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5 Best Mechanics For High Rank Rocket League Players - RL High Ranked Mechanic Tutorial

8/24/2020 3:44:55 PM

Today we present a high ranked mechanic tutorial for high ranked Rocket League players who are looking to improve and looking to rank up. Covering 50/50s, redirects, air roll shots, passing and more.


5 Best Mechanics For High Rank Rocket League Players


This mechanic is especially important at the higher ranks because it can very easily lead to a goal if you learn how to take good 50 50s. Every time you have the ball there's a high chance you'll be challenged by an opponent. People try to avoid being challenged by flicking the ball over someone or hitting it down the field away from themselves, but at times when you do get challenged you're going to need to know how to take a good 50/50. Taking one solid 50/50 in midfield can very easily put your team at an advantage if the opponent gets left behind from the tackle. So the easiest way to win 50/50s you need to watch the opponent. When you're on the ball and being challenged or challenging the ball if you keep your eyes on the opponent leading up to the challenge you'll be able to read their movements very easily and give yourself a much better chance of coming out of the 50/50 with the ball. The key to winning the 50/50 is all about which side has more mass behind it. 


The next mechanic for high ranked Rocket League players to focus on is passing. Passing in the later ranks can be a very effective way to score some very easy goals because more often than not people forget that the payers on their team are there to help them and not just clan up after they make mistakes by using your teammates and giving them space to make some passes. You will find yourself having a much easier time on offense and being able to convert more shots into goals. The easy part about passing is the positioning. If your teammate has the ball, you want to give them space while also being close enough to be a viable passing option. If they choose to go for the pass you can afford to be up the field from them, but it's often very hard to get a decent passing place started by going backwards. The tricky part about passing is how to train it, the only real way to train passing is to go into matches with a teammate and work on your passing and accuracy when under pressure in a real match, you can do this in casual. But something you can do in custom training is find any redirect training pack and use that as a way to train yourself to score off the pass. You won't always be the one passing the ball and so it's important to be ready for any kind of pass that comes your way.

Backboard Reads

This is one of the things you seriously need to put time into the further up the ranks you go because people tend to get more comfortable in the air backboard reads are incredibly useful for both offense and defense. Part of this training is going to be double touches. Being comfortable in the air and being comfortable reading the ball when it bounces are two aspects of your game that will take you far. The higher through the ranks you go, the more you realize people are not waiting around for the ball to bounce and are instead just reading the bounce anticipating where it will go afterwards and jumping to meet that point, whether that's from the wall or the backboard the result once you get it down are the same, you'll be the first one to the ball. 

Something you can do this in game is going into a lot of casual matches and trying to aerial for the ball before it touches any of the walls and just trying to read it, not only will this get you used to reading the ball and judging its speed but will also get you used to doing so on limited boost for an easier and much more reliable way to train. 


You need to spend some time hitting banger clips and training to become an actual god on the field. High level players should train your redirects. It covers general car control, advanced car control which are things like angle adjustment, placement, minor movement, as well as speed in the air and efficiency when shooting.

Once you’ve learned redirects mechanic in Rocket League, you may be much more comfortable in the air and understanding how to control your car in each situation. For those of you having difficulty learning your air roll movement, you can very easily fine tune your muscle memory to learn how to control your car with directional air roll buttons while training redirects.

Air Roll

Training your air rolled shots can take you very far in this game. They allow you to take shots from unpredictable angles and can often catch your opponents off guard. Air roll shots are easy to train, there are definitely training packs to help you but in game it's a little difficult to set up. When training them in custom training packs, you want to try changing up the way you angle your car, every time you try a shot, try doing the same shot over and over but using the car in a different way. Changing angles sections of the car that you use to connect with the ball and trying to get the most power behind your heads, over time you'll find yourself getting more comfortable using them in game and converting some of the tougher angles into goals.

If you are sitting around grand champ or want to improve grand champ mechanics, hopefully, this article can help you understand what kind of grand champ mechanics you should try working on in order to improve. Finding beautiful car designs please follow goldkk.com and we update best Rocket League designs weekly.

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