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PoE 3.18 Top 5 Sentinel Headhunter Builds - How to looted a Headhunter belt

6/10/2022 2:16:06 PM

Headhunter, within Path of Exile, the name evokes mythic superstition and awe. This PoE item is highly sought after by players. Many people aspire to own one, but few succeed. This poe item is regarded as the holy grail in Path of Exile.


We will go over the top 5 Sentinel Headhunter Builds after showcasing how we accidentally looted a Headhunter belt without ever realizing it.


How to looted a Headhunter belt

You might be wondering how could someone accidentally loot a head on her in a map, we're doing these leaching services where people join your map, and they pretty much just give you party quad, but they're just there to get experience, and the experience is pretty good. If you have 100% normal running time in the map, as far as experience is concerned, it is a little worse than the five-way, we're just looting the map, and there's a lot of loot that drops on the ground, because it is a hundred percent quant of like 500 rarities, and if you can blink, you will probably miss it, we're kind of trying to move the character, and the letter belt just appeared on our cursor, this is like God or Chris Wilson putting the header into our hand with the placement of the belt.


State of Headhunter

For this belt, we get started let's talk about the state of the headhunter.

  • More consistent than ever before.

  • Can play Simulacrum with 10-15 Headhunter buffs at all times.

  • Certain builds benefit a lot more. (Phys conversion and attack builds)

  • Currently at 12% usage rate w/Mageblood at 28%.


#1 Sentinel Headhunter Build – Tornado Shot

  • Tornado Shot is #1 at 18%.

  • Almost even Split between physical and elemental.

  • Tornado Shot benefits from Soul Eater, additional projectiles, Phys as extra, and additional chain.

  • One of the few builds where Headhunter is chosen over Mageblood. (44% vs 43%)


#2 Sentinel Headhunter Build – Kinetic Blast

  • Kinetic Blast is #2 at 17%.

  • Build benefits from Phys conversion, additional projectiles, and area of effect causing overlaps and shotgunning.

  • Mainly a magic finding build with 70% using Sadima's, and Ventor's Gamble.


#3 Sentinel Headhunter Build – Lightning Strike

  • Lightning Strike is #3 at 17%.

  • 50% of Lightning Strike Headhunter users are raiders with Champion (24%) and Berserker (22%).

  • Lightning Strike clear is a lot better with Chain and Extra Projectiles while also scaling tremendously with more attack speed.


#4 Sentinel Headhunter Build – Blade Vortex

  • Blade Vortex is #4 at 9%.

  • 57% Occultist, 15% Ascendant, and 14% Assassin.

  • 78% use Pariah, so most people play Blade Vortex for some kind of MF.

  • Blade Vortex mainly benefits from phys conversion and the extra AoE for Herald Explosions.

  • Only 30% use Omni due to prevalence of +2 phys Spell Amulets.


#5 Sentinel Headhunter Build – Righteous Fire

  • Righteous Fire is #5 with Spark close behind at 4%.

  • Only shows up due to popularity of Righteous Fire overall.

  • 31% of people use Mageblood compared to 4% for Headhunter as Righteous Fire does not benefit much from Headhunter.

  • Does not benefit from Soul Eater, Phys Conversion, or extra cast speed.


Final tips for Sentinel Headhunter Builds

  • Headhunter does not really benefit many builds.

  • Headhunter allows MF to do high tier Juiced Maps just like before.

  • Most builds will be more well-rounded by just using Mageblood and 1-2 x Inspired, which allow you to easily boss.

  • The belt slot has a lot of competitors with Perseverance, Mageblood, Headhunter, and Synth Attribute Belts.


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