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Rocket League Aerial Car Control Tips - How to Improve Car Control in Rocket League

11/12/2020 5:56:38 PM

Does the aerial car control get you struggled in ranking up in Rocket League? How to get better car control in Rocket League and how to practice aerial car control? You can have a look at the tips for Rocket League Aerial Car Control. 

rocket league car control

Rocket League Aerial Car Control Tips - How to Control Your Car in Rocket League

Create a private match, get the game speed is slow and match length to unlimited, and the boost amount to unlimited. Make sure you are on a normal map.

When the top of your car is facing you, this is the easiest part of aerial car control, because the direction is easy to recognize, the left goes left, and the right goes right. To practice it, what you are going to do is go into a goal and you are going to want to aim for a specific hexagon, that’s above the opposite goal, or going to aim for the half hexagon right above the goal post on the left side, then aim for another one on the other side, whenever you are doing this, you want car came on.

When the bottom of your car is facing you, this part is more difficult. Because it is going to be the upside-down orientation, we are going to do the same thing but whenever you are backward, all of your controls are the opposite, so if you press the stick to the right, it going toward the left. To practice this, we are going to get into a goal and aim for the very middle hexagon, tilt your car back, try and wiggle a little bit to throw yourself off, then aim for dead center bang, try and land correctly, then aim for the right half-hexagon. If you are trying to do all of this in one session, it’s probably going to be very confusing, because once you learned the normal orientation, but suddenly switch backward, your brain is going to want to revert to normal. So, spend a period of time to practice one orientation, maybe 30 minutes or based on your situation, then take around 15 minutes break, come back and then have a fresh start, once you get comfortable with all of them you can go back and revert to all of them in one session. 

The third part is going to be the sides. For the sides, you can imagine that you are on a wall. Also, the exact same controls. If you want to go towards that blue goal post, you can push right, whenever you oriented in the air, it’s going to be the exact same thing. To get familiar with these controls, just hop on a wall and see what each direction does, and then you are ready to move on into the air, so you’ll face the left side wall first, aim for the very center hexagon, take it nice and slow, you’ll move on to another side which would be this wall, the same thing, you're going to want to go on this side see what controls do and then once you're comfortable on the wall you're ready to try it out in the air, just tilt your car and aim for the half hexagon on the right, and make some micro adjustments. 

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