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What Is The Best Furniture Animal Crossing New Horizons Items For Cottage Core?

1/6/2022 5:30:03 PM

Animal crossing new horizons are different from other games in the series, because it has a crazy number of ACNH furniture items, compared to the others instead of set furniture series,  kind of a random assortment of different furniture options, as a result, lovely designers in the animal crossing community have created themes to follow to create a complete design. It's clear many of you love cottage core which is understandable, this article will show you the best cottagecore furniture in ACNH.

What is the best furniture Animal Crossing New Horizons items for cottage core?

How can you make them fit together to create a complete look?  

The sheer number of furniture items in this game is completely overwhelming, the key is knowing which animal crossing items work together, inspiration helps a lot check out what others have done on their islands try to get a better idea of what looks good and how it looks good one item, you'll see over and over again in cottage core builds. 

Best Cottagecore Furniture in Animal Crossing New Horizons


Barrels are the number one furniture item to include of course in every build,  all of them can be improved with the addition of the king barrel, make sure you throw the barrel towards the back of your bills, since it's a bit taller than most animal crossing new horizons items, you don't want to block any of your other beautiful furniture. 


Wooden tables

If you need a type of surface stick to wooden tables, crafting recipes for a bunch of different types low tables, tall tables, round tables, square tables, whatever you need it's here, and if it's not there's a ton more you can purchase through nooks cranny or nook shopping if you've already purchased it in the past.  


Lovely pattern 

Another option, can be customized to add a lovely pattern and just make it cozier which is the only goal here as always, the lovely artists of new horizons have done all of the amazing work. Just enjoy their beautiful designs.


Zen pillows

Zen pillows with a fertilizer design is a cool idea too if you're doing any kind of garden build 2.0 added these stacked bags that can be customized as well most wood ACNH items that you craft will fit in this area like clotheslines buckets pretty much any of the log furniture wooden benches everything with wood is pretty much.  


Customize the log furniture 

Don't forget to customize the log furniture if you decide to use it, those quilted designs add so much to the build books are also a lovely addition the trick with cottage core is to make it look as natural as possible animal crossing new horizons items like trees and bushes even unflowered ones are super important. They'll complement the dirt or stone paths very well. Make sure you throw flowers in there as well green top tier but any other color will work if it matches your color scheme.


Best fencing options

The best fencing options are to use are the country and barbed wire fencing hedges are also an amazing addition, if you want to add more green or dead to your winter design, you gotta have barbed wire fencing, so nobody touches your laundry get up.


Animal Crossing New Horizons cottagecore items 

The new update added over 9 000 new acnh items, below is the new upgrade animal crossing items with a unique use. 

- Party string lights 

- Cardboard boxes

- Adorable cruiser bikes

- Storefronts

- Wheatfields

- Pergola

- Stacked barrels 

- Plain party-lights arch

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