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5 ACNH Upcoming Event Updates & Changes 2021 - What New Is Coming To Animal Crossing New Horizons

5/28/2021 10:24:15 AM

We've seen many events come and go in Animal Crossing New Horizons so far now in the recent updates for the game. We've actually seen a theme of Nintendo updating the existing events to improve them by adding new ACNH items and different changes to make the events more enjoyable for returning and new players as well. Now it seems like they're going to continue to do this throughout 2021 with some of the events that we've already enjoyed. But how far will Nintendo take this, and what changes could we expect to see if these events do get updated for 2021? Let’s take a look at these ACNH upcoming event updates & changes, see what visitors and characters could be added and what new items and features might be implemented for 2021 events!

5 ACNH Upcoming Event Updates 2021 - What New Is Coming To Animal Crossing New Horizons

1. Fireworks Festival

This event was introduced in an update in ACNH last year and it's basically the exact same as the version in ACNL with a few differences that definitely could be improved upon with a minor update. 

We can expect Nintendo will take the path of updating these existing events with more content whether that's seasonal items to go alongside them or just changes to the event in general to make it more fun and convenient for players. The Bunny Day event had a really good mix of this where it added new items but it also changed some things like making it more convenient by villages, randomly giving you eggs and such. So maybe the Fireworks Festival could do something similar where they could introduce some new content for players to enjoy.

One thing that we really think is missing from the Fireworks Festival is the cute little bunny balloons that Phineas would give you in City Folk and that you could also get in ACNL as well. They didn't decide to add these, they added every other accessory. Phineas would fit in perfectly at Fireworks Festival because he is a great visiting character selling cute little balloons and accessories. 

2. Halloween 

The spookiest event in all of Animal Crossing is Halloween. It was really good and definitely incredibly cute seeing all the villagers dressing up and getting to see jack again who's a really iconic character. We can expect they're going to add more items to this event in 2021. There's so many different spooky items they could add and they're actually missing some of the creepy items that we got an ACNL like the crystal ball and the little spooky coffin. Although we have similar items but they aren't quite as iconic as the ones that we had from the spooky series in previous Animal Crossing games. In Animal Crossing New Leaf, the spooky series is the pumpkin stuff which is designed so you can place it outdoors and enjoy it. This time around for Halloween, maybe we could see the classic pumpkin series of furniture return that people put in their houses in original Animal Crossing games.

One thing that was really significant which was introduced during the Halloween event was the farming feature where you could farm different pumpkins. This feature may be get expanded upon this time around. According to the data mines of the game there are more vegetables waiting to be added.

3. Turkey Day 

It was the best event in ACNH that we've gotten. It had a right amount of challenge and good activities.

We couldn't get any of the cute little food and dish items and use them as items on our own island last year. So we think that would be a great update whether it be seasonal items or new rewards from Franklin. Aside from the Turkey Day furniture which we got last year, it'd be really nice to get some of these items and display them in your own home or around your island all year round. So that would be a really great update whether it's seasonal items or whether it is just a prize that you get from Franklin by completing the event.


One change they could do to Turkey Day in 2021 that would be very welcome would be introducing the rest of the vegetables which we've seen in the data mines for ACNH for quite a long time. Pumpkins were also data mined before they released and a lot of people are expecting them to put out all these vegetables at once, but they didn't do that for some reason. So in 2021, we could perhaps see them maybe split these vegetables into two sections, ones that get introduced for Halloween, so you can plant them around that time. And then the rest could get introduced during Turkey Day.

4. Presents

The presents were basically meaningless and it didn't matter which presents you gave to who, there was no strategy to. In ACNL, you would talk to your villagers throughout the month and you get clues about what types of presents they actually wanted and on the big day you would have to give the right presents to the right villages to get all of the rewards. Maybe that's something they could bring back in Animal Crossing New Horizons in 2021, that is something that would make a really great change and make the event more dynamic. It would make it last a bit longer rather than being just one day.

We also think they're going to add more items this event this year. Toy Day didn't have that many items because there's so many other winter and festive themed items that you get throughout the month of December or in winter. So we will get to see more items whether they introduce through the seasonal menu or if they're given out by Jingle as a prize for doing his little rewards, because just getting his photo again wouldn't be great. 

5. The New Year’s Event

This event is one of the most interesting in the game. It was playable from the get-go which means this event hasn't really seen any changes since the game actually launched in march 2020. So out of all of these, this one is maybe the least likely to get any updates. But there are definitely some really cool changes that they could do to it this year to make it even better as an event. It's pretty complete and it's incredibly similar to the version from previous AC games especially ACNL. They're definitely going to update the seasonal items this time around, they had a lot last year, one of them was an arch. So of course they're going to introduce the 2021 arch. And they are going to add updates that introduce new ACNH items.

One thing that was really cool from the original Animal Crossing game was that on New Year's you could get a fortune from Katrina and take part in her sunshine lottery, it would be a fantastic way to introduce katrina to the game. People would prefer to see her all year round rather than just a part of one of them. But maybe if she does get introduced sometime this year as a character who maybe shows up in your plaza, she could also take part in the New Year's event. If she doesn't, then they could do some kind of tie-in with the nook link app.

These are 2021 upcoming events to Animal Crossing New Horizons (shared by the famous Youtuber Crossing Channel). Which events do you think are going to get updated this time around? Are they going to get any improvements for 2021 and what kinds of improvements for the events in the game would you like to see?

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