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Top 5 Best Crossovers In Animal Crossing - Pokemon, Fueki, 7-Eleven & More

7/19/2021 2:57:36 PM

Today we take a look back over the history of the franchise and break down the top 5 most desirable and most impressive crossovers in Animal Crossing. We discuss why and show examples of how there were integrated within AC. 

Top 5 Best Crossovers In Animal Crossing 

Animal Crossing has always had its fair share of crossovers with other franchises whether that's designing villages around popular trends at the time or by including furniture inspired by other video game series or even through official licensing with third-party brands in order to promote products. We've seen instances of this ever since the original Animal Crossing and this trend has continued all the way through the series to modern-day versions of the game. So with this in mind, it'd be fun to break down 5 of the best crossovers in Animal Crossing.

1. BowLingual

All the way back in the e-plus version of the original Animal Crossing on Gamecube, two villagers were added to the game for the first time called Meow and Bow who are cat and dog villagers respectively. Although not an official brand crossover, these two villagers were heavily inspired by pet translation devices that were extremely popular at the time called MeowLingual and bilingual devices. These devices would translate barks and Meows into emotions and phrases, humans could understand. However, they were also very aesthetically pleasing as they looked a lot like virtual pairs as you can see both Meow and Bow look a lot like their device counterparts somewhat resembling monochrome LCD screens. To unlock these villages you had to scan their corresponding e-reader card and invite them to move in. However, the feature to invite villagers to town never made it outside of Japan and despite these adorable villages never returning to future installments are undoubtedly one of the most unique crossovers in the Franchise.

2. 7-Eleven 

Back in the early Animal Crossing New Leaf days, the 7-Eleven Franchise made its first appearance in Animal Crossing and introduced an entire furniture set inspired by 7-Eleven stores adding several unique shop items to the game which later became one of the most iconic crossovers in the Animal Crossing series. Sadly, these were only officially distributed in Japan later down the line the 7-Eleven crossover returned to happy home designer and introduced Philly - the horse as a way to distribute the items once again, the 7-eleven crossover was refreshed again with the welcome amiibo update to New Leaf and not only added even more 7-Eleven items to the game but also added Philly to the villagers you could encounter. Unfortunately, despite being able to encounter Philly at the campground and unlike Meow and Bow, she couldn't be invited to move in with the hype surrounding the exclusive AC items and the limited availability of Philly. The 7-Eleven is one of the best crossovers to date.

3. Splatoon

If you play Animal Crossing, you've probably played Splatoon. These games tend to share an audience and for the most part even share game developers. So it's no surprise Nintendo would treat two of their top franchises to a crossover towards the end of the New Leaf era. When the games were refreshed with a fairly sizable update out of the blue, the game received over 50 new villagers and several crossover characters each with their own themed furniture sets. Three of these crossover characters include inkwell cc and vichy who are all inspired by their Splatoon counterpart. Each of them can be invited to the campground using their amiibo and offered a large selection of Splatoon themed furniture items which make for some of the most unique Animal Crossing furniture in the series. Furthermore, each of these villages can be moved into town which at the time made the amiibo figures fairly desirable for newly fans. Interestingly, these three inspired villagers are the only characters based on other Nintendo franchises that are not directly named after their corresponding character unlike the Zelda villagers for example. Furthermore, Splatoon also saw a small crossover in Animal Crossing pocket camp that saw craftable Splatoon items, fishing toys and scavenger hunts, Splatoon fortune cookies and even Splatoon hairstyles and outfits. The uniqueness of the furniture items and the fact these characters were so recognizable outside of Splatoon made them the perfect crossover for Nintendo fans.


4. Fueki

Another officially licensed brand deal saw a Fueki crossover within Animal Crossing and arrived in the welcome amiibo update. Fuweki is a supply and stationary company that sells franchised pots of glue and released some Animal Crossing versions as part of the collaboration. The in-game part of the crossover introduced Holden - the jock hamster who was heavily inspired by the Fuweki mascot like Philly, he could be encountered at the campground in an exclusive and introduced an entire Fuweki themed furniture set which was completely themed around Fuweki products. This was only distributed in Japan and like Philly, Holden couldn't be invited to move in making his appearance and his furniture set very desirable and possibly one of the strangest but fun crossovers in Animal Crossing.

5. Pokemon

Animal crossing saw a Pokemon crossover in 2018, Animal Crossing pocket camp held an in-game event that saw players collecting limited-time pokeballs and using them to craft exclusive Pokemon-themed items. Some of these items included giant stuffed Eevee Pokemon-themed furniture items rugs and pokeballs. Sadly, no Eevee-inspired villagers were added to the game like in previous crossovers but you could craft Eevee-themed outfits and dress like one ignoring the pokemon peak 2 items that could be obtained for a short while from villages in the original Animal Crossing. Pokemon has never really featured in Animal Crossing, so this was a very unexpected crossover and one of the most recent making it one of the coolest Animal Crossing crossovers to date.


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