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How To Improve Your 50/50s In Rocket League Sideswipe - 5 Tips For Winning Every 50/50 In Sideswipe

4/27/2022 5:34:26 PM

In this guide, we are going to be talking about 5 tips to improve your 50-50s in Rocket League sideswipe. These tips can be used by all ranks and helped you get Grand Champion last season. 

Improve Your 5050s In Rocket League Sideswipe

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5 Tips For Improving Your 50-50s in Rocket League Sideswipe

If you've played sideswipe or Rocket League for any amount of time, then you've probably heard of the term 50/50. In these games, this describes the action of two cars hitting the ball at the same time which often results in a pinch that goes to either the left or right side of the field or a 50-50s. A lot of people are under the impression that these are random and you are lucky if one ends up working out for you. This is far from the case though, you don't hear people calling kickoffs all luck in these games, but a kickoff is just another 50/50. Instead of always losing on kickoffs, people like to look up what the best ones are. So why not apply that same logic to random 5050s in-game. So here are 5 different tips to help you win your 50s in sideswipe.

1. Approach Speed

How fast you approach the ball is definitely going to help decide the outcome of your 50/50s. If you use all of your boost to get to the ball quickly, you won't have any boost to react to where the ball goes afterwards. A method to use is setting myself up to where your opponent is forced to push the ball into you. This makes it to where you use minimal boost and can also be used to get boosts back if low. 

2. Don’t Flip Into 5050s

Don't flip into them especially as last man. Flipping into 5050s is the fastest way to lose them most of the time. You might get lucky sometimes, but if your opponent holds on to their flip, they'll be able to react to whatever touch you end up getting on the ball. You also run the risk of flipping too early and booming the ball into your opponent's car. Holding on to your flip until after the 5050 is done will allow you to either shoot the ball on your opponent's net or save it from your own. If you absolutely have to use your flip to get to the ball, a good idea is to try to make it to where your belly will hit the ball for the 50. So you get a little bit of boost and more importantly your flip back. Overall, just try to hold on to that flip as long as possible.

3. Use 180 Air Roll Depending On The Situation

Use 180 air roll button if you don't already use it to decide what type of 5050 you're going for. The 180 button has a lot of uses and setting yourself up correctly for your 50s is another one. You will get different effects on the ball in your 50s depending on which part of your car touches the ball either your roof or your belly. Belly touches will keep the ball closer to you and are a little bit more controlled. Roof touches have a tendency to kind of shoot the ball out with power and aren't as consistent. If you don't care what happens to the ball after the 50, then using your roof is definitely the way to go. You might use this method if the ball is in your 

4. High 5050s Lead To Bounces 

Going high can lead to the ball bouncing down. This can be used to your advantage if the ball bounces towards your opponent's net, but you also have to be ready for it to bounce to your side as well. If you are near the ceiling when going for this type of 5050, try jumping up and flipping slightly away from the ball. This makes it so whenever you hit the ceiling there's no chance of your opponent getting the ball above and around you.

5. Pinky 5050s

They are a great way to get your boost back. They can be done by positioning your car straight up and letting your belly hit the ball. Once you're on the ball, you want to lightly tap the boost button to keep pushing it into your opponent. Anytime you start lifting away from the ball, just let off of your boost so you can reposition yourself. A lot of times if you hold this position eventually your opponent will get tired of wasting time especially if you are up in goals and flip into the ball. If you are centered on the ball, you should end up with possession and full boost. This method also results in a more controlled 50-50s. With roof hits, the ball likes to either bounce away or roll off of the car. With belly touches, the ball doesn't seem to roll as much which will give you way more control over it. There are times where using your roof to challenge the ball is the move.

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