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5 Ways To Improve At Rocket League 2020 - Get Better At Rocket League For Beginners

7/25/2020 3:06:40 PM

Trying to get better in Rocket League as soon as possible? Today, I will be covering five ways to improve your Rocket League gameplay in 2020 whether you're new to the game, you're a grand platt or even someone in grand champion.

5 ways to improve Rocket League gameplay

5 Ways To Improve At Rocket League 2020 - How To Get Better In Rocket League

1. Training Intentionally & Effectively

One of the most important things you can do to improve in Rocket League is spend time practicing. During the time you're training you don't just want to go into free play and kind of just mess around, you always want to have a goal in mind, so try and think about something that you would like to improve. For example, the past couple months I've been really intentional to work on my dribbles and flicks, I've spent a lot of time in free play controlling the ball and I've spent time in workshop maps trying to get better and more consistent flicks and now I can hit monster flicks. If you're on PC, I would highly recommend utilizing workshop maps that cater to the specific thing that you want to work on. I personally regularly use dribbling challenge 2 air drill gauntlet and different rings maps. If you're on console you can still train in free play and do what's best for you or you can find custom training packs that will help you.

2. Playing Better Competition

You can play opponents better than you whenever you'd like in Rocket League. Some higher-ranked players are happy to play lower-level players; all you have to do is ask. Playing Casual is a great way to find these players since Casual matchmaking accepts a wider skill range than Ranked. There are many community gaming clans that hold custom games with clan members of all ranks, too.

3. Watching Replays 

This might seem like a more boring option to some of you, but nonetheless it is a huge way to discover holes in your game that you probably wouldn't notice if you were in game, whether you mostly play ones, twos or threes watching replays gives you the opportunity to watch yourself from other players points of view. If you've ever had a game where you feel like the other team is just better or they play faster, make sure to save that replay, go back and watch that game from their points of view look at the decisions they make, how they position themselves and things like that. This can be especially helpful if you have a buddy or two that you regularly play with. What we can improve on and things we can change to help us play better as a team whatever game mode you play, replays are incredibly valuable for all around improvement in your gameplay.

4. Playing 1v1s 

Playing ones will clearly reveal to you what problems you have in your game. If you want to quickly get better and smarter at Rocket League, playing ones will show you what strengths you have that are allowing you to score and also what weaknesses you have that are forcing you to get scored on. Since you don't have any teammates to blame in ones it will become crystal clear to you when you make mistakes and you can learn from those moments to get better for next time. Ones is also an incredibly beneficial mode for improving your kickoffs which are obviously important in every game mode.

5. Learning New Mechanics

Regardless of what rank you're at, odds are that there is some mechanic out there that you either can't do or you can't do consistently devoting time to, practicing these new mechanics can help expand your arsenal of what you can do and it can also make you more comfortable with the skills that you already have. 

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