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ACNH New Tools For October & November - Handheld Lanterns, Spooky Treats Basket, And More

8/31/2021 9:50:56 AM

Within the latest update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, we got a whole bunch of really cool new holdable food items which players can even consume and these were all really great. Some other interesting holdable tools were introduced within this latest update that you might not know about. Today we’ll be taking a look at these three new tools which are introduced in the latest Animal Crossing update and see what you can do with them when you can get them for yourself and more details that you need to know.

3 New Tools For ACNH New Update - How To Get New Items

1. Holdheld Lantern - November 1st - 11th

You have to wait a little bit longer to get as it will come out in November as a new seasonal item as a part of the lantern festival seasonal holiday. But when you do, it's a really great one to get your hands on. Now, you can't do anything with this, so it doesn't work like some of the other tools in the game. It has a practical use but it is really cool all the same. This new holdable lantern is actually comes in a ton of different versions. You can customize it to have a lot of variety, there's some with stars, moon, stained glass, suns, geese and leaves as well. So there's a lot of variety and it will light your way at night. It won't give a dramatic light increase, so if you're expecting some kind of huge torch that would illuminate everything. Sadly, it doesn't quite work that way though that would be really cool but it definitely does look really great and it has some pretty cool physics as well. When you're moving around it'll kind of wobble about because obviously it is just made of out of paper or cardboard or something. 

2. Spooky Treats Basket

This item appears during Halloween which is actually a brand new DIY recipe that you can get from your villagers throughout the month of October and you're going to need orange pumpkins and candy to actually craft this. A lot of people kind of suspected that, maybe this one shouldn't have been in this update, but it's here and you can get it and craft it for yourself. You can time travel ahead to Halloween and get it right now, so it's not even time locked, you can literally go straight ahead and get this brand new tool which is very similar to the lanternware. It doesn't really have a practical use but it is really great and cute to hold around and maybe this Halloween we will actually see our villagers holding them as well, which definitely would make a lot of sense given the candy trade that goes on Halloween in Animal Crossing New Horizons. So this is definitely a really neat new Animal Crossing New Horizons item.

3. StickLightColorful

One that was actually data mined in the latest update but isn't quite available yet and we're still unsure on the details is the light stick. Now dodo codes which has done a lot of the data mining reports. Animal Crossing New Horizons reported that a new type of light stick was discovered in the game's code and this actually happened to be a more colorful version of the current one. It is defined as light stick colorful. It's a really cool item that you get during New Year's, so when we get our next update, this tool will be officially introduced into the game and we will get probably more colorful versions of the light stick to enjoy. It just comes in yellow or white, you want to call it just the basic kind of light color and it has a really cute animation. This will be a seasonal item introduced for New Year's, it'll probably be available on New Year's Day. Maybe Isabel will give it to you, maybe it'll be added as kind of a part of the celebration.

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