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Elden Ring Dex Weapons Tier List 2022 - Ranking Best Dexterity Weapons In Elden Ring

6/22/2022 9:50:33 AM

In this guide, we're covering the best Elden Ring dex weapons tier list 2022 and ranking all the highest damage dexterity weapons in the game. This dexterity weapons list covering 13 weapons. Essentially, S tier is your best option, the perfect overall just does super well in all content weapons. A is still incredible but lacks the same possibilities, the overall powerhouses. B is still fun and effective, but certainly has weaknesses compared to A and above. And C is an incredible weapon, it has a significant problem. Any and all the weapons on this list though are some of the highest damage dex weapons you can find in Elden Ring. Now let’s get straight into this tier list of best dex weapons in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Dex Weapons Tier List 2022

Elden Ring Best Dexterity Weapons Tier List 2022 - 13 Best Dex Weapons Ranked In Elden Ring

Elden Ring S Tier Dex Weapons 

  • Cross-Naginata 

This long spear with a katana blade at the end of it is absolutely deadly especially in power stance, where you have the long range, poking and thrusting move set. In pvp, this is an absolute nightmare to deal with and it's very strong whether you're playing in keen for your super deck scaling or you're going a little bit of arcane for bleed because you can run seppuku with these things, making them absolute monsters. The downside of this weapon is its simple and repetitive moveset where you can't really wide swing. So aoe scenarios, it's definitely not as strong but the raw output and potential of this weapon and how incredibly effective it is immediately, it's an S tier pick absolutely.

  • Scavenger's Curved Sword

When power stanced, it is an absolute machine. While it has a lower scaling than other weapons on this list at B dex potential and lower ar than other S tier weapons you're going to see, it still makes one of the best options in the game because its base moveset is nuts, it has the best roll catch in the game. One of the best jumping attacks super fast combos with that insane potential of successive attacks or bleed buildup. The DPS potential is ridiculous because of that making these an absolute monster in pve if you're able to go to town on your target and in pvp, that moveset the pace of attacks the bleed machine nature of this weapon. You can pump damage and create so much pressure.

  • Nagakiba

Nagakiba is essentially the washing pole of Elden Ring, it is just the same thing the same move set, the same play style, basically the same stats. It's just bigger, it's longer, it's more effective, making it more reliable in all content. The moveset of katanas are wider reaching, so you can deal with aoe scenarios much better than you could with a naginata. We can put so many different ashes of war on katanas, swap them between bleed or keen. But having the better range is always going to be more reliable even if there is a small trade-off that it does weigh a little bit more. While that Uchigatana Katana is incredible, the Nagakiba is the same thing but better.

A Tier Dex Weapons In Elden Ring

  • Guardian’s Swordspear 

These are the highest ar options you can find for dex weapons, scaling super well and having a really high base ar. This moveset is actually unique when two handing a single sword spear, you have uppercut and wider sweeping attacks with a spear which is unexpected because not as much thrusting, this moveset is super quick and wonderful and very fun to use in pvp because its baseliner light attacks are actually incredible at roll catching and trading. People just don't seem to understand the raw pace of these, then in power stance you can slow things down, mix things up, so bass ar really good, great damage potential and a unique moveset. The reason that it's not an s tier pick though is just because it doesn't have something like bleed it is just straight decks, so there's just not as much burst potential compared to the Naginata.

  • Bolt of Gransax

This is another spear type and more iconic and standard spear, focused on thrusting attacks but with that unique ash of war, that has you throw that red lightning without needing any points in faith. The ash of war is an absolute monster and it comes with base lightning damage, so there's a lot of potential with that especially against enemies weak to lightning. With its cool design and simple spear moveset, it's definitely a great dex pick. 

  • Uchigatana Katana 

This is the Uchigatana in A grade. Your standard katana, the classic iconic one, the one we can start if we pick samurai with baseline great scaling with decks comes with bleed, you can run seppuku on them making them absolute powerhouses for dps and burst potential against any bleed target. Good in pvp, good in pve, but the reason it's in A grade is because there's a basically the same weapon but better in all content.

  • Hand of Melania 

This is another katana, but this one is a boss weapon as well. This weapon has waterfall dance on it, the ash of war is awesome and super effective with the burst potential especially with successive attacks and so on. It comes with baseline bleed, it's got good scaling with decks, it's a good weapon, it's almost as long as the Nagakiba. The downside is that as it's a boss weapon, we can't change scaling at all, so it just scales worse than the other katanas on this list. Its value is definitely brought up by its range and also the potential of that ash of war, but compared to the Nagakiba, it has less versatility, it has worse scaling and stats. 

  • Bloodhound’s Fang

The moveset is satisfying, they have great range and as a dex weapon, they're heavy, this one comes with that all-powerful ash of war that the speedrunners were using when testing what's the best weapon to get those normal runs as fast as possible. A double attack with big hits and big damage and you get that bloodhound step effect. A bit awkward to aim though at times, but super effective especially when you buff up the weapon with a grease or something like that. It's also great because you can get it very early in the game and run it for the majority of your playthrough. It's a great dex option early game and while a lot of people did run this weapon, it is a bit underrated in pvp. Its output potential is really high and it's great with staggering enemies as well, using the ash of war or the heavies. 

B Tier Dex Weapons In Elden Ring

  • Vulgar Militia Saw

On the end of a lung stick, these are a bit more halberd, wider swings and such and also a simplistic but effective moveset. The downside is the slower swings though, but it's still a long range solid seppuku using weapon meaning its bleed potential is ridiculous, making it one of the best weapons in the game. You can burst targets down really well with this. It's quite an underrated pick, it also looks pretty gnarly and interesting too. It's very effective but also a bit more specifically bleed focused.

  • Heavy Thrusting Sword

This one's a boss weapon, the dragon king crag blade is quite strong, good base ar and that simple thrusting moveset makes it a simple but effective weapon. It certainly shines most of all with its ash of war where you become lightning cloud and slam on a target which can do absolutely ridiculous damage. You have that kind of hyper armor during this, you might take damage but you're gonna get this off. Certainly a unique and very cool weapon from its visuals and also the fact that ash of war looks incredible. Problem is it's super simple move set, literally just thrusting.

  • Scythe

As far as the dex weapon goes, it's higher in ar than most, you've got the great range and it's an a scaling weapon which is great even coming with its bleed potential. It has a simple and effective scythe style of moose with the sweeping attacks and also a bit of the slams. The problem with the scythe and slice in Elden Ring is their designs are quite dull, certainly compared to the awesome size like the blood-borne one. The scythes actually shine best when in power stance though, they get that slower powerful very good moveset with great range and great roll catch potential in pvp. Combined with the right ash of war can be super deadly.

  • Twinblades 

This one is a unique twinblade though, it has the curved end and the thrusty stabby end, so you've got slashing and stabbing in a mix-up moveset and with its powerful combos, you can do some big damage with your successive attacks or go for a jumping attack or a charged heavy and use the stabbing thrusting style of the twinblades instead. So it makes for a mixed and fun and flashy play style compared to standard twinblades which are also flashy. Statistically though they do scale really well as a dex weapon, it's probably your best option if you are going dex and twinblade. It's totally fair and valid to say even the default twinblades could be preferred depending on whether you like the difference in move set.

C Tier Dex Weapons In Elden Ring

  • Hook Claws

It’s the best dps potential, thanks to its fast combos, this dps potential is nuts, if you have something like consecutive attack buffs from your physic or talismans, you can do crazy damage and with that the bleed potential is also nuts. The downside is that it is a super repetitive and simple move set and because they are tiny little claws, they have terrible range leading to a lot of awkward situations in both pvp and pve. You absolutely can make these work and they're very fun to do so. Compared to the scavengers curved swords, they're straight up harder to use.

So those are the top 13 strongest dexterity weapons ranked in Elden Ring! If you are looking to buy cheap Elden Ring runes, goldkk can be your best choice!

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