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Elden Ring Lightning Faith/Dex Build Guide (LVL 50, 100, 150, 250): Talismans, Stats, Weapons, & Gameplay Tips

6/21/2022 12:04:20 PM

Today we are going to be showing you one of the strongest lightning builds you can make in Elden Ring. You will be extremely surprised with just how much destruction you can cause using this build, extremely high damage, lightning abilities, very fast melee attacks and you will feel unstoppable. We list the talismans, spells, weapons, and attributes for Elden Ring lightning build at level 50, 100, 150, 250, we discuss how to play this god tier lightning faith/dex build!

Elden Ring Lightning Faith/Dex Build Guide (LVL 50, 100, 150, 250)

This build is definitely one of the strongest builds in Elden Ring, it's definitely on par with pure intelligence or even intelligence strength builds. For this build, you really want to focus on both faith and dexterity. Obviously with faith, the higher our faith, the more we can utilize the super powerful lightning incantations in the game. But with dexterity, we want to have really good melee damage and we also want to be able to take advantage of the bolt of grand sax, the best lightning weapon in Elden Ring. This build has extremely deadly lightning abilities, very high damage melee attacks and most importantly, it is extremely reliable making this one of the best lightning builds in Elden Ring.

Attributes For Lightning Faith Build Level 50

- Vigor: 30

- Mind: 15

- Endurance: 11

- Strength: 15

- Dexterity: 20

- Intelligence: 10

- Faith: 20

- Arcane: 9

Attributes For Lightning Faith Build Level 100

- Vigor: 45

- Mind: 20

- Endurance: 15

- Strength: 15

- Dexterity: 30

- Intelligence: 10

- Faith: 35

- Arcane: 9

Attributes For Lightning Faith Build Level 150

- Vigor: 60

- Mind: 30

- Endurance: 20

- Strength: 15

- Dexterity: 40

- Intelligence: 10

- Faith: 50

- Arcane: 9

Attributes For Lightning Faith Build Level 250

- Vigor: 65

- Mind: 43

- Endurance: 35

- Strength: 27

- Dexterity: 85

- Intelligence: 15

- Faith: 85

- Arcane: 14

Weapons Used For Lightning Faith Build

  • Bolt of Gransax +10

One of the best lightning weapons in Elden Ring. What makes this weapon so good is the ash of war ancient lightning spear that destroys anything that it touches. This weapon actually scales with both strength and dexterity. Keep in mind attributes required to use this weapon you need at least 20 strength, 40 dexterity to use this weapon to its full advantage. This weapon is incredible and you definitely need it for a lightning build. 

Elden Ring GOD TIER Lightning Faith Build

How to get this weapon? Open up our map and go north, we can head over to the Leyndell, Ashen capital and this is where you need to go to find this weapon. You're going to see a huge needle in this area that actually resembles the weapon itself. All you have to do is climb on top of it, the item is going to be directly in the middle.

  • Keen Uchigatana +25

258 plus 350 physical attack power, these weapons are going to hit extremely hard. We are also taking full advantage of the bloodhound step ash war, it's going to make us very quick, very hard to hit and extremely deadly. What you should definitely do next time you sit at the sight of grace and you go to your ashes of war and you decide to use this build, make sure when you choose the bloodhound step, you go with the keen affinity. There are many affinities here, but the keen affinity is going to give you the most amount of damage for your Uchigatana. 

  • Erdtree Seal +10

We also have a seal on this build since faith is one of our primary attributes. We need to make sure we have a seal on the build so we can use our lightning incantations. Using the erdtree seal + 10 fully maxed out incredible attribute scaling s tier for faith. In order to use this specific seal, you need at least 40 faith.

Incantations For Best Lightning Build Elden Ring

Before you go into combat, use the golden vow, blessing of the erdtree and flame, grant me strength incantations. Golden vow is going to increase our defense and offense by 10%. Blessing of the erdtree is going to heal our hp quickly over time which is always good to have. Flame, grant me strength is going to increase our offense by 20%.

  • Lightning Spear: This is going to be your most basic attack on the build, it's pretty reliable and will carry you through most of the game. It doesn't use much fp at all and it's really good for enemies that don't have too much hp. The bolt of grand sax as an upgraded version of the lightning spear. Once you get your hands on this weapon, you're not going to find yourself using the original lightning spear very much.

  • Honed Bolt: This is actually a pretty good incantation. What's also good about this incantation specifically it doesn't use a lot of focus and it could be spammed a lot.

  • Lansseax’s Glaive: It is really good and it's going to be one of your higher damage lightning abilities. It has a huge area of effect allowing you to kill many enemies in the vicinity, really good for clearing out mobs of enemies. You can take out everybody, as long as you time it correctly, it's going to be extremely effective.

  • Frozen Lightning Spear: There is a delayed attack near the end, but it's gonna hit extremely hard and it works very well on higher level enemies.

  • Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike: This is similar to the ancient dragon lightning spear on the bolt of grand sacks in our right hand. Consider this as a higher tier version of the honed bolt, so technically if you wanted a more simplistic approach with this build, you could get rid of the lightning spear and the hone bolt, prioritizing lansseax's glaive, frozen lightning spear and the ancient dragon's lightning strike, using bolt of grand sax as your main range lightning attack.

Apparel & Outfit

  • Iron Kasa

  • Preceptor’s Long Gown

  • War Surgeon Gown

  • Battlemage Manchettes

  • Battlemage Legwraps 

Talismans For Lightning Build Elden Ring

  • Flock’s Canvas Talisman: It is going to greatly raise the potency of our lightning incantations.

  • Shard of Alexander: It is one of the best talismans to use in Elden Ring, this is going to greatly boost the attack power of skills which means our bolt of grand sacks ancient lightning spear ability is going to do more damage.

  • Lightning Scorpion Charm: This build would not be complete without the lightning scorpion charm which raises our lightning attack but lowers damage negation.

  • Green Turtle Talisman: This is a really good talisman to have. It is going to raise our stamina recovery speed. The ancient lightning spear ability uses a lot of stamina and the quicker you can get that back, the more you can spam this.

Wondrous Physick

If you want to get more damage on your build, using the lightning shrouding crack tier which is going to temporarily boost lightning attacks. Pair that up with the green burst crystal tier, giving you even more stamina recovery speed, this is going to be an amazing combination. 

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