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Rocket League September 2020 Update - RL New Features, Patch Notes and More

9/17/2020 4:49:12 PM

Rocket League September update usually brings big events, this year is no exception, especially on its fifth anniversary. Psyonix has leaked before there will be a free to play become available in the month, what other features and updates have been added? Take a look at the patch notes, to get the key point in Rocket League September 2020 update.

rocket league september 2020 update

Rocket League September Update for 2020 & V1.79 Patch Notes

Main Rocket League Schedule/Calendar

- Rocket League V1.79 version: 9 AM PDT/4 PM UTC on September 16, 2020 

- Rocket League Free to Play: 8 AM PDT/3 PM UTC on September 23, 2020

1. Epic Games Account Linking and Cross-Platform Progression

- You can link each platform you play Rocket League to a single Epic Game Account to share progression, inventory, Rocket Pass progress, Competitive Rank and more. Select on of your platforms as the Primary Platform. Nintendo Switch Online is no longer required to play the Rocket League online. The reward for Epic Games Account Linking is the “Chopper EG” Wheels.

- Your RocketID friends will be automatically converted into Epic Friends on your first login.

- You’ll have Legacy Status if you played Rocket League before the free to play released, including Faded Cosmos Boost, Golden Cosmos Boost, Dieci-Oro Wheel, Huntress Player Banner, and Est. 20XX Title

- Trading with other players needs a linked Epic Games Account, another condition is both accounts must have purchased 500 Rocket League credits, unless you are players with Legacy status.

2. Menu and UI Updates

- The main menu has been streamlined to reduce the number of buttons and better organization

- Play Submenu: cards instead of tabs, improved searching functions, etc.

- Current Profile Submenu including Career, Replays, Create or Manage Club, and Banner and Avatar Border customization options

- The Extras Submenu is now found in Extras

3. Features Coming with Rocket League Free to Play

From September 23, the Rocket League free to play will launch and be available to download in the Epic Game Store. Once you download and launch the game, you’ll receive new Rocket League items instantly: Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail.

What you can get in September along with the RL Free to Play?

- Brand new Rocket Pass: it will start when Rocket League goes free to play and Season 1 begins (Rocket Pass will no longer be numbered on its own).

- Competitive Tournaments: will be live on the launch day of free to play version

- New Competitive Ranks

- New Player Experience

- Game-Wide Challenges: will arrive with Rocket League free to play

- Endo Starter Pack and Jäger Pack available in the Bundles tab of the Item Shop

4. RL V1.79 Patch Notes

Item Changes

- Many items formerly classified as Common are now Uncommon or higher, and must be obtained via Drops by new players 

- Common Items are no longer unlocked in large batches per slot by playing matches. Any player with the Legacy status that had not unlocked all of these items will receive remaining items in “Legacy” quality

- Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare Items no longer drop randomly after matches and will be replaced by a new Drops system coming with free to play

- Some cross-promotional items have been permanently marked as “Legacy” and can no longer be obtained by new accounts

- Some older ‘V1’ Engine Audio options are no longer available

Support a Creator

- You can now support your favorite content creators by applying a Creator Code to your account in the Item Shop screen

- Your chosen creator will receive a percentage of your Credits spent while the code is active on your account

Default Settings Changes

- Control Bindings are now organized into three presets - “Default”, “Legacy”, and “Custom”

- Voice Chat is now disabled by default

New Hitbox

- Added a new Vehicle Preset based on the Merc car

- This hitbox is both taller and narrower than the other hitboxes. 

New Quick Chats

- Informational Quick Chats: Bumping, Faking, On your left, On your right, Passing

- Compliment Quick Chats: Nice Bump! and Nice Demo!

Keyboard Aerial Safety

- The new “Keyboard Aerial Safety” setting prevents keyboard and mouse players from pitching down in the air while holding Throttle (W) until other inputs are recognized

- With this setting active, your car will not begin pitching down until you either pitch up, release the throttle/pitch down key, or air roll in any direction

- This setting can be disabled in the Options - Controls tab


- [PC] DirectX9 is no longer supported

- The Level 700 ‘Supersonic Legend’ Title has been changed to ‘Legendary Nemesis’

- Heatseeker is now available in Private and Local Matches

- The Solo Standard Competitive Playlist is no longer available

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug preventing offending chat text from being displayed when an account is banned

- Additional performance optimizations made to the Gravity Bomb Goal Explosion

- Rebooting the game will no longer put the player on their oldest Car Preset

- Tournament creators can spectate matches after leaving the tournament as a player

There are also new tournament system will be live with the release of new version, only a limited number of test Tournaments will be scheduled until Rocket League to free to play.

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