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Elden Ring Best Glitches 1.05 - 10 Level Up Fast & Early Rune Farm Glitches In Elden Ring

6/21/2022 10:35:38 AM

Today, we are going to be showing you 10 best Elden Ring rune glitches that you can do after patch 1.05. So that you are going to level up quickly and be able to do this early game.


Elden Ring Best Glitches 1.05 - 10 Level Up Fast & Early Rune Farm Glitches In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the player's EXP and cash are represented by runes, which are similar to the Souls in earlier FromSoftware games. If you have any runes with you when you die, they will be disposed of there. Those runes will be gone forever if you die a second time before regaining them. Elden Ring's patch 1.05 has a slew of bugs and exploits. We bring you the best rune farming glitches Elden Ring. Or you can always buy cheap Elden Ring runes at MTMMT.COM with fast delivery!

10 Elden Ring Rune Farming Glitches After Patch 1.05

No.1 Elden Ring Best Glitch

We first need to go over towards a Lost Grace, we'll interact with it and we'll then go to Memorize Spell. We want to have fire's deadly sin and then one of the blades right here. This can be any of the incantation blades, anything that transforms it to a different damage status. So whether it be bleed damage, lightning, etc. It does not matter what it is. You will just want to use your fire's deadly sin. After using that you'll then want to go towards one of the incantations, either black flame or blood flame. If you are going to use the blood flame, what you will notice here shortly is that when you go towards an enemy and the blood flame and the fire's deadly sin are all combined together. Even if you stand still, it will suffer bleed damage from the flame that is surrounding you. Essentially you can throw in down some extra attacks and make this glitch a little bit better.


No.2 Elden Ring Easy Boss Glitch

The second Elden Ring glitch after patch consists again of one of the incantation blades. All we want to do is simply then go to the ashes of war and then apply one of the qualities or anything above. Do not apply the poison blood or anything down below. Anything up above is perfectly fine. Once you've done so, you can then apply the incantation to one of your blades or if you have a hammer-like so. Then when you use the ashes of war, it will actually be applied to the enemy. Pretty cool, neat, and definitely useful.


No. 3 Elden Ring Rune AFK Glitch

The third rune farm glitch Elden Ring is located at Apostate Derelict. This is a Lost Grace that you can either arrive at or fast travel to. Once you are here. you can then take out the turtle. You can take them out by simply going after these skeletons at its legs, it'll drop down. Then you're good to go. Go to your Lost Grace, turn it to night time and then go towards the east. We're going to then drop down below, we will follow this around. As you continue to go towards the south, you'll notice that this boss is going to pop up right there which is going to be a death right bird. You then want to retrace your steps back. We are going to then climb up this mountain. As you do make your way up the mountain try to carefully dodge the spells that are casted down. You are going to continue towards the tree and as you continue to do so, you are then going to take the right path next to the jellyfish and you are going to double jump. So jump, delay the double jump by just a second and then double jump. Continue to slash and as you do this, you'll notice that the enemy will actually fall through the map. Because everything unloads and there you go now you have a half a million runes. It’s every easy.


No. 4 Elden Ring Rune Farm Glitch

Let's head over to the next location which is a farming spot that a majority of you should know. Yet some thought that this was patched and it is completely not. If you head over to Ordina, you can then head towards the north. As you continue to go around the building, you will notice that there is going to be a barrier at the top. The only way that you can get past that barrier is if you do the puzzle which is fairly easy. It may be a little complicated especially if you are at a low level and you arrive here early. Anyways go past the barrier, double jump, and there you go. Easy peasy! Continuously slash and you'll notice that the runes will drop.


No.5 Elden Ring Infinite Rune Glitch

Here is an altenernative method if you are having some problems with the puzzle. If you have arrived at this Yelough Anix Tunnel, Lost Grace. You can take the elevator up and then you are going to go forward. Before you go forward, you will notice that you cannot use your horse. And you'll also want to make sure that you then push this button-down, so that when you fast travel back to the Lost Grace you can continuously keep the process going. Once you are outside of the tunnel, you can then interact with your mount and then jump off. Make sure to double jump and slash, just like previously as you continuously slash away. You will then notice that the runes will drop. If nothing's happening, make sure that you are waiting for at least about 30 seconds to a minute.


6. Elden Ring Level Up Glitch

This Elden Ring runes glitch can be done with plenty of invaders and this is only primarily for just the NPCs nothing like PVP. Essentially what you can do is when you are being chased down by the invader, you can then lure this invader off the ledge which is quite easy. Because if you go to something like this like a tree trunk and you can just simply crouch and watch yep. They roll-off, it's ridiculous. Gravity is pretty overpowered and we have some easy Elden Ring items.


7. Elden Ring Items Glitch Early Game

This Elden Ring rune glitch early is located at Lenne’s Rise. Most of you are aware of this one which just consists of using the elevator or the airway. We are going to then go towards it and then jump and as you do, go forward double jump and there you are. If you head all the way up, as you make your way up these stairs, you will then locate a chest, open it up and you will receive a great item early.


8.  Elden Ring Glitch Transport

All we want to do is head over to the Converted Tower and once you are there, go towards the west. As you continue along, you'll take the left side and you can then take this all the way up and then jump to the right and you're good to go. Because you're going to notice that an icon pops up and what you can do is then either poison yourself, add some bleed damage just drop dead. That's all you got to do literally in the game and what's going to happen is when you do drop, it's going to ask you whether or not you want to spawn at Stake of Marika or at the Last site of grace visited. You could then choose the first option which will then transport you all the way to the top.


9. Elden Ring Glitch 1.05

We are going over to the Cathedral and we want to spawn there. You are going to pick up some of these starlight shards on the side. They are definitely helpful to pick up, then you'll make your way down and you will see Ranni, you will then give her a ring that you do not have yet. The game is glitched into thinking so.


10. Elden Ring Teleport Glitch

Last but not least, we want to head over to the Four Belfries. Once you are here, you can then use one of these sword keys on the statue and then interact with one of the teleporters. Once you have teleported over, you will then go down and we want to locate the round table. As you click on the round table you're going to click ok to fast travel. As it reaches the end, you will then want to alt f4 or if you are on console, you'll just want to simply open up the disk tray or just close the game or close the app in some way. You'll then load back up and you will arrive here. You can do this in different spots.


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