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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to Decorate Island Beaches with the Best Theme

5/13/2021 5:32:02 PM

When Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are decorating an entire island, a site can be completely forgotten. Island beaches are waiting! Players must make some good progress while decorating and building their islands. New Horizons regularly tests the creativity of its users, and some of its creators have shocked other players with their work.

However, decorating an island is not an easy task, and some players have fallen behind other players in decorating their islands. A beach is a wonderful place with beautiful scenery and everyone wants to decorate it uniquely. Here are some beautiful ways you can decorate the outer areas of the beach.

Island beach 1

Five Ways to Decorate Beach in ACNH

Create a strawberry garden in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You can make a beautiful strawberry garden across the bank and make it look presentable. In addition, you can even place some rock paths, and you can put some stools around them. In addition, you can add some buckets or Wells to the small strawberry garden.

Island beach 2

Color-coordinating beaches

It's also a great idea to create your beach with different colors. You can build a beach on the island in a pink color, while other beaches may be different from orange (for example, orange). Make sure to follow the theme and decorate the entire beach in that color. You can place items in different colors, such as orange radios, carpets, chairs, fans, and other items that fit the orange theme.

Island beach 3

The tropical resonance of beaches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nature and the world around us are beautiful examples of existence. They tend to draw attention to themselves. If you like greenery and want to keep your island as green as possible, then using something that resembles a jungle is a good choice. You can use some leaves, flamingos, a camper van, and other items to make the beach more tropical.

Island beach 4

Spring themed beach

You can also create a beach that changes with the seasons while considering a spring theme. You can place cherry trees and furniture on the beach. Also, in Nintendo's Life Simulator game, you can pair a lot of pink items with cherry blossom items, such as pink hyacinth and pink mother.

Island beach 5

A museum near the beach

Finally, a creator placed the museum near the beach to enhance the understanding of the island. They even set up a study area for Blathers by placing objects like globes, skeletons, and binoculars on the shore. In addition, he placed some fossils on the beach to develop the aesthetics of the island. Therefore, you can set up a museum near the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery that some fossils bring to you.

Island beach 6

Above are the five different themes for decorating Animal Crossing island beaches, if you want to buy Animal Crossing items to decorate your island beaches, keep the focus on goldkk.com.

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