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Top 10 Rarest Goal Explosions in Rocket League

5/12/2021 5:57:06 PM

Goal explosion is a custom option in the Rocket League. They were added on 5 July 2017 as part of the second-anniversary update. The number of goals scored when scoring explosive equipment.

Rocket League Goal Explosion is one of the most popular Rocket League items, especially Black Market Target Explosion, even though they can be found in crates, we still hope it remains the most expensive target explosion. Most of them are currently worth more than 10 keys and cost even more. Here are 10 rarest Rockets league explosions to keep an eye out for the next time you're being manipulated on the court.

Top 10 Rarest Goal Explosions in Rocket League

1. Hot wheels RC opponent setting code

Fire Wheels Explosion can only be obtained by purchasing the Hot Wheels RC Rivals toy set, which contains the code to exchange items in the game. The kits either don't exist, or are too expensive, or according to the source, the code is no longer valid after August 2020. No matter which version you choose to believe, or how many versions you stick to, a diehard collector will have a hard time accepting defeat.

RL 1

2. Painted harvester

The lithe reaper made its presence felt when it was added in October 2017, but the world shudders as the painted version begins to roll out from the "Golden Pumpkin," Blueprint Series swapping items, and more. Now, depending on the platform you use and the color you choose, the price of the painted harvester ranges from 3,000 to 15,000, so save it and pick your poison!

RL 2

3. The duel dragon

Reached the "attainable" realm - the famous dueling dragon. Launched on December 4, 2017, it is currently the most expensive unpainted item in the game. Buying it will give you back 3,800 to 5,800 points, depending on your platform, although some might say it's a huge investment. The non-tradable painted variant is probably one of the most beautiful explosions in the game, lingering among former Item Shop buyers. One can only imagine what price will be tagged along with a painted version of the most expensive non-painted product in gaming history.

RL 3

4. Seasonal bonuses 7 and 10

Talked about the exclusivity of "seasonal rewards" and why they're actually at the top -- and by top, I mean fourth. They are not tradable, have no price and must be acquired on the pitch. You fight for these balls every season, and no one else gets them. Some might argue over style or design that rewards weren't the best choice, but the original Season Reward explosion in Season 7 was actually the greatest ever. Iconic, clean and welcoming.

RL 4

5. Advanced Explosion (Bat and Tyrannosaurus rex)

Fire-based target explosions never go wrong. Batman and T-Rex Explosion are both part of Custom Cinematic Crossover DLC, which is no longer available and, of course, not tradable between players. The Batman explosion comes from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DLC pack released in March 2016, and the T. Rex explosion that was triggered from the Jurassic World DLC pack in June 2018. Round of Fun Facts: Despite being DLC items, they are still pure cosmetic vehicles, as Hitbox was standardized through the V1.35 patch released in July 2017. While Batman Explosion can't be fitted to any other organism than Batmobile, Tyrannosaurus rex, despite having its own Jurassic Park vehicle, can be used with any chariot - not all that fun.

RL 5

6. Tactical nuclear bombs

This is the complete and natural opposite of Poof. Tactical Nuke is part of Twitch Prime Pack 4. You need to associate your Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation or Steam account with your Twitch account when you subscribe to Twitch Prime. As the subscription becomes active, as time goes by, more and more packages are unlocked. You can request up to four Twitch price packs, with the 48th redeemable after 83 days and containing the dreaded tactical nuke.

RL 6

7. Poof

Poof was introduced in Rocket Pass 3 on April 17, 2019 solstice on August 27, 2019, and the explosion is self-explanatory. Sadly, I hadn’t purchased the premium Rocket Pass content sooner and I missed the chance of a lifetime. Poof is, as you might’ve guessed, not tradeable amongst players. May the stingy side of community’s find peace soon.

RL 7

8. Bonus explosion

As you probably know, since the free update last September, Psyonix scheduled races have been happening every day since then. These tournaments will receive tournament tokens based on your success and final ranking - tokens that you can redeem for Cup matches with different rarity, drop rates and guarantees. Items you get from each cup can be traded at a 5:1 rate, which means that five of the above rare items have the same rarity, but cannot be traded between players. Quickly start executing Exotic Target Explosion: Hand and Black Market Target Explosion: Hades Bomb while you still can.

RL 8

9. Paper dragons

You may be familiar with the two flying lizard explosions in Rocket League, and this is one of them. Paper dragons are a 2000 item of explosive in the store, linked to a special discount on the Lucky Lantern contest in 2020. Although this explosion is the second and final explosion of our flying lizard family, and its predecessor ranks higher on this list without saboteurs, Paper Dragons still chase their demands in terms of size, design, sound and animation from the struggling snake.

RL 9

10. Grand slam

With this explosion of Grand Slam goals, we are edging closer to economic oblivion. Although this was a rare imported item with a reasonable price and 500 credits, the explosion hit the item store only once: on October 20, 2020. Earlier, the long-awaited Mic Drop black-market target explosion was added to the Item Shop, but it's expected to hit the market soon with its own Season 2 series. Grand Slam, on the other hand, laid off staff because of how long it took Psyonix to incorporate the program into a series of practical blueprints and inject those programs into the baseball world.

RL 10

Right Here - Top 10 Rarest Rocket League Goals Explosion. Rocket league items help you play better.  When it comes to celebration, it's literally the climax of your skills and the brilliance of your goals. Finding any one of these 10 rare target explosions after a train wreck would be the most ironic and interesting thing about the target.

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