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Best Rocket League Defensive Tutorial - How To Defend Like A Pro In RL Free To Play | Defense Tips

11/25/2020 11:25:59 AM

Defense in Rocket League is equally as important as offense. Being able to save a shot from any angle will severely increase your chances of improving as a player and is an important aspect to climbing the ranks. For players who are not good at defense in Rocket League free to play, The Rocket League defensive tutorial is here for you to improve your defensive skills, help win more games and rank up quickly in the game!

5 Best Defensive Tips To Rank Up In Rocket League 

1. Clear to a teammate

This is a really great tip because Rocket League is all about possession, any opportunity you have to keep possession will give you many more opportunities for goals than just clearing the ball as far away as possible. Sometimes, you just have to clear the ball.

2. Lateral defense

This is one for the high level players. We know they can get that safe but struggle to do much more lateral deep in centers around clearing the ball to the sides rather than forwards and using the balls momentum to keep it moving off your back wall to the side wall and ultimately towards the opposition's goals. The reason this is so important because if you save a ball back in front of your net or meal is likely that another opponent will be there for a follow-up and we'll have a full net to aim at clearing out to the sides will make these magnitudes more difficult and may allow your teammates to take possession.

3. Using the backboard

One undervalued part of defence is the use of the backboard. Although you shouldn't stick on the backboard awaiting a shot, if you can tell the enemy team is going to get a high shot, perhaps off-target, the backboard should definitely be considered. When the shot comes towards you on the backboard, flipping into it allows for an unpredictable and powerful clear that would be more difficult for the opposing team to follow up on.

4. Back post rotation

It is arguably the most important defensive skill in Rocket League. It practically involves you mimicking your opponent's movements while defending, maintaining a safe distance that you can be flicked, also not giving them too much space as it is situational and the intuition will only come with time and practice. So if your opponent is driving from one side with the ball towards net, do the exact same a little closer than that so that if you flicks it or shoots it you can easily save it as mount a counter-attack, it gives you an exponentially better chance at saving any offense. So practice it every time you're in a 1v1 situation on defense. 

5. Boosts

Boosts are a very important element of a good defense. Fill up your boosts as often as possible so you can simultaneously cover and secure different positions on the field. So if you perform a defensive maneuver, immediately refill the boosts to ready for the next action. You also need boosts for fast attacks or counterattacks. 

Hopefully, these RL defensive tips will help you out in achieving good defence and ultimately improving at Rocket League. Be sure to try to practice these RL defending strategies and you will hopefully see your defence and saves go from zero to hero in now time!

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