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3 Great Rocket League Mechanics You Should Know

5/30/2020 6:07:47 PM

If you've played rocket League for any amount of time, you've probably noticed that there's a lot that you can learn in this game. Rocket League is a very mechanic heavy game with new crazy exciting, sometimes stupid moves being discovered almost weekly, sometimes these things are discovered by accident and other times. Now here are some great mechanics in Rocket League you should know. 

Great Rocket League Mechanics

3 Great Rocket League Mechanics You Should Know 

1. Front Flip Ground Shot

This is a really interesting shot performed by Twitter user. You can dodge your car into the ground and obviously the ground wins in this situation, your car can’t dodge through it, so it bounces off of the ground in a weird manner. This may be the first time many people see that ground flip to actually hit the ball into the goal, this would at least be a possibility to throw off your opponent, because otherwise you have to wait until the ball bounces and hit like the power shot off of the ground which is what most people expect. When you’re sort of floating behind and you know they set themselves up to defend that, but in this case he’s not really hitting a power shot, but he’s putting quite a bit of power on it.

2. The After Flick 

The after flick is really simple in theory but very difficult in practice, simple yet effective. Basically, the after flick was discovered because someone or all of us have failed to flick the ball properly, and somehow ended up doing cooks. In ferry peak are two players who come to mind when I think about people actually doing this on purpose, you're basically flicking the ball in such a way that you flick your car under the ball and you end up popping it up on the way out of your flick, so you're sort of hitting the ball at the end of the dodge animation or like creating the momentum at the end of it, as opposed to at the beginning of it, it's almost like a pre flip flick. So give this one a try and free play!

3. The Dashy Twist

A lot of mechanics in Rocket League come out of accidents or sort of broken versions of other mechanics, if you think about like a flip reset for example back in the day hitting the ball with the bottom of your car, meant that the ball lost its momentum in your car lost its momentum, but now it means doing this or wavedashing a wave - is really just you flipping your car when you shouldn't be flipping your car that appears to be the case with this mechanic. This is a mechanic that's like really unknown, it's manipulating your wave - to pull your wheels up off the ground after you've landed, what's happening here is the amount of torque he's building into his wave - by leaving some of his wheels off the ground at first is whipping him off the ground again, and then he's flipped cancelling to get that last wheel on the ground, but the torque from that flip is pulling the wheels back up, so he can use that.

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Check out this video to find out more best Rocket League Mechanics. 

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