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5 Best Rocket League Sideswipe Shots & Training Routines - Improve Your Shooting In RL Sideswipe

1/6/2022 5:46:40 PM

Are you struggling to hit open nets? Then this guide is for you. We're talking about shooting training in Rocket League sideswipe and show you 5 different shots & training routines that you can practice in free play that will take your shooting game to the next level.

Rocket League Sideswipe Shooting Training Routine - 5 Shots & Training Routines For Freeplay

Training Setup

You should do this training in the 2v2 arena called S.C Field. The reason is that after platinum rank, all of your 1v1 matches will be in this arena, you'll no longer be playing in shot stack. And also you should turn unlimited boost off for this training because it helps you work on your boost management.

5 Rocket League Sideswipe Shots & Training Routines For Freeplay

1. Wave Dash Scoop

To do it, you should first boost towards the ball, then when you're about this distance away, jump, aim diagonal down and jump again towards the ground. 

Your car should land just in front of the ball with the nose of your car scooping the ball up into the air. This training is so useful in free play to set up awkward situations for yourself. It's basically this sideswipe equivalent of the free play training controls that we have in regular Rocket League which allow you to pass the ball to yourself to practice different plays like redirects and saves. However, it's also a super useful mechanic on its own to use in matches like for example, if your opponent fakes the kick off, you can wave dash scoop it into his goal or use it as part of a multi-touch play. So you should practice this a lot in freeplay.

2. Snap Shot

It will make you an absolute god at getting quick shots off when you under pressure. It's actually really similar to the wall bowl training method used in Rocket League. To do the snapshot in sideswipe, you start off by getting the ball bouncing which you can do with the wave dash. Then drive up to the ball and just before the ball hits the ground, jump, aim and shoot. You want to do this as quickly as possible just to the last moment, often you'll repeating it until you get the goal. The point here is just to improve your reaction time. You want to get it so that you can take a shot in as little time as possible. We suggest that you use purple shots because purple shots allow you to get a lot of height on the ball but also stay grounded, so you can easily follow up another hit. 

3. Fade Away Jump-Shot

How often does this situation happen in sideswipe? You're on your opponent's side of the field with the ball bouncing up and you want to get from here to here. All you need to do is get the ball bouncing again, then jump from one side of the ball and shoot it into the same side. So if you're coming from the left, you want to shoot left, if you are coming right, shoot right. So you're jumping, turning around and then shooting back the way you came. You can do this with a red shot or a no flip shot or a purple shot.

4. Blow Goal Shot 

This one is a really frustrating situation where the ball is bouncing underneath the goal. And you want to get it up and into the goal. This comes up constantly in game and most often players smashing the ball off the wall and setting up a counter-attack for their opponent. So there are a few ways to practice this situation. The first is to use our wave dash scoop to pop the ball up and then follow up with a shot. Another one is to go for a purple shot, leaning back and getting under the ball to pop it up and into the goal. The last one is a gold shot which you can do by basically getting under the ball and doing a wave dash scoop. If you time it right, you'll get a gold shot and you'll either pop it up really high maybe hitting the ceiling or you put it straight into the goal. This one's really difficult to get, but if you do get it right, it's pretty awesome. 

5. Back Wall Ceiling Pinch Shot

This is probably the most difficult one to master. What you have to do is take the ball up your own back wall, air dribble it up to the ceiling and then ceiling pinch it into your opponent's goal. The timing and positioning on this one is quite difficult and it's really risky to do in matches, because if you do mess it up, it's almost impossible to recover and you'll get scored on. So using this in 2v2s and hoops where your teammate can cover for you. Once you practice it enough, you can start doing it in 1v1s.

Hope this Rocket League sidewipe shooting training guide can help you improve your shooting. 

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