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Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 New Features - Secret 2.0 Shop Features!

11/18/2021 11:52:14 AM

A lot of shops were updated in animal crossing new horizons, even got a ton of new shops in the form of Harvey's archipelago where the traveling vendors got their own shops well, there's actually a lot of hidden shop features in the animal crossing 2.0 update and happy home paradise DLC that you have probably missed, this includes some really cool unlocks that you'll definitely want to get your hands on as well as some other secret details that you'll want to know about.

Let's jump into the secret shop features in the 2.0 update for animal crossing new horizons quickly. Make sure you enter before, then the first secret shop upgrade in animal crossing new horizons is that daisy may's turnip trade.


 Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 New Features - Secret 2.0 Shop Features!

Buying turnips

Actually has some exciting new unlocks which you can get from her as you progressively buy turnips now, usually, she would just give you bamboo shoots which is a nice reward, but now Daisy Mae will actually give you new cooking recipes which she learned from her grandma Joan, this means that it's more worth buying turnips than ever, this is a feature that may be a lot of people haven't really bothered with since the game's launch after they made a ton of bells,

but now there is a really good reason to start buying turnips again in this shop.


New turnip tracker

You'll definitely want to make sure you do, so if you want to get all of these unlocks, as it seems like it'll be the only way you can get them aside from trading with other players. Joan is also back giving turnips and animal crossing new horizons, the only difference is this isn't really a shop as you don't buy them from her, you can see her in the hospital, sometimes in happy home paradise, so this is basically just a way of getting free turnips from her, it's not a shop, but include it here, since a lot of people probably want to know about this, there's even a new turnip tracker which is on the Nintendo Switch app.

This is definitely something to download if you want to keep an eye on those turnip prices, it's really convenient and a really great feature that honestly, a lot of people just don't know about yet. So definitely take advantage of this new turnip tracker, you'll really like it Katrina's shop also has some secret unlocks too, for example, Katrina will give you mini dharma, you can actually use these to craft bigger dharmas once you get the DIY recipe as well.



Of course, Katrina is a pretty elaborate feature, there's a lot to the luck feature and the friendship blessings and such, but it's really cool that there is a sense of progression here, and you can unlock some different stuff from her. Although totem is not really a shop, he's more of a service, he does have his own secret feature where he will appear as conomer throughout the acorn season, and he'll basically give you free acorns every day.


Getting free items

There's definitely lots of freebies from these shops now which is honestly great because you know who doesn't like getting free items in animal crossing, right next to him is Sahara who actually has some nice new wallpapers and floorings that you might not have ever seen before, because they were just added in the animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update now, of course, you will have to get lucky enough to see the brand new ones, but there's definitely a few here that you will want to get your hands on, as you know reds raffle has a ton of different new food items including soda cans and ice creams that you can get from him, but what you might not have known is that he has some more hidden items like the pocketbook which are really cool new handheld items with great new animations.

There are so many ACNH items in his raffle, honestly, a lot of people haven't even seen these yet, definitely make sure you're purchasing from his raffle when you can, because there are some really great prizes and there's even more than just this pocketbook, you can also get some brand new handheld items from nook's cranny in the cabinet as well.


New handheld items

Make sure you check in there every day to see what types of new handheld items they have, for example actually found a duster here which is really cool, there is no denying that animal crossing new horizons has the best variety by far when it comes to these handheld accessories that you can get, there's so many and you're gonna love a lot of the ones that you find.


Secret unlocks

Brewster has his own secret unlocks as well and the more you buy coffee from him, the more you're going to unlock, you'll be able to unlock the ability to get takeaway coffee as well as some new recipes and items, including the amazing brew stored which is a gyroid exclusively for brewster, there's honestly such a sense of progression with brewster, and this goes beyond the items as your dialogue and friendship with him will actually change the more you talk as well, and more options will appear like getting pigeon milk.


Interacting with brewster

Definitely make sure you're interacting with brewster, not only will you unlock nook miles for doing so every day, but you can also get that friendship up and those special rare items too which you can only get from brewster himself, sadly you cannot work here like you could in animal crossing new leaf. So if anyone was hoping that was a secret update to disappoint, but it is not blabbering, actually has his own shop in the museum now where you can buy posters from him now.


Complete the exhibit

In order to unlock posters, you're going to have needed to complete the exhibit, once you've done that you should get the option to get specific posters related to each of the exhibits, these items are honestly really cool, and even though it's not the full museum shop.

Maybe celeste is in it, it's still nice that blabbers give us some new rewards for completing the exhibits, as honestly didn't really get anything for doing, it's kind of crazy to think that you can actually buy items from the museum now whether that be coffee or these posters since there really wasn't anything to purchase here before happy home paradise has a lot of really cool secret shops as well that you're going to want to know about this includes stuff like the new cafe which will actually sell you certain food items that you can't get anywhere else.


Get up a menu

Once you've built and designed the cafe, and you've got your servers working there, you'll be able to talk to them to get up a menu, there's a whole bunch of different items here, these work as actual shops, they're not just there for aesthetics, you can actually get some functionality out of them, there's also a clothing store which you can unlock, and you'll be able to display some mannequins, there where you can buy free pieces of clothing from every day, once again this includes some pretty cool new items.


Waddell's shop

You'll want to head in here every single day, so you can see exactly what they're selling now, these are both really cool, but one of the absolute best secret shops in the entire game has to be Waddell's shop once you've bought enough items from him.

You'll actually be able to buy basically any item, you would like that you've unlocked in happy home paradise with your pokey, this is an insane shop upgrade, there are so many different items that you can purchase here.

Basically, anything that you've used or you've gotten from decorating a village's house, you should be able to see here that includes a ton of brand new items and items of all types, there's also some special happy on paradise exclusive animal crossing items as well that you can get from here too, this includes stuff like the phone case and the hammock, but Wardell's shop is definitely amazing, and if you have the DLC you definitely don't want to miss out on unlocking this. So make sure you buy as many items as you possibly can from the store, because this is definitely worth unlocking.

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