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Path Of Exile 3.11 Currency Farming Guide - Best 7 Ways To Make Currency In POE Harvest League

7/13/2020 5:15:23 PM

The new League Harvest released with some new features, contents, rewards and mechanics, then how to start the new challenge league better and increase the profit? Here goldkk.com brings you POE 3.11 currency farming guide for starter with best 5 currency making methods to improve your currency generation. These methods can be used no matter what league we are in, and the methods should be remembered throughout the entire League. 


POE Currency Farming Guide 3.11 - 7 Tips Making Easy Currency With Harvest

1. Use the league mechanics/sell league items 

I would suggest getting your farm started to take advantage of the crafting possibility is there that are available to us though the farm setup that I have was tedious to set up and can take about an hour. So how that spreadsheet has everything set up? In the bottom left here you're gonna have the three vectors and what you'll do is just load them up with seeds, I won't pop anything until they're all ready to go same thing with the primal seeds to the bottom right and then in the top left will be your wild seeds, same thing three collectors for heat, each of them have a set of pylons that will go to a storage Bank and from those storage banks they go up this way. And at the top right you'll have where you set your tier two and Tier three seeds right started each of them and from here you just fill up the rest of the space with Tier three seeds and so this is our wild collector. So for the wild tier two and Tier three seeds they'll need this one needs primal suit your primal lifeforce. Some of them need vivid life force. In each spot there's gonna be a blue a or the primal dispenser for all of the ones highlighted and then this one's for that half and then the same thing with the vivid, those two to cover everything on that side. 

Use the league mechanics sell league items

Use seed mods as Alchemy orbs for maps

When we don't have any necessary crafts to make what on up doing is just use the ones available for the maps, so go ahead of hot beans. Once all that's done take a look at any of the crafts. There's nothing really in this one just open up your inventory throw a map in there, you get a free yellow mat, any mat that's not yellow that can be just free alchemy or and I am stocked up on life essence in my storage containers, we don't have enough to do anymore on this one so we just convince the rest of that. We didn't really have anything but we do have freak chance so we'll go ahead and try using it on our health assessment. We can get a wraparound settings, no harm no foul and then just continue on, throw fire mods on these now and it's good craft to have early in the league.

2. Pick up All rares at the start, look for life/resists

Once you are comfortable with your character and you start clearing a bit more and a bit faster, they'll start to progress through your Atlas and get a bunch of useless rotors. But early in the league you can at least pick up anything that you can fit your inventory. Pick up gloves, rings, belts, amulets and don't move the map until you have a full inventory oftentimes. Pour it back to town vendor and do it all again especially in the first few weeks of the week you want to save anything with life and resist, and if it has an open prefix and no life you can always craft it making a ton of trades worth just two or three chaos is a way to get started and get rolling. 

3. Use the chaos recipe to earn early chaos 

If you are patient enough or organized, you can always use the chaos recipe which is one of peak slot being rare and then fender those items to get a chaos org and you can use the same recipe. But olive wood being unidentified for two chaos you run the risk of having a good item sold that's another unidentified, but it's a foolproof way of making chaos early. I usually only do this when I get prophecy that gives you an execute chaos when you do the recipe but some people that prefer to save everywhere in the game the first few days and do the recipe and they make quite a bit of currency after the first week or so many people will complete their atlas.

4. Shape your atlas to drop only maps that have a high upside 

Move on to the real grind and this is where the next step for making currency POE, comes in find a map that you like to run it, so you can sustain that map. mix it up between tower burial chambers on a ground sea or haunted match either for the dev card that they drop being the doctor or the nurse or for sheer density of monsters in the maps. The more monsters you kill, the more loot you get.

5. Reroll an MF character, getting as much quant% on gear as you can 

You can always reroll into a strictly MF character. One that can spare a few gear slots and get that quantity percent increase. You can do with a bleed gladiator build and stack as much quantity as possible on them. Many times, these characters will skip the bosses, they simply just map and speed through and clear the garbage and they do pretty well. It can clear a map within a minute and a half to two and a half minutes and they just rely on the massive number of maps that they can do in a very short period of time. 

6. Run endgame content as a service for other players

Another way of making heaps of POE Harvest currency is to do bas RM services. If you are build that can do it, many people don't really have the experience to complete the very end game bosses, so if you can do it for them they'll pay hefty. You can make posts about it in game on the bulletin boards on the forums or on any of the dis cords that are around. It was easy content and it was costing people anywhere from 10 to 50 chaos around depending on what the service was. You can do it with rare maps offering a slot in your party or maybe a unique map that someone may just want the completion for like Brandis Manor, you can also do a rotation with a group and make the currency that way, the more people in your party, the more you're gonna get. You can also offer your services and then game grinds for the 36 challenges every league. A lot of people are willing to pay a decent amount for some of you to help them along the way for the more difficult or grindy ones especially later on in the league and you can make a profit from people just not having time to do it themselves, though it usually pays a little bit later on it can still make you a pretty penny,

7. Run JUICED maps, the higher the quant% the better

The last point I want to talk about is mapping - a few weeks into the league. When you have a bit of currency didn't spare make sure that you're choosing your Maps especially the red maps and lking everything there's numbers not too on top of that though you eventually want to start using the sextants on your maps, as well scarabs or spare fragments. If you want corrupting your maps anything to make the quantity go up, you want it as high as possible and not die while running it you want the most difficult maps, the more you kill, the more you're gonna take away, the better odds of you dropping an exalt or a rare unique or even a rare with insane mods. So make sure you always pick up those good bases and identify them in order to start making some serious currency though you will need to make sure that your character can clear maps well. The people out there that make the most money and Path of Exile clear the fastest for the most part, the best in your character don't worry about spending money, you have to spend money to make money. It is the reason why we're farming in the first place.

The best answer to the unending question in Path of Exile about how to make massive currency using Harvest or how do you have so many exalts or how are you so wealthy is to just play the game, the more you play the more you grind the more money we'll have. 

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