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Best Five Rocket League Tips and Tricks for Beginner

7/15/2021 4:51:11 PM

Feeling like every player is ahead of you in the Rocket League, don't know how to improve?  In this guide, we're going to talk about some techniques that can improve your gameplay! So stay and make sure to like and focus! There are five main tips and tricks as below.


1. To practice basic movements to warm-up

Too many players spend hours of their time in free play practicing error dribbles and flip resets, all while neglecting the game's most fundamental mechanics, it's never a bad time to start learning something new, but brushing up on the basics will help you be more consistent in the long run when you first open up rocket league alright jump into free play, and work on your car controls separate from the ball drive around the little boost pads, take note of how responsive your car, with different inputs, drive up, down the various walls, get comfortable with how controls are affected on each surface, how quickly turn with and without boost.

  • What if you held down powerslide?

  • What happens if you tap powerslide instead of just holding it?

  • Can you wave dash from one side of the field to the other without tripping up?

  • What about your control in the air upside down?

If we want to progress as a player mechanically we must focus on becoming consistent before all else hold yourself to a short warm-up routine before each session and your future self will thank you.

2. To start flipping less when moving into place flipping

Gives you instant momentum and is undoubtedly valuable, however, it has the downside of just locking you into animation, you can't get out of this. It's a convenient tool for shot taking and repositioning, but not if we need to cover something close to us.


Enemies who see you flip will know they have time to get the ball around you, for free instead of flipping in these kinds of situations try wave dashing through a straight line and boost pass.


This will give you the speed of a flip without opening yourself up to being outplayed, the more time you put into practicing your wave dashes, the more ways you're going to see they can be used another thing, we should try to minimize is our boost usage, boost gives us free momentum, and is without a doubt our most valuable resource, how good we are with the booze.


3. Preemptively point your car in the direction

Preemptively point your car in the direction, the play is headed next. For example, if someone is to the left of the ball and hitting it right, return to the right. so you can get it to faster, this one is crucial at higher ranks because opportunities appear and disappear in just fractions of a second forcing,


Players to come in front of you instead of having to chase them down, will mean you're always quick to spring into action practice this by going into a game, and take note of where everyone is on the field, then based on what you can see make a prediction of which zone, the ball is headed to next if you are wrong about where the play went save the replay and just rewatch it until you can understand what happened,


The more challenging things to predict as a beginner are curve bounces, corner bounces high-speed challenges, and aerial plays, as you're watching and re-watching take notes of what you learned or found interesting alright. you can also watch professionals play focusing on how they are posturing in different situations, so doing this every day will help you to rank up faster than almost anything else.


4. To start bumping and demoing your opponents more times

To start bumping and demoing your opponents more times, which is one of the best ways to get in their head, not only are demos basically broken but if done correctly are super-efficient to get as well.


Here are a couple of examples of when to go for a bump or demo:

Assuming that you're pushing into the enemy half and trying to center the ball if the play ends up behind you, you need to start rotating to get back into position, since you're in enemy territory, there are likely opponents all around you. If you maintain your momentum, you can force a reaction or even take out a defender completely. If you don't get a demo it's totally fine, because you were just rotating out anyways. So another perfect time to go for demos is when you're on the wrong side of the play. 

Assuming that you just lost 50% in the midfield the ball flies behind you into your corner and one of your teammates is getting control of it, instead of just immediately, just flipping to get it to the far post take a quick, second to look for a bump that could relieve some pressure on your side bumps in your territory and demolitions.

The opponent's territory will almost always lead to a scoring opportunity if capitalized on immediately. Players sometimes regard these mechanics as toxic, but you're gonna be making a huge mistake if you ignore them outright. So when the enemy gets tilted by your bumps and demos like. they will sometimes chase for revenge the more the enemy sees red the worse their decision-making is going to become learn to predict this behavior and just use it to your advantage in your upcoming matches.


5. huge dream big but start small

Write down some goals that will be difficult but attainable in the next few weeks, these goals should be centered around improvement not just ranking up, when you put too much value in your rank, you're going to lose focus on what's really important.


Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation comes from within right, like you put time into training without needing to discipline yourself. because you genuinely enjoy the process, so when you're intrinsically motivated losing won't bother us.

Because it shows us that we still have room for improvement but on the other hand guys extrinsic motivation comes from some kind of you know incentive or just light at the end of the tunnel, so when we're extrinsically motivated losing progress toward our end goal can be very demoralizing. Therefore this will quickly lead to burnout and is one of the reasons people quit playing competitively.


So if you ever find yourself becoming stressed or just anxious about playing okay ask yourself this like what do you find enjoyable about rocket league. Is it the fast pace or the insanely high skill sailing the unique physics-based engine? so remind yourself why you play and just never lose sight of your goals it helps.


Be kind and stay humble, what you're probably thinking you're like what does this have to do with rocket league? It has everything to do with rocket league, rocket league is a highly competitive game that takes years and years to get better at and so even the best players in the world make lots of mistakes otherwise they wouldn't get scored on, if you want to know more information, keep focus, cheap Rocket League credits also can get from Goldkk.com.


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