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ACNH Halloween Update Guide 2021 - New Items, DIY Recipes, Rewards And More In ACNH Fall Update

10/14/2021 12:27:59 PM

Animal Crossing New horizons Fall update is on the way and bringing all sorts of new Halloween items and stuff to start decorating your island. Quite frankly probably some of the best items that have been added to Animal Crossing New Horizons so far. In this ACNH Halloween Fall update guide 2021, we're going over everything you need to know about this Animal Crossing Halloween event,  including items, DIY recipes, and rewards.


ACNH Halloween Event Guide 2021 - New Items, DIY Recipes, Rewards And More 

In ACNH Fall UpdateFrom October 31st, candies can be used on Animal Crossing Halloween day. When Jack is there visiting your island, You may be able to get some Spooky prizes and stuff from him with a little sweet talk! You can also give candies to your villagers, in order to unlock the new reactions(Haunt Reaction, Scare Reaction).


The first thing you definitely need to know is October 1st which is a little strange for southern hemisphere islands. Because that is the beginning of Spring. That means we've got Halloween and cherry blossoms at the same time. However, there are a couple of new things you should definitely be checking out in the Nooks Cranny when it comes to Animal Crossing Halloween update. The first thing you'll notice there are special items that we can purchase with ACNH bells. This will change each and every day although you can see some repeats. You can craft all of these items with DIY recipes, but it's really cool that they've allowed us to be able to purchase them from Timmy and Tommy's.  If you're interested in getting all of the new customization features to be able to change your character color and the new eye colors, you will need to go into the residence services center and spend some Nook Miles, which aren't cheap.


ACNH Halloween Candies

There are candies are available for sale at the Nooks Cranny as well. With the candy, you can only purchase one piece of candy per character per day, so that means if you have multiple characters on your account you can in theory purchase one on each character if you so desire. We can also buy the pumpkin from Timmy or Tommy at a price of 280 ACNH bells. You can buy them in bulk by five at a time, but one thing that's interesting is you should have Leif on your island and Leif is going to sell these for substantially.

ACNH Halloween Pumpkins

Pumpkins can be used to craft new DIY recipes during the Halloween update ACNH 2021. The truth is, these Halloween-themed DIY recipes are already purchasable from Nooks Cranny, What’s more, you able be able to customize your pumpkins no matter the one you bought from Timmy and Tommy, or the one you crafted. Once you plant these, it will take three days to grow and you're going to need to water them as well. Most importantly, you have a chance of getting any of the four-color variations.


How To Get Pumpkin DIY Recipes?

You can get these DIY recipes through a couple of different ways in ACNH Halloween Fall update. The best way to get DIY items is to get them from villagers. On your island, you can get up to 3 DIY recipes from your villagers a day. The morning, afternoon, and nighttime will have a villager crafting and have a conversation with him, you can get a new crafting ACNH item or a new DIY recipe rather and you have a chance at getting one of the new spooky items.  In addition, you can also get them from bottles on the beach or from balloons.


ACNH Halloween Items 

Spooky Rug

Spooky Flooring

Spooky Wall

Spooky Garland

Spooky Garland DIY Recipe

Spooky Table Setting

Spooky Table Setting DIY Recipe

Spooky Treats Basket (new)

Spooky Tree (new)

Spooky Trick Lamp (new)


ACNH Halloween DIY Recipe

Spooky Arch

・Hardwood (×10)

・Clay (×3)

・Orange Pumpkin (×10)

Spooky Candy Set

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

・Candy (×3)

Spooky Carriage

・Wood (×20)

・Softwood (×20)

・Hardwood (×20)

・Iron Nugget (×10)

・Orange Pumpkin (×30)

Spooky Chair

・Softwood (×3)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Fence

・Iron Nugget (×5)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Garland

・Iron Nugget (×1)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

Spooky Lantern

・Orange Pumpkin (×4)

Spooky Lantern Set

・Clump of Weeds (×4)

・Orange Pumpkin (×4)

Spooky Scarecrow

・Wood (×4)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Standing Lamp

・Hardwood (×5)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×3)

Spooky Table

・Softwood (×10)

・Orange Pumpkin (×14)

Spooky Table Setting

・Iron Nugget (×1)

・Clay (×1)

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

Spooky Tower

・Orange Pumpkin (×7)

Spooky Treats Basket

・Orange Pumpkin (×1)

・Candy (×)

Spooky Tree

・Hardwood (×10)

・Orange Pumpkin (×5)

Spooky Trick Lamp

・Iron Nugget (×4)

・Orange Pumpkin (×4)

Spooky Wand

・Star Fragment (×3)

・Spooky Lantern (×1)


ACNH Halloween Costumes

Animal Nose

Flashy Animal Boots

Flashy Animal Costume

Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat

Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat

Impish Horns

Mage’s Boots

Mage’s Dress

Mage’s Striped Hat

Magic-Academy Hood

Magic-Academy Robe

Raggedy Outfit


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