rocket League Twinzer Car Design

Bodies: Saffron Twinzer

Decals: Saffron Mainframe

Wheels: Saffron Jandertek

Primary: C2-R4      

Accent: C1-R1


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