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Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 SECRETS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED! | New Shops+ Reactions!

11/13/2021 4:33:08 PM

Another animal crossing 2.0 secrets, you may have missed again, these are secrets that Nintendo didn't outright, on part three, part one two and even have more, so a lot of you have been requesting different parts, if you want part four, find more secrets for you, this one is packed full of stuff that didn't even know and some of the stuff.


Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 SECRETS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED! | New Shops+ Reactions! 

# Turnip related recipes

If you buy daisy may after the 2.0 update, she will give you turnip related recipes, buy from daisy may be too much, to start your Sunday off with some fresh turnips,106 is not the best but buy some all right, so let's buy some from her, and do like five do 50 turnips.

So you get a letter in the mail, the next day but see if she gives it to us, buying 50 turnips, you're super cute watch them rise cool, so going to time travel to the next day, and if this secret is true, this is the next day and you saw some turnips, so we have 50 turnips now, let's go into our mail.

Many of turnips, to give you a special recipe straight from gram as a way of saying thanks try making it, you might just like it, check out what this is, it's a cooking DIY here, this is so cool, daisy may be giving us some turnip related here, this looks like a stuffed turnip or something if she gave you something different.

There's at least more of the like, there's probably three turnip recipes, look at this it costs 10 turnips to make isn't that cool, next up is something that is a brand new DIY, you can actually get this in the nook stop, this is called a donation box.

Now, this is a huge deal, but if you do play online with friends a lot, this could actually come in handy, so basically what this is exactly, it's a donation box, you can customize it, as you can see in the back here, there's like a little padlock.

# Deposit bells

It's super cute now, the cool thing about this is that you can build it,  put it on your island, and people that come over to your island can actually deposit bells in it, so let's take a look here and the Animal Crossing New Horizons item like actually has a function which really cool.

So it says looks like there are about a thousand bells inside, you can deposit more, you can withdraw or you could just put it away, so going to withdraw them, this was such a cool item that not a lot of people are talking about, make this donation box, and of course it near like where the villagers are because villagers will donate and that would be you know a cool way to make bells, unfortunately, that doesn't happen, but if you're low on bells put this at your entrance, this might become a courtesy for whoever visits your island.

It's a good way to get some bells next up, this was so cute standing right in the plaza near the radio, of course, this is where you do your stretches, so you can go here, once a day you can click on this radio and start stretches, now you can do the button controls or the motion controls, at first, this was a little pointless and just like a goofy little thing that you can do, but actually there's a secret item set and secret rewards for doing the morning stretches.

# Nook ink leotard

Show you one of them today and it's called the nook ink leotard, pull this off, this is kind of cute, so this is the nook ink leotard, now the exciting thing about this is that the rewards.

Actually get really good, not gonna spoil what they are, but there are more reactions, spoil that but you can actually unlock reactions from doing morning stretches and here we go right here, so after you know a few different sessions like you have to do a lot.

# Taking part in group stretching

The final reward is like 50-morning stretches, but here's a letter it says to see residents taking part in group stretching, find them invigorating and fun please accept a small gift as a thank you for helping us build momentum.

Actually, unlock reactions while doing, this it's gonna be a lot of morning stretches, they are cute but the first reward is a leotard, so like get stretching, that's a pretty good reward all right, the next secret is something that Katrina has a little role in, so to Katrina and got good luck all right.

So then, went on the island and actually dug up in the gold spots, you know how you get a gold spot every day, and you can replant the bell bag to get a money tree, so going to put this screenshot on the screen for you, actually dug up 5 000 bells which is a lot.

# Katrina-making some serious bells daily

Katrina can hook you up, and if you get good enough luck, you could be making some serious bells daily, the next two are going to be seasonal items and as you can see on the bottom left, in December the end of December almost to new year's, to show off the brand new year's items, they're super cool, so first off sparkling cider you can hit and cheers, that was really cute, and then you know you have the grape dishes, and the Berliners, and the salad, and the noodles, the cool thing about this is that last year the 12 grape dish.

# Seasonal food items 

All of the seasonal food items including the mom items, you can now eat, so before you can only place them now. Actually, eat them here's a look at the brand new 2022 celebratory arch, this is kind of weird, a brand new arch has some brand new items here, absolutely love these items here.

There's also a door like decoration that you can get, so there's some pretty cool like a zodiac tiger figurine, there are some really cool new year's items, actually excited to like look around the calendar and see all of the new items all right, apologize for skipping ahead a little bit, but to show off this new, you know seasonal item set, and this is the summer solstice items for the northern hemisphere, and you know of course the sunflower crown. Sunflower sunglasses which are brand new to the game were cool, so you know the sunflower rug comes back, so like a nice little sunflower set where are the sunflowers.

# European summer solstice item

European summer solstice item, it's called a maypole, this is interesting, to place this right now. Those are the new summer solstice items, they start June 7th and they go till July 6th, let's place this, this is pretty great, it's like an overgrown pole essentially, with like vines everywhere, and the two wreaths, and then let's take a look at these sunglasses, maybe you can pull them off, what you think of the summer solstice items if you don't time travel you're gonna have to wait a while, but they're super cool all right, last but not least, this is the final one for the day, a special announcement for all you collectors out there.

# New museum

There are brand new museum items depending on which part of the museum you finished, so in this game, finish the bugs and the fossils,  so you can actually get a special prize from blathers. To see what he has to say okay, this is the dialogue for the cafe since this is kind of second account where brewster is, so the new rewards here, just remembered something

A series of posters made to celebrate the completion of our collection, so if you finished any part of your museum, and you don't really go in the museum, you don't really talk to blathers anymore, this is a reason to do, it's really cool, it would be a good way to show gratitude to everyone for pitching in to grow, this world-class museum just imagines it an entire wing of this magnificent museum captured in a single post.

# Posters

Actually, you won't need to imagine, have some posters for you, to react together also, these posters will be available for purchase should that interest you cool. So buy a poster about this, buy a poster each poster costs five thousand which one would you like a bug poster a framed sea creature poster and a frame fossil poster.

So blathers has a secret shop, buy all three of these, check them out all right. Check these out here, these are the two the frame sea creature and the frame fossil, and then bought the bug frame sea creature and fossil, so all right, put these up starting with the bug.

# Frame sea creature

Check these out, those are so cool, look they show like every single bug that's a well, assumed that the bug one has the frame sea creature, these posters are so cool, they're so cool all right, zoom in too and then have the fossils here.

One fossil and secret okay, so check these out, actually gonna go in the camera mode and wow surprisingly, these are like very detailed all the different bugs that you can get the beetles on the bottom, and then if go over here, see all the sea creatures, look how cool this is,  they didn't need to do this, but now there's you know an even more of a reason to complete your museum.

If any of these secrets were helpful, have you got the museum posters yet? Did you know about daisy may's secret ingredients and secret recipes? so much for watching and if you would like another part. Probably find some more secrets for you, so much fun with 2.0 and know any other secrets.

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