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Rocket League Season 1 Free & Premium Rewards - Cars, Wheels, Fast To Unlock All 70 Tiers For Rocket Pass

9/24/2020 10:13:33 AM

The long-awaited Rocket League Season 1 Rocket Pass has been officially released featuring the new Premium items & rewards (include the Harbinger), Competitive Ranks, Challenges and revamped Tournament. You can now play online matches and competitive challenges to tier up and unlock 70+ tiers with Rocket Pass Premium rewards! Here this guide presents the complete list of all 70 tiers of unlocks and detail how to fast get Rocket League Season 1 Free & Premium rewards!


Rocket League Season 1 Rocket Pass 

The Season 1 Rocket Pass is to remain active from September 23 to December 9, 2020. And the mechanism of Rocket Pass is basically the same as previous, players can select a version between Free Rocket Pass, Rocket Pass Premium (1000 Credits) and Rocket League Bundle (33% off, 2000 Credits). 

- Pro Rewards: Premium players can progress beyond tier 70 to earn painted, certified, and special edition version of select Rocket Pass items. Plus, they’re tradable.

- Free Items: Everyone can earn rewards including: Sarp stripe decal (octane), League shied wheels, Sarpbc supersonic trail.

All Rocket League Season 1 Rocket Pass Rewards

Check out all 70 tiers of unlocks:

Tier 1: Harbinger

Tier 2: EKG

Tier 3: Fish

Tier 4: 10% Party XP Boost

Tier 5: Lunch Box - Salty Shores

Tier 6: Linares

Tier 7: Andro1d

Tier 8: Title Fifth Wheel

Tier 9: Namesake (Harbinger)

Tier 10: 5% XP Boost

Tier 11: League Legacy

Tier 12: 100 Credits 

Tier 13: String Theory

Tier 14: Liquid Camo (Universal)

Tier 15: Half-Pipe

Tier 16: Dominus Dash

Tier 17: Sally (Harbinger)

Tier 18: Gear Shifter

Tier 19: Toon Flame

Tier 20: Blssm

Tier 21: Motor Buggy

Tier 22: Camo (Harbinger)

Tier 23: XP Boost

Tier 24: 100 Credits

Tier 25: Ravenous (Dominus)

Tier 26: Kiwi

Tier 27: Booyah

Tier 28: Styler (Octane)

Tier 29: Calamaro

Tier 30: Throwback 

Tier 31: HRB-20

Tier 32: XP Boost 5%

Tier 33: Booyah

Tier 34: Eoge Burst

Tier 35: Sludge

Tier 36: 100 Credits 

Tier 37: Booyah (Octane)

Tier 38: Ombre

Tier 39: XP Boost

Tier 40: Cross-Platformer 

Tier 41: Hamster

Tier 42: Mister Monsoon

Tier 43: Ombre

Tier 44: Basket

Tier 45: 10,000 XP

Tier 46: Shark Attack 

Tier 47: Ombre (Harbinger)

Tier 48: 100 Credits

Tier 49: Supersonic Acrobat

Tier 50: XP Boost

Tier 51: Aught-O

Tier 52: Eagre (Harbinger)

Tier 53: Excavator

Tier 54: Ferris

Tier 55: Agamio (Harbinger)

Tier 56: Marble

Tier 57: Renegade title

Tier 58: Party XP Boost 5%

Tier 59: Sk8ter

Tier 60: 100 Credits

Tier 62: League Shield (free)

Tier 64: Propeller

Tier 66: XP Boost 5%

Tier 67: 100 Credits

Tier 68: Spatial Rift

Tier 69: Mandala

Tier 70: Harbinger GXT

To unlock the cosmetic items and other rewards you need to level up your Rocket Pass which is done by playing Rocket League and completing Challenges. 

Note: The premium rewards tiers 1-70 cannot be traded. Pro rewards after tier 70 are tradable. All free rewards are tradable with other players. 

Fast to Get Rocket League Rocket Pass 7 Items

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