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ACNH Best Summer Island Dream Codes & Design Ideas - 5-Star Animal Crossing Summer Island

5/19/2021 2:30:08 PM

Summer is just on its’ way, what’s the best thing to take a summer trip? Creating your own vacation right on your Animal Crossing island! So, have you decorated your island for summer? Or are you still wondering how to prepare the island for summer? If you need the inspiration to get started, we’ve gathered up a bunch of ACNH summer island dream codes & addresses shared by some talented island creators to help you enjoy the sunshine and the tropical scenery in advance! Here are the best summer dream islands to visit in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

ACNH Best Summer Island Dream Codes & Design Ideas - 5-Star Summer Island In ACNH

Take a tour in 5-stsar ACNH summer dream islands and with these amazing design ideas in mind you can create your own tropical aesthetic island for summer. You can avoid pesky tourists, lost luggage, and sand in your shoes, while still enjoying all of the beauty that the warmest months have to offer. Now head to the 5-star summer island ACNH to explore unimaginable designs through the following dream codes. 

1. Iconic Vintage Summer Island - DA-6013-2913-081

This is a 5-star vintage summer island. The terraforming is so natural. The streams and rivers is so beyond cute. Around the Marshall house, the sitting area is so cute, it looks like people live here and use it every single day like Marshall goes and rides his bike every day. Go straight, and the sitting area is iconic, with so many details and the patterns and the rugs, it’s just so adorable. The water fountain in the background is so beautiful, I even like how the creator drops just random tulips and they look so well like it’s an accident. Even the little book underneath the coffee is so adorable like the little teacup.

2. Étoile Island - DA-6868-6835-1227

The whole area is covered by pink, summer vibes and a spectacular sunset is this island's main attractions. Even though you won’t be able to actually stop and smell the roses, you can create a flower market realistic enough to make you feel like you’re actually there! Build square overflowing with your favorite flowers. Anything like sunflowers, poppies, and lilies.

3. Tropical Island - DA-8269-5142

island design idea for summer

ACNH best summer island dream island codes

Have some palm trees around, do some terraforming on the sides with a few cliffs and add some palm trees on top and then give it more of a summer aesthetic. Add some surfboards and some seashells as well. On the entrance, have a little seating area with some garden benches. Moving along to the left, there is a picnic area. Use your own decor to add in sweet little details, like cushions to sit on, a radio for impromptu dance parties, and a playground for villagers to enjoy when they’re done eating. Moving on from the picnic area, move down to the shops, we have Nooks Cranny on the left-hand side, outside with a tiki torch and a surfboard. On the path, there is a hermit crab model. Then on the right-hand side we have the Able Sisters which is decorated with tiki torch and an ice cream cone lam. Heading down from the shops, we have the beach, there is a little seating area with a hammock. There are rattan chairs with coconut juice. Heading back to the main entrance of the island, there is another seating area.

4. Athena - DA-0506-3653-0775

For you to recreate holiday destinations like Hawaii or Bali, New Horizons already has the right atmosphere. Palm trees, saline seas, and a tropical breeze. It's the ideal formula for transforming your island into a tropical getaway! Planting palm trees, hydrangea, hyacinth, and hibiscus can help you achieve a truly tropical feel. Create botanical gardens, surf shops, and food trucks with your imagination, then invite all of your friends to come and spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

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