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ACNH Kapp’n Update Speculation - Is Kapp’n Coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons?

7/6/2021 4:41:04 PM

Kapp'n is a green turtle that introduced in the Animal Crossing series as a driver of various vehicles, such as boats, taxis, and buses. In Animal Crossing New Leaf Kapp'n drives a motorized boat and will give the player a ride to the Tortimer Island while singing a little tune along the way. Is Kapp’n coming to ACNH? Some players think Kapp’n will return to New Horizons this Summer, for example, Mayor Mori, who explains the reasons for that. Some of what we discuss and the reasons are based on existing features and things like that. But the whole thing is speculative. 

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ACNH Kapp’n Update Speculation - Is Kapp’n Coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons? (ACNH Summer Update)

All the new content in ACNH is getting close to an end, while Nintendo still has not announced the next update. This means once the Cowboy Festival seasonal item is distributed starting from July 15, we are completely caught up naturally. Not only the date of the Summer update is a mystery, but also there are many rumors surrounding what the update will focus on. Kapp’n seems to come to Animal Crossing New Horizons, and here are the reasons. 

Liquidation and Delivery feature

During the Wedding Season update last year, a new feature was added at Harv's island that introduced two new options for emptying your pockets, including Go for Delivery and Go for Liquidation, both of which can be accessed by speaking with Wilbur, Dodo Airlines’ expert pilot. Go for delivery allows you to send ACNH items from your pockets back to your island to free up space, Go for liquidation is slightly more intriguing as instead of shipping items from your pockets back home you can instead sell them on the spot for AC bells, these two features were added during the Wedding Season at a time when we visiting Harv’s island, but it did not really serve a purpose during the event because you only walked away with a couple of items or heart crystals and you certainly didn't need to earn bells, furthermore, once the Wedding event was over, the feature remained and became redundant as you can’t use items in the pocket. So there is speculation that the feature is added for another purpose, it may be integrated with Kapp’n, because Kapp’n sails you across the sea to Tortimer Island which is a tropical island and essentially a multiplayer hub for mini-games, when you arrive, you are greeted with members of Kapp’n's family, a shop, a bell dispenser, and a box, the box was a feature that allowed you to transport items from your pockets or that you had obtained on the island back home. If the feature added for when Kapp’n arrives in the next update, it makes sense that should we travel to a new island, play mini-games, and earn rewards, and is much more useful on a multiplayer island. 

The Dock

Every island in New Horizons has a dock or pier on either the east or west beach, this dock is great for decorating and aside from being a great fishing spot where you can catch a couple of rare fish at certain times of the year, it doesn't really serve a purpose and is quite odd, given its history ever since the original the dock has been a place where you can encounter Kapp’n and his sailboat, interact with him he would travel the seas taking you to a remote tropical island, it's reasonable to assume the dock will eventually serve a purpose and most likely in the upcoming summer update, Kapp’n will arrive and dock himself on our islands ready to travel the seas.

Kapp’n in Pocket Camp

Kapp’n returned to Pocket Camp earlier this week, although these two games aren’t really linked in any way, Pocket Camp often added seasonal content and characters before New Horizons, so with Kapp’n making a fresh appearance in Pocket Camp’s latest update in time for Summer, it could be foreshadowing what’s to come in the next update for New Horizons. This carries less weight than the other points, but it was worth a mention. It's possible the two games will continue to share content and similar updates going forward. 

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