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How to Get Gold and Platinum Rank in Rocket League - RL Ranking Up Tips & Average Hours

1/13/2021 11:46:40 AM

Are you struggling with ranking up to get Champion or Grand Champion? Maybe you only need to make a few changes to improve your gameplay. Here we’ll go through Rocket League rank up tips for how to get gold and platinum rank and average hours per rank. 

rocket league rank up tips

How Many Hours Needed to Rank Up in Rocket League? - Average Rocket League Rank Hours 

The first thing to say is the situation of everyone is different, the average rank time is depending on the skill of players, operation and other factors, and the skill will increase steadily with the rank become higher, the later you got into the game, the tougher it is. Here is the average time period for reference. 

Bronze: 0-100 hours

Silver: 100-200 hours

Gold: 200-400 hours

Platinum: 400-600 hours 

Diamond: 600-1000 hours 

Champion: 1000+ hours 

Grand Champion: 1800+ hours

Rocket League Tips for Ranking Up - How to Get Gold Rank in Rocket League

Playing ranked allows you to develop your sill further and get better Rocket League items as the season rewards

1. Control the Ball

When you are in Silver, you’ll want to get Gold rank. The first thing you need to do is start practicing your control with the ball, not dribbling on your roof and breezy flicks, just practice keeping the ball close to you and changing its direction, remember to only use boost sparingly, a good dribble will require you to feather the boost, if you're boosting a lot, it means you don't have good control of the ball, a good way to drill this is to use the boost pads in free play as cones of sorts and try to dribble around them to practice your speed lock the ball between your car and the wall, just try to keep it there allows you to practice speed without control, so give it a go.

2. Basic Kickoff

Secondly, you probably want to learn how to do a basic kickoff, a solid kickoff is not hard to pull off. The first thing you want to understand is that this kickoff where you simply boost and flip into the ball is one of the worst things you can do, you use up all your boosts and are still really slow to the ball, which is recommended at silver is to simply flip as you drive over the first boost pad, it will give you a little bit of speed and you don't waste boost, it keeps you pointing straight at the ball, so a little bit of practice and your kickoffs will improve in no time.

3. Basic Positioning

The last point you should focus on is basic positioning. Firstly, follow the 45-degree rule, if your teammate is in the far corner, sit on the 45-degree angle or diagonal from him meaning you can cover him wherever the ball goes. Additionally try to keep an eye on your teammates, listen for audio or visual cues, and if you see them going for the same ball as you do not go as well, it will only result in a double commit tilt and ultimately a loss, Rocket League is a team game, so sometimes you have to do the right thing for the team even if you feel you have a better position than your teammate, now that you have a bit of experience in the game and it's starting to improve you enter the Gold rank.

Rocket League Tips for Ranking Up - How to Get Platinum Rank in Rocket League

1. Power Shots

Power hits and shots despite seeming kind of useless, this is actually extremely useful being able to hit the ball far with power and often on target will catch your opponents off guard especially as they won't be expecting it, at this rank hitting the ball with your nose will generate the most power whereas hitting it with your wheels or roof limits it, so try to avoid those with this in mind try to utilize something called a half-volley, this means you hit the ball just after a bounce, so using good old physics the ball already has an upwards momentum, so all you need to do is provide it with momentum so that you can yield that ball back across the field a great way to practice clears is in free play and when shooting use the pack called ground shots

2. Wave Dashes & Half Flips

These are important for high ranks. Wave dashes allow you at the speed of a flip without actually flipping as you do a little jump which you can then chain into another flip, it is great to use off almost any surface especially to gain speed on low boost, additionally, half lips allow you to do a 180-degree turn without doing the turn.

3. Fast Aerial

Fast aerial essentially allows you to get up into the air faster than any other type of aerial, you first must jump pull back on the stick and then let go and jump again all whilst boosting there are plenty of tutorials on this, so go check them out, you've managed to climb your way out of Gold and reach Platinum fast. 

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