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Rocket League Guide: How To Improve Your Skills In 1V1

11/20/2021 2:17:02 PM

1v1 is the best game mode in Rocket League to give players a good foundation, in order to improve players’ ability as quickly as possible. If you've played a lot 1v1 in Rocket League, it can get really tilting at times. Because if you make one small mistake then the opponent will score on you. Even if 1v1 can be harsh sometimes, but it is without a doubt the best way to get better in Rocket League. 


Tip 1 - Picking Up The Small 12 Boost Pads

When the opponent has possession of the ball and you don't have many boots. You could go all the way to your corner boost, but a lot of the time if you have a good opponent you won't have enough time to go all the way to your corner boots and go all the way back to your goal to save their shot. In these situations, you definitely want to be picking out the small 12 boost pads, but you don't want to go too far out of your way because you still want to be able to save their shot if they shoot it at you. Make sure to memorize 12 times tables so you can stay focused on the game. 

Another situation where it'll be better to pick up boost pads rather than go all the way back to your boots is when the opponent just got possession and you and the opponent are both in his hat. A lot of the time going all the way back to your boots or even to mid boost will give the opponent a free dribble, what you can do is pick up a few boost pads and quickly turn and challenge the ball if the opponent doesn't have it on top of his car yet. This allows you to keep pressure on the ball instead of going back to your own boost and letting the opponent have a free dribble. 


Tip 2 - Perfecting The Fake Challenge

More specifically knowing when and when not to challenge the ball. If you can consistently do really good fake challenges in 1v1, it'll help your game improve. A fake challenge is where you act like you're going to go for the ball, by the last second you don't go for the ball and turn and start shadowing your opponent's movement. The best thing you can do is to get an annoying hint to prevent the opponent from getting the ball on top of their car but if the opponent already has full possession of the ball and the ball is on the hood of the car, you probably want to do a fake challenge. 

Instead of full-out rushing the opponent, you can act like you're going to rush the opponent and turn and try to save their shot which is much safer than challenging the ball when they already have it on top of their car. The goal of a fake challenge is to make the opponent think you're going for the ball, so they do a flick or a power shot right away without having much time to set it up. So you're essentially baiting them to do an offensive move against you. After you drive up to the ball to do the fake challenge you want to turn and get into a shadowing position. A shadowing position is being on the same side of the field as your opponent and mirroring his movements while driving towards your near post to block the shot.


Tip 3 - Looking At The Opponent And Thinking Like Him

When you're on offense and you have possession of the ball. Instead of doing what you normally do just dribbling the ball trying to get a flick or a shot or something set up, what you can do is keep dribbling, obviously keep trying to get towards his net. Instead of focusing on the ball try to focus on the opponent and what he's doing and where he's positioned as well as the amount of boost he has.

The best thing you can do is pretend that you are the opponent and what would you do if you are him. Instead of dribbling towards the opponent's goal and doing a flick whenever you can. Trying to calculate it and trying to do it right before you think the opponent is going to challenge the ball. There’s no doubt that you can't read the opponent 100% of the time, but you should try to at least rather than not paying much attention to him.


Tip 4 - Just Focus On Getting A Shot On Net

In 1v1, all you have to do is get any shot. Don't overcomplicate it by trying weird flicks when you have the chance to just take a normal power shot and keep applying pressure to the opponent. If you have an open chance to shoot the ball on that, even if it'll get sight, even if you shoot it right at the goalie it's fine. Instead of every single attack, you get trying to get really close to the goal and setting up some unstoppable flick. Just give the most simple power shot and put it on that. 

The key is it has to be in the air and you have to make the defender work for it. All you have to do is get a shot on the net that makes the defender use boost and it'll take them a while to recover from the sight. Then from there you can take his boots and regain possession of the ball and start another attack. Once you do that two or three times the defender will be really low on boost. If you keep throwing shots on him while he's low on boost, he's bound to make a mistake and that's where it's easiest to score the goals.


Tip 5 - Having A Good Kickoff

If you have a decent kick off the majority of your goals can be kick-off goals and you can win the game. Kick off goals are a pretty dumb way to score and it's a cheap way to get a goal. In 1v1, you can seriously win games just from kickoff goals. There are three things that can allow you to get a better kick off than the opponent.

The first one is being more goal side than the opponent and that means placing your car directly in between the ball and the goal. If your car is in a more central position than the opponents, you probably win the kickoff and you might get a goal out of it. 

The second way to get a better kick off in your opponent is getting the first touch on the ball. If you get to the ball slightly before your opponent, you can get the first touch on it and move it a little bit which allows you to set the initial direction of where the ball is going. 

The third tip I have for getting a better kickoff than your opponent is getting a smarter second flip on the kickoff. If the opponent is too far to the left of your screen, you need to flip to the right. If the opponent is too far to the right of your screen, you need to flip to the left.

Tip 6 - Getting Hits To Buy You Time

This is extremely important in 1v1. If your opponent kind of loses control of the ball, but there's nothing you can really do with it. So you just hit the ball in a spot that puts you in a better position and him in s worse position. So he doesn’t have a chance to dribble towards your goal.

Those are the best tips and tricks to help you become a better player in Rocket League. If you want to buy cheap Rocket League items, credits, and blueprints, welcome to goldkk.com!

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