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ACNH Natural Island Ideas & Dream Codes - Forestcore & Cottagcore Design Tips | Animal Crossing New Horizons

1/13/2021 12:01:44 PM

The natural theme has always been one of the most popular island design styles in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you are considering transforming your island into a forest overgrown or rustic cottagecore rural town, our natural landscape design ideas will help you, and you can also get creative inspiration by taking a tour to the best 5-star nature islands with their dream address codes.

ACNH Natural Island Design Ideas & Dream Codes

Animal Crossing New Horizons Natural Island Design Ideas

It’s time for the natural island decorations, we put together these landscape and terraforming tips as we know they are the most requested and large tasks you can do for building up a nature overgrown, forestcore or cottagecore country island. Hope you enjoy these tips and find them helpful.

10 Great Terraforming & Design Tips For Natural Island In Animal Crossing New Horizons

1. Terraform First - Natural terraforming gives you a good base to work from. Use rivers, waterfalls, and cliffs to add visual interest. Also, try not to use sharp edges or straight lines for a more natural look

2. Planning - Lay paths down first, then dig holes or put down custom designs in spots where you want to put trees so you can test your layouts out before you do all the work of planting. Remember to leave space for Animal Crossing items and little areas.

3. Paths - Use the dark dirt path then lay down different designs such as leaves, mushrooms, or flowers to make it more rural and cottagecore. Also, you can drop flowers & place piles of leaves on the path too. 

4. Waterfalls - Make multi-level narrow river waterfalls (usually 1 or 2 grid spaces). At each level have them connect until they reach the bottom where you can make a beautiful lake and around cliff edges. 

5. Mix Tree Types - Mix different kinds of trees to create texture. The type of trees and the proportion of different trees creates different effects. Even if you use mostly one kind of tree, mix in other types

6. Freeze Trees - Use trees of different sizes for more interest. To freeze a tree at any stage of growth, just plant a piece of fruit directly adjacent to the tree at whatever size you want to freeze it at. Note: Planting fruit (not a coconut) in any of the adjacent spaces will freeze the current growth stage.

7. Plants - Adding flowers and shrubs after trees. Pick a cohesive color palette and mix of different flower types. You can also use weeds to create a wild, overgrown look. 

8. Farm - Use a design code for farm dirt or just use a dirt path then place your ACNH furniture and items such as anthurium plants, cacao trees, mushroom stools and watermelon beach balls to be your plants.

9. Fill Space - Add items for visual interest. From statues, crickets, barrels, to garden rocks, mushrooms, be creative and group items together for nice vignettes. You also can use stumps to add more.

10. Rural Interior - In the house design, the original wooden style furniture & floor (such as Log series, stone items, natural wood furniture), and the wallpaper with plant patterns (Forest Wall, Bamboo-grove Wall, Chic Wall, Ivy Wall, Mangrove Wall etc.) are easy to help you get a natural and cottagecore room.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nature Island Dream Codes

Now with the above nature island design tips, we do think you can get some good ideas on creating your own forest or country theme island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While if you want to make some creative designs, take a tour to the 5-star natural forest towns, in which you will surely discover some incredible inspirations.

Here we’ve collected the best 5-star ACNH natural (forestcore) island dream address for you: 

ACNH Natural Island 1 - Konoha (Dream Code: DA-6716-6406-8041)

Konoha is floral island with a natural village theme, features landscapes as well as built-up village areas.

ACNH Natural Island Dream Codes & Design Ideas - 1

ACNH Natural Island 2 -  Ōame (Dream Code: DA-9947-0504-5781)

Ōame is a beautiful rustic island full of amazing stories and mysteries, features an ancient village in the forest that seems to have been forgotten by the world.

ACNH Natural Island Dream Codes & Design Ideas - 2

ACNH Natural Island 3 -  Kyoshi (Dream Code: DA-2695-2441 -0450)

Kyoshi is a whimsical island where nature is mostly untouched, it is heavily inspired by the element of Earth. 

ACNH Natural Island Dream Codes & Design Ideas - 3-1

ACNH Natural Island 4 - Sea Plaza (Dream Code: DA-5948-3641-8472)

Sea Plaza is natural themed island which is full of calm elegant feel and asthetic. Butterflies, various themed gardens & packs represent the islands need for nature and beauty. 

ACNH Natural Island Dream Codes & Design Ideas - 4

ACNH Natural Island 5 - Danafall (Dream Code: DA-4437-1107-3844)

Danafall is an uncharted island in the middle of the sea. It is overgrown with flowers and trees, and residents are working on preserving its pristine waterfalls and hills while making it a habitable place.

ACNH Natural Island Dream Codes & Design Ideas - 5

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