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Top 10 Best Rocket League Items - Most Popular Rocket League Bodies, Wheels and Decals

2/15/2021 1:26:18 AM

There is a diversity of Rocket League items in the game, players are looking for the best Rocket League wheels and decals for the different car bodies. In this article, let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular Rocket League items based on the video of SunHasHeatwave, what are the best items do you think?

Top 10 Best Rocket League Items - Most Popular Rocket League Items (Bodies, Wheels and Decals)

Top 1 - Default Fennec

One of the most popular items in Rocket League, based on the Rocket League prices on GOLDKK.COM, its price on Xbox One is around 635-935 Rocket League credits, and 917-1349 credits on PS4. The Fennec is also one of the most popular cars in the game.

Top 2 - White Fennec

The car bodies in Rocket League have a variety of variations in different colors, so the second popular Rocket League item is probably white Fennec, even though a large amount of players like to use the white Octane, the white Fennec actually has a lot more demand than the white Octane. A lot more people trying to buy it, but there is not many players actually use a Fennec over Octane, it’s getting close. The reason why Octane is more expensive than the Fennec is because authentic actually has a chance of coming to the item shop now. 

Top 3 - Titanium White Zombie

This wheel has actually been rising on Xbox, even though it’s been put in the revival series, it is used to be worth 110 keys, and has dropped all the way down to around 32 keys (3200 credits), just because it has been put in the item shop and revival series. But zombie is still one of the most wanted wheels in the game. 

Top 4 - Default Interstellar

One of the best Rocket League decals, it’s price is around 1008 - 1483 Rocket League credits on Xbox One, and 1119 - 1647 credits on PS4, this is a relatively new black market decals and released in the momentum series. It does deserve to be up there with Dissolver, it’s not as high as it because the amount of blueprints have been dropped, there is a long time for it to grow.

Top 5 - Titanium White Octane

Octane is the first car and also the most popular body in the game, you can actually get it through trade-ups, the chance of getting in trade-up is ridiculously slim and it becomes more slim due to the free to play, they add a ton of more items, making it even harder to get. It’s around 15586 to 22922 credits.

Top 6 - Default Zombie

The top 6 most popular Rocket League item is normal zombie, with no paints, the default zombie is a cheap alternative to new players’ cars, it was originally release in 2016, the zombie hype has not died down.

Top 7 - Dissolver 

Dissolver is originally came out in the triumph series and around 3000 credits, it holds its value for so long, it’s release in 2018 and has been in number of crates and Haunted Hallows and Golden Pumpkin. Even though it’s been in many crates, it still kept its high value because how good the black market decal is.

Top 8 - Stipple Gait

This has been proved a quite popular BMD (Black Market Decal) in Rocket League, still declining in value, not as high in value as the Interstellar, but still really solid, it takes the 8th spot for the most popular item. 

Top 9 - 20XX Decal

20XX is a great decal, it is classified as "Black Market" rarity. The current 20XX price on Xbox One is 1349 Credits, average 952 Credits in this week, compared to the prices in the previous 15 days.

Top 10 - Titanium White Interstellar

This item is released in the momentum series, maybe one of the best black market decals in the game, it’s price across all platforms is around 3000 credits, this being a super expensive decal being up there with like the white mainframe, but the amount of blueprint of Interstellar is a bit cluttered and not enough supply.

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