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ACNH Bridge Sizes, Dimensions, Types, Prices, Limit & How to Build a Diagonal Bridge

11/11/2021 12:03:57 PM

Animal Crossing Players in New Horizons have complete control over the construction and layout of their island. Bridge construction is an essential part of the island terraforming process. This page will go through the sizes (width and length) and kinds of ACNH bridges, as well as their costs, limitations, and how to build a diagonal bridge. 

ACNH Bridge Sizes - Animal Crossing New Horizons Bridge Dimensions 

An anchor point is a location on a bridge where an unseen grid ties it to the ground. Because a bridge's anchor point takes up four tiles and the space that the bridge spans over the river takes up four tiles, the total area grid space for a bridge, including the anchor points and the river, is six tiles by four tiles, and this is true for both vertical and diagonal layouts. 

How big are the ACNH bridges? All bridges are four lanes wide, including two lanes for rail traffic and two lanes for pedestrians. Bridge widths may vary only in proportion to the width of the water, and they might cross three to five huge rivers. This implies that a bridge across a river that is less than three spaces wide or more than five spaces wide cannot be erected. 

How long can ACNH bridges be? A bridge maybe three, four, or five tiles long. Bridges, whether vertical or horizontal, are always four units broad and span three to five lengths of water. Diagonal bridges must have a three-inch-wide convex side and a four-inch-wide concave side. Water might be three or four feet wide. 

ACNH Bridge Prices and Types - How Much Do Animal Crossing Bridges Cost? 

There are eight different kinds of bridges in the game, each with its own price in Animal Crossing bells

Log bridge: 98,000 Bells

Suspension bridge: 129,800 Bells

Stone bridge: 168,000 Bells

Wooden bridge: 168,000 Bells

Brick bridge: 198,000 Bells

Zen bridge: 228,000 Bells

Red zen bridge: 228,000 Bells

Iron bridge: 228,000 Bells

Limitations of ACNH Bridges - How Many Bridges Can Be Built? 

There is a limit to the number of bridges and inclines that can be built in Animal Crossing, after the ACNH 2.0 version, the maximum deployment is increased to 10 bridges. As a result, in order to prevent wasting time and money, you must first decide where they will be erected. 

How to Build a Diagonal Bridge in Animal Crossing New Horizons 

How can you appropriately order diagonally positioned bridges? All that is necessary is an awareness of how to make a diagonal grid space, and the bridge will be built in the same way in terms of the area covered, which is six tiles long and four tiles broad. 

1. Begin a bridge-building project. 

Speak with Tom Nook and pick "Let's build a bridge," then choose a bridge from the list and pay to get a construction kit. 

2. Establishing the anchor points 

Begin by making diagonal tiles four tiles wide, then follow the grid alignment and terraform a single hole in the ground diagonally. To complete the diagonal anchor point, half a tile emerges from the grid edge in the form of protruding corner tiles; just cut off the tile's corners to generate a seamless diagonal anchor point. 

3. Arrange the tiles diagonally. 

Increase the number of tiles to six instead of four. Remove the corners of the grid area as well as any superfluous material between the two anchor points. Your goal is to establish two anchor points from which you may begin building on the bridge. 

4. Finish a second anchor point 

Repeat step one to create the final anchor point on the opposite side of your bridge; if you followed the techniques properly, your bridge should be able to be built; if not, identify where more or less land is needed and try deploying it using the bridge area's silhouette.

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