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Elden Ring Best Tips & Tricks Guide for Beginners and Veterans - How to really effectively utilize Shabriri's Woe & Pouch, and more

6/21/2022 3:56:49 PM

Check out some of these advanced gameplay tips for beginners and veterans alike!! Hopefully, there are a few things you didn't know, or things you may have missed in this guide!! These are our 10 favorite gameplay hints and tips that have really helped us up to our game, and improved the quality of our time with Elden Ring!


1. How to really effectively utilize Shabriri's Woe

Firstly make sure you're wearing the talisman, then summon your mimic tier, you can switch this talisman out for something else, and your mimic will now be a tank if you're quick with your menu switching, you can even put a particularly tanky armor set on for your mimic to summon it in then switch back to your regular build.

2. Shackles

You can use either markets or Mohg's shackle to dispel illusionary walls and trigger the state change for fire statues.

3. How to utilize your pouch

Utilizing your pouch to use your pouch, you just need to hold down triangle or white depending on if you're playing on PlayStation or Xbox and then press the corresponding d-pad control.

4. Falling Safely

You may already know that you can drop rainbow stones off cliffs and if they land safely you know that it's safe for you to fall however if they smash you will die, however, if you have an ample supply of rainbow stones, here's a way to do it without needing a single item simply attack off a cliff and if it's a safe drop, your character will naturally fall off however if it's not your character will be stopped by an invisible wall.

5. The Effectiveness of Guard Counters

They can be utilized on so many enemies, and as someone who very rarely uses a shield himself even we forget how powerful these are especially if you're fighting against enemies who deal 100 physical damage like these giant dogs and you have a 100 physical resist shield, you can kill them without taking a single bit of damage, the only thing to be aware of is enemies that have quick attack combos, you want to make sure you don't follow up with the guard counter until they've finished the last move in the combo to trigger the counter, all you need to do is keep your shield held up with l1 and within a second or so after their attack has connected with your shield hit r2, you'll hear a ching and you'll immediately go into the guard counter, this does the most insane amount of poise damage.

6. Two - Handing Weapons

Two-handing weapons not only increase the damage output but will also reduce the strength requirements by 50, therefore if a weapon requires 30 strength to wield, you only need 20 strength to two-hand it.

7. Spiritsprings

Not only can you get up the mountain by using this spirit spring, but also you can also jump back down again when you're jumping back down, you don't need to be directly in the center of the spirit spring, just in the vicinity of it, you're not going to take any full damage as you'll see the wind start to engulf your character and your horse as you're falling down.

8. Crystal/Rock Enemies

You need to do is simply two-hand them and your attacks will stop bouncing off and will also start to do considerably more damage again just be warned, because these enemies are not easily staggered, so they are gonna fight back it's as simple as that for this one.

9. Weather Effects

About the golden leaves, it will increase all Elden Ring rune acquisition by five percent if you do have this very rare weather effect capitalize on it go and beat some bosses double up with the golden foul feet or the golden scarab get as many runes as you can to really maximize your rune game.

10. How to  increase your rune gain - Glowing Eyed Enemies

This is another way to increase your rune gain, all enemies with glowing eyes drop five times the amount of runes that they regularly drop again, just like with any incremental increase this plays a significant role later on in the game, so if you see any enemies with glowing eyes in your play through go out of your way to kill them as they will drop a ton of Elden Ring runes to help you level up your character even further.

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