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Rocket League Voice Chat: How To Use, How It Works & How Voice Chat Can Change Game

5/11/2022 4:40:11 PM

Voice chat returns to Rocket League, allowing for an entirely new realm of Rocket League to open up for everyone. In this guide, we talk about all the details about voice chat, how it works, how to use voice chat in Rocket League, and how voice chat can change the game.


Rocket League Voice Chat Guide: How To Use & Customize It, How It Works

Since the game has been released, Rocket League had voice chat but the thing is it caused many players to experience lag and other disruptions in-game. So in Update 2.04 last September, they have removed it. Since then, players have not had the option to use voice chat with newly-met comrades. Now, it returns and also with platform! Players will have a persistent connection to party chat between games, seamlessly switching to team chat during matches. Device options and selective player muting will also be available. 

How Voice Chat Works In Rocket League 

Voice Chat is already activated by default, so all players need to do is connect in a headset to get started! The new Voice Chat tab in the Friends List will show all accessible Voice Channels to players. All of these options are accessible from the Main Menu as well as through the Pause menu. There will be two different voice channels: Party Chat and Team Chat.

- Party Chat: This is the best approach to talk to your friends. As soon as a player joins or creates a Party, they'll be able to use the Party Voice Channel. Throughout the course of a match, players will be able to converse with one other via the internet connection.

- Team Chat: The Team Voice Channel is used by players who want to interact with teammates who are not on their friends list. This voice channel is only active for the duration of the match in question and reopens when the next match begins.

- Voice Input/Output: These device options are available on PC and let players change audio sources easily whether you’re rocking the streamer mic or the controller headset. 

- Mute: We also know everyone uses Voice Chat in different ways, so Players will also be able to Mute individuals in their Voice Channel. To mute someone, go to the Voice Chat tab, click on their name, and then pick Mute.

How To Customize Voice Chat

For players to customize their Voice Chat options, they need to access the settings menu. PC players will have the option to change audio sources in the Voice Input/Output option.

In the Voice Chat Method option, players will be able to change the default Open Mic option to the Push-to-Talk version. To use Push-to-Talk, players will need to bind the PTT button from the Controls tab to a key of their choice.

How Can Voice Chat Change Rocket League

It could take the game to a new level that was never at before, the biggest downside of solo killing and why many players seem to hate it, it is because of lack of communication especially in 3-3 where it is focused on teamwork and communicating with your teammates. People had to rely on finding players and getting them on discord voice chats just to have communication. With in-game voice chat, this can easily solve this problem. This feature will allow players to communicate in order to keep up with the tryhards with this new meta. When we solo queue and get opponents who are all in a party, they would have better positioning due to communication and therefore they play faster than us solo keywords which can create some kind of a disadvantage if you solo queue and you get to face a full team. When you solo your threes and you have two teammates in a party, their place all tend to be quite more aggressive and may have no chance, but to be more passive and patient, since they can communicate but you can’t. 

There is team quick chat but it's not really efficient in a game like this where it's too fast paced, sometimes looking at top corner can be quite distracting, you need to be looking at the ball and what's really in front of you. This feature can make players pick up the basics of communication and make them better at it. Even if you have a team for example once you solo you, you still have to communicate and communication is highly important for any team-based game, look at cs go or valorent for example. 

Another example to give is that players who are recently starting to go competitive, once they find a team, communication will be something completely new to them, it might be something they have never really done before which is a problem that many fresh competitive players face as they are not really used to communicating while playing the game. So it will feel very different for them and with this voice chat, from simply playing ranked and gaining experience from that, this can make communication more natural for the players. This will definitely benefit many players especially champion and higher, you may say that the game is already too toxic like this and so on but voice chat will make it feel less anonymous, therefore it wouldn't be just as toxic as you may think because you can actually hear each other's rather than just text on the screen. Maybe the voice chat feature can also change the meta of ranked as players have to communicate from now on which can increase the scale ceiling just a bit more.

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