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Elden Ring S Tier Magic Knight Build Guide (LVL 50, 100, 150, 200, 250) - Attributes, Talismans, Weapons & Gameplay Tips

6/20/2022 3:19:43 PM

Today we are going to be showing you an s tier magic carian and knight build, which is been so much fun just killing everything. We list the talismans, spells, weapons, and attributes for Elden Ring magic knight build at level 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, we discuss how to play this god tier magic carian knight build!

Elden Ring S Tier Magic Knight Build Guide

Elden Ring S Tier Magic Knight Build Guide - Talisman, Equipment, Attributes, Gameplay

You can use this build in a variety of ways, you can cast spells and destroy your targets from range, even use magic carrying spell abilities or close quarters combat, all of this while wielding the carian glenstone staff boosting our carrion sword sorceries, we also can't forget the jellyfish shield boosting both our melee and magic damage. It's a pretty big boost, this build is extremely powerful for endgame, it's going to make the game way easier for you and it will destroy anything that gets in your way making this one of the best magic knight builds in Elden Ring. 

Attributes For Elden Ring Magic Knight Build Level 50

- Vigor: 20

- Mind: 15

- Endurance: 12 

- Strength: 20 

- Dexterity: 18

- Intelligence: 30

- Faith: 8

- Arcane: 9

Attributes For Elden Ring Magic Knight Build Level 100

- Vigor: 40

- Mind: 20

- Endurance: 20 

- Strength: 20 

- Dexterity: 20

- Intelligence: 45

- Faith: 8

- Arcane: 9

Attributes For Elden Ring Magic Knight Build Level 150

- Vigor: 50

- Mind: 30

- Endurance: 30 

- Strength: 20 

- Dexterity: 30

- Intelligence: 60

- Faith: 8

- Arcane: 9

Attributes For Elden Ring Magic Knight Build Level 200

- Vigor: 50

- Mind: 40

- Endurance: 35 

- Strength: 20 

- Dexterity: 45

- Intelligence: 70

- Faith: 8

- Arcane: 9

Attributes For Elden Ring Magic Knight Build Level 250

- Vigor: 60

- Mind: 51

-Endurance: 36 

- Strength: 20 

- Dexterity: 65

- Intelligence: 80

- Faith: 8

- Arcane: 9

Weapons For Magic Carian Knight Build

What's great about this build is you do lots of damage with your magic but you also do tons of damage with your melee weapon. Here are choices for mainly weapon:

- Scavenger’s Cold Curved Sword +25

- Moonveil 

- Wing of Astel

- Carian Glinstone Staff +25

- Jellyfish Shield

Make sure when you decide which ash of war you want to use, using the cold affinity, this is going to give you 105 frost buildup and we also have that additional 38 blood loss buildup that comes with the scavenger sword. A lot of intelligence players out there love the moonville katana, which is a great option for this build, easily one of the best weapons in the game. It's extremely reliable and the moonville katana is just such a good weapon. A lot of people also enjoy using the wing of astel, the nebula ash of war that's exclusive to this weapon actually does a lot of damage and this is an extremely underrated weapon. In order to cast spells, we have to use a glintstone staff, we're actually using the carrian glenstone staff +25 fully maxed out and the main reason you want to use this one is because this glintstone staff in particular will actually boost your carrian sword sorceries. Fully max style the attribute scaling will be s tier for intelligence which is incredible, our sorcery scaling is going to be very high and this is easily one of the best options to use. The spells that this is going to increase the ones we're using on this build in particular is the carrion piercer, an incredible spell, we actually have a doulas moon blade on here as well one of the best carrion sword spells and then the carrion slicer, which is really good for fast up close melee damage. The jellyfish shield is one of the most important items on this build, has an ash of war called contagious fury. This is going to last for 30 seconds and it's going to increase our damage by 20% and that counts for both melee damage and magic damage. This shield pairs very well with magic builds because as soon as we activate contagious fury, we are going to do more damage with our spells and if we need to, we can switch to our melee weapon and eliminate our target.


- Carian Knight Helm

- Carian Knight Armor

- Malena’s Gauntlet

- Carian Knight Greaves

Talisman For S Tier Magic Knight Intelligence Build

In order to be effective with this build you have to make sure you have the right talismans.

  • Ritual Sword Talisman: This is going to raise attack power when hp is at maximum. Most of the time if you are playing this build correctly, you are not going to be attacked which means your spells and your melee attacks are going to do more damage as long as you stay at max hp.

  • Green Turtle Talisman: It is going to raise our stamina recovery speed, stamina recovery speed is extremely important because when you cast spells, when you dodge, it's going to use your endurance and you want to make sure you can get it back as soon as possible.

  • Godfrey Icon: It is going to enhance charge spells and skills, the main range spells which is the comet and the comet azur is going to benefit heavily from this.

  • Graven-School Talisman: It is going to raise the potency of sorceries which means our magic is going to do more damage. You could also use Manka’s Soreseal as an alternative, this is going to greatly raise your attributes. it's going to increase your mind, intelligence, faith and arcane. the more intelligence you have, the more damage you are going to do.

Elden Ring Magic Knight Build Spells 

  • Terra Magica: This is going to create a spherical zone around your character and as long as you're standing inside of it, this is going to increase your magic damage by 35%, also don't forget that you can stack even more damage using the jellyfish shield contagious fury ash of war giving you an additional 55% magic damage on your build.

  • Comet: It is going to be your main spell, you can charge it and the longer you charge it, the more range it's going to do. But not only that, it's also going to do more damage.

  • Carian Phalanx: It is a pretty good defense spell and it's going to attack your targets if they get too close.

  • Carian Slicer: Using the carrion glenstone staff on this build, we are going to take full advantage of the carrian sword sorceries. The first one being the carrian slicer which is really good, it doesn't use much fp at all, it's really good for stagger and it does a decent amount of damage. The best part about it is the attacks are really fast.

  • Carrion Piercer: It is extremely effective against tough enemies, it causes a lot of stagger and it's going to knock down most of the enemies that you run into.

  • Adula’s Moonblade: Not only does it do a pretty decent amount of damage, but it does frost damage and also causes frost buildup which is extremely effective against most of the enemies in the game.

  • Comet Fury: If timed correctly, you would place terra magicka on the ground, you would use contagious fury from the jellyfish shield buffing our magic damage by 55%, we would drink our wondrous physic which contains the cerulean hidden tear eliminating fp consumption for 10 seconds. This is going to be extremely effective against bosses, it's going to do tons of damage and it's easily one of your strongest spells.

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