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Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Magic Items - Top 10 Valuable Blue Items To Find

11/24/2021 12:06:43 AM

Many Diablo 2 Resurrected players overlook some very valuable magic items either selling them to Charcy or not even picking them up in the first place. Because this game has so many various builds that require unique setups, items of all rarities can be best in class, even simple magic items. In this guide, we go over the most valuable magic items that you should be looking out for in all of your magic finding runs Diablo 2 Resurrected, let's dive in.

Best D2R Magic Items To Farm in Diablo 2 Resurrected

We will talk about and cover the majority of the most sought after magic items but before we actually do jump in we just wanted to talk about a couple of reoccurring themes with these magic items:

1. They're typically extremely difficult rare to find and sought after, they are not very common although we actually do have a few budget useful Diablo 2 Resurrected items, for the most part, they're extremely difficult to find and really expensive.

2. They are very niche cases so they typically are either excelling in total max damage, or maybe sockets for different is breakpoints, or more minus res from facets while at the same time sacrificing other beneficial stats elsewhere, so if you're going to use some of these items, you're probably going to have to make up resistance elsewhere on the rest of your gear or your inventory.

Top 1  - Jeweler's Monarch of Deflecting 

Jeweler's Monarch of Deflecting is an extremely desirable endgame item. JOMD stands for four open sockets and comes with the 30 faster block rate and 20% increase chance of blocking, so you're looking for magic monarchs with this mod or these two mods and then you'll typically socket lightning facets in the shield. Just imagine four lightning facets that are going to give you minus 20 enemy lighting res and plus 20 lightning damage, offering you a max damage setup for Javazon again at the expense of a lot of other beneficial stats.

2. Jeweler's Archon Plate of the Whale

It might seem like there's only two mods on this armor but there are actually a number of other important variables that make these armors valuable. In order to roll with four open sockets, the Jeweler's prefix needs to spawn on an elite quality armor, four open sockets can roll on an exceptional quality armor, but here's the other thing, heavy armors are less desirable because they slow your character's run walk speed. Any build that's using this armor is sacrificing enigma to do so, so they need to run at an optimal speed. Although lesser roles can be useful with a low level requirement for LLD, the elite armors take the cake for value here, especially when we combine them with the Ruby Jewel of Fervor.

3. 40-15 Jewel (Ruby Jewel of Fervor)

This jewel needs no introduction, any seasoned Diablo 2 player knows that it's worth something, but they might not know the reasons why. This magic jewel boasts two abilities that cannot be found on a jewel of any other rarity, rare jewels can not spawn with the increased attack speed mod nor can they spawn with as much as 40% enhanced damage, it can be really good for hitting certain break points while maximizing damage. There are also other magic jewels that are worth a pretty penny too but the 40-15 is the holy grail here, they can also be inserted into the next item on the list to craft another best-in-slot item.

Perfect Ruby

Perfect RubyPerfect Ruby
Clvl Required 18

Weapon: +15-20 Fire Damage
Armor/Helm: +38 to Maximum Life
Shield: +40% fire resistance

4.  Artesian's Diadem of Speed (Magic Circlets)

Faster run walk is important for characters who choose not to use enigma, this is a great source of it. Amazon is often favor armors such as fortitude or ones with enhanced damage and attack speed, they choose armor such as those over enigma for the damage output making faster run walk necessary. For certain matchups such as necros, amazons often overstack their attack speed due to the slowing effect of clay golem when filled with 40-15 jewels, this is the perfect item for that along with some other creative setups.

5. Cunning Greater Talons of Quickness (Magic Claws)

This tongue twister of a trap claw boasts the highest damage output for lightning century or wake of fire, the base claws on these are directly related to their value. Greater Talons or Runic Talons are the ideal bases for these due to their inherent weapon speed. If you find those versions of these cunning claws, the 40 ias is ideal for not only reaching the ias breakpoint, but also for over stacking it in case your opponent slows you. 

The real nail biter though after finding these claws is that you need to take them to larson and pray for two open sockets, if you get too amazing you found an item of insane value.

6. 6/40 Javelins (& 3/20  Gloves)

These javelins are extremely valuable, and despite what it might look like, there are actually three mods that roll on this item. The first is the of quickness suffix which is responsible for giving the weapon 40% increased attack speed but the plus six to javelin and spear skills is actually two roles combined into one. The first role comes from the class pacific amazon javelins which naturally can spawn with the lancers mod on their base. The second roll is the actual lancers mod also spawning on those javelins, these are important for javazones who are trying to maximize their lightning or poison damage output.

Another plus six skills weapon that deserves a mention here is an Enchant Oorb. However plus six to enchant is usually not enough to make these worth something, they also need to spawn with fire mastery on them. Fire mastery also applies to the damage that you bestow upon characters that you enchant, so both enchant orbs and 6/40 Javelins have three inherent pieces that need to roll perfectly, and if they do they can fetch a very nice profit for you. 

7. 45 Life Grand Charms

45 life skillers can include any grand charm that rolled 45 to life and plus one to a useful skill tab, additionally 10 to max damage on these is also valuable. These charms can only be found from Nielathok, Diablo and Baal in regular magic finding areas, you can find them in the uber levels in the end game as well, but you'll need to spend a lot of time farming keys just to get the opportunity to do so. The difference in price between a useful 40 to life skiller versus a 45 to life one is huge, because of this rarity.

Another charm that deserves a mention in this section is of course the 3/20/20 small charm (Fine Small Charm of Vita). Every stat on this charm has a range that it can roll within, so even if you find a charm that contains all of these stats, the odds of it being perfect are one in 528. To find one of these small charms is to find a small fortune especially when you consider that most people who want these want multiples, and that's the case not only for the three 20/20 but also for the 45 life skillers.

8. BO & Tornado Helms

These next items are honorable mentions, the first ones are plus six skill helms. While there are some pretty insane plus five bow melee helms, it's actually possible to find a plus six to battle orders helm. A lot of people asked why plus five bow helms didn't make the list, it's because they actually aren't as rare as people think and also there are better options. Another helm is the plus six nato pelt which also possesses some class specific glory, some max block setups prefer variants of this helm with faster hit recovery or life. No matter what type of six skill helm you find, they definitely need to get two open sockets from Larzik, in order to even be considered semi-valuable in the market.

9. Bahamut's Diadem of Life Everlasting

The life everlasting mod is an extremely efficient way to nerf nearly all of the PVP damage from an assassin's mind blast, while the skill will still be annoying for stunning your character and you'll still have to get out of the lock, at least you won't get completely pk'ed by mind blast over the course of a very long duel. Additionally Bahamut's Diadem of Life Everlasting is an immortal sork's dream not like the Dream Rune word but like one of the actual best helms you can find for the build. But in any case, the life everlasting mod is highly underrated in PVP and can be perfect against certain classes or for unique setups.

10. Magic Wands with Charges

Another really powerful example of some budget magic items are wands, so you can either go for a lifetap one or for a lower res one. Use lower res ones on knee setups to maximize your elemental damage, It might not seem like much but you can shop for up to a level three lower res charge wand and that gives you a massive amount of additional minus res to just crank out your elemental damage against monsters. It's also a great way of dealing with immunities with some characters with more budget set up, so if you're Jabzon or Trapsen using a lower res one on the offhand can be a great way to break some lightning amenities or focus extra damage on an endgame boss like Diablo or Baal. And then the lifetap variant is great for a smider but really any character that's trying to do ubers it wants lifetap that doesn't have drax or exile or even last wish.

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