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Rocket League Sideswipe Guide:5 Offense Tips Help You Attack Like A Grand Champion

4/27/2022 5:39:35 PM

This guide is about offense in rocket league sideswipe, top tips guaranteed to take your offense game to the next level and stop you from throwing games, easily avoidable mistakes, you will be an offensive before getting into the guide,  all of the tips and strategies are here.

rocket league sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe Guide: 5 Offense Tips Help You Attack Like A Grand Champion

No matter what rank we push too, far up the field leave ourselves with no boost, no flip and end up floating through the air, like a feather on the breeze gliding, and tumbling down at the whims of mother nature and end up floating through the air with no way to recover, while opponent scores an easy goal.

Here are perfect tips to help you avoid this horrible situation.

Rocket league sideswipe offense tip 1 - Always flip towards a surface

A mechanic or a technique, as it is a rule, this rule applies to your boost and flip, it goes like this boost and flip must never be used unless one or both of them can be immediately recovered, so what does this mean well. If break it down into a couple of easy to follow gameplay strategies. 

The first one would always flip towards a surface like the ceiling back wall or the floor in practice. This involves just making sure that you're always thinking about where your next flip is going to come from trying to plan ahead, and only using your flip when you're confident that you can get another flip really soon, because if you just flip into the air, like this you might end up, just like that feather blowing in the wind, while your opponent scores an easy goal on you.

Rocket league sideswipe offense tip 2 - Avoid risky front-flip shots

Don't shoot with a front-flip like a redshirt when you could instead use a gold purple or manual flip shot in practice, this one's pretty obvious if you're up the field like this with your opponent in goal ready for your shot.

Don't just red shot the ball at them and leave your goal open instead use a different kind of shot that allows you to stay back and defend. In case you miss basically anytime, you have to take a shot where you're not 100 certain, you're gonna score a goal or immediately get your flip back, don't just flip at the ball and hope for the best.

Rocket league sideswipe offense tip 3 - Fast aerial flip reset 

The fast aerial flip reset is a staple in any grand champ's skill set, they use it constantly to attack the ball in the air with speed whilst making sure that they always have a flip and some boost to keep possession of the ball or take a shot, it's basically just a fast aerial, so jump hold boost and then flip up towards the ball, then just before you make contact lean back and put the bottom of your car on the ball getting yourself a flip reset the difficulty in pulling off.

In this move is you must be incredibly accurate with your flip, aiming to hit the middle of the ball with the middle of your car, and you also have to flip early enough, so that your car stops spinning before you make contact with the ball, if you flip too late, your car will hit the ball away like this, and you won't get the flip reset.

To practice it, go into the dunk house arena in free play and use the kick-off to work on your timing and accuracy. This is such an important move that highly recommend everyone to master, no matter what your rank is, it's one of the best techniques, you can add to your game to increase the speed of your play in that situation where you've got the ball, the goal is totally open and all you need to do is put the ball in that huge open space, open nets are something that pretty much everyone struggles with. If you're down at the lower ranks and you're also struggling with open nets, don't feel too bad. 

Don't use your flip whether you're pushing the ball up the back wall, and then shooting or taking the ball from a dribble up and into the goal. The instinct is often to flip right at the end, highly recommend that you avoid doing this at all costs, because if you miss you could be in a lot of trouble instead either, just hit the ball with the body of your car or use a manual flip. Alternatively, you could use a gold shot or a purple shot which both do use your flip,  but put you in a defensive position, so they're relatively safe.

Rocket league sideswipe offense tip 4 - Taking the shot 

The next tip is for when the ball is on your car, the opposition is right behind you and you need to quickly take a shot at something.

Taking the shot by hitting the ball with the nose of their car, and then immediately flipping down to recover, in case they miss the shot, this recovery allows you to follow up with a second shot if you miss or get back and defend, if you have to, just jump uptake the shot and then flip straight back down.

Rocket league sideswipe offense tip 5 - Use flip when the ball rolling out 

When the ball is rolling out in front of you, you don't really have many options, but something a lot of players do is jump up, and then smash the ball, like this to force it into the goal which is fine, if you score, but not great if you miss, so instead as with the first tip don't use your flip instead jump up and meet the ball when it's about here aim your car diagonal up and back and pancake into the ball to push it up and into the goal. This is easily the safest option in this situation, as it keeps your flip and allows you to recover if necessary. 

Above are all the tips, today hope those tips were helpful for you. If you want to buy cheap rocket league items and rocket league blueprints from GOLDKK.COM, constant delivery and safe deal! 

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