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1000 Diablo 2 Travincal Runs For High Runes & Was It Worth It | D2R Travincal Runs Drop Highlights

6/22/2022 12:00:39 PM

The travincal is a rewarding farm for D2R runes, unique and set items and gold. In this guide, we are going to be highlighting the drops from doing 1000 travincal runs with fist heavens paladin on balance. For those that don't know, tropical players one solo is the best place to farm a burr and a jaw rune in the game period. Solo by yourself travincle is the best location, so you can see the drop highlights and gauge, get a feel for what you'll be in for if you do plan on doing a few hundred or a thousand travel runs on battleline. We’ll be covering some optimal mercenary setups and we are going to lay down the blueprint for three different optimal mercenary setups so they will never die, so you'll be set that way.

Diablo 2 Resurrected 1000 Travincal Runs For High Runes

The Build To Use - Fist of the Heavens Paladin

This is actually a super solid character for farming trav for a couple of reasons. The first is you have access to the aura vigor, so this allows you to run through the docks a lot quicker. Prior to D2R when we had faster load screens, we typically clear travicle and then teleport back to chaos sanctuary and then you would recycle the rum because it would save you having to run across the docks in act 3. But with the slower loading screens, it's almost faster to run the docks and especially with the vigor aurora, it's a very good option for the Fist of the Heavens Paladin. The second big plus of this character is you have the combination of using fist heavens or holy bolts. So it works really good for single target damage and then holy bolt is obviously very good for aoe effect. It's a lot better and a lot easier to take out the council than it is slinging your hammers as a hammerdin. Finally, you have access to the aura resist fire, this is a phenomenal aura that you can main as a Fist of Heavens Paladin and have an insight mercenary and you can get away with not having to use those crazy gear setups like Res Kira’s Guardian and Res Guardian Angel. You can have a mercenary that has over 90% fire res that can still wear fortitude and have a lifeless weapon, you have insight for man recovery, it's just a super solid option and all three of those together makes the fist heavens a phenomenal character from trav and for the duration of these runs, we have 200% magic fire with a 125 fcr charging setup, so we still don't have enigma. We would just charge and then use the combination fist heavens and holy bolt.

Here are 3 different mercenary blueprints that will survive travincal, your merc will not fall over and die immediately. Any combination of non ethereal and cheaper or more expensive items in those sockets will equate to whether you're budget or more high-end.

Trav Merc Setup 1 

  • Kira’s Guardian

  • Guardian Angel

  • The Reaper’s Toll 

Like eth toll with high rune and better sockets and a g angel like a 15 is 35 residual, that'd be kind of more high end. Budget approach would be like reaper's toll and then ral run and the guardian angel and kira's guardian. So this setup will give you a 90% fire rise under a trafficking conviction aura and life leech into crap. So it works really well for a budget caster or a budget melee character.

Trav Merc Setup 2

  • Infinity

  • Guardian Angel

  • Vampire Gaze

Using infinity, the conviction aura from the rumored infinity is a higher level than the conviction or that will spawn on the tropical council. So it overrides it similar to the same way that a high level conviction horrible override uber mephistos. So in this case, you don't need to over stack your fire res to compensate, we're not going to be running double row runs in our body armor and our helmet. So for this setup i'd recommend infinity for the weapon rally guardian angel. So this will give you 95 res, but then a vampire gaze with either a cham rune or an um rune, though cham rune gives you cannot be frozen um rune will cap the rest of your res, but v-gaze is really good because you have dr to counteract any curses like game damage magic, damage reduced and life leech. Very solid option, a little bit more expensive because using infinity, but definitely will survive traffic goal without any issues at all.

Trav Merc Setup 3 

  • Fortitude

  • Crown of Thieves

  • Insight

This is really just a standard mercenary setup, so life leech hard hitting weapon, body armor can be treacherous fortitude, but it accompanies a fist heavens paladin is using the resist fire aura as a main aura. So this will give your mercenary a metric ton of fires as well as an additional high percent maximum fire res. So the setup had was an additional plus 16 fire rest points. So we had a fortitude mercenary with crown of thieves and insight and a thresher that had 91% fire res. So get around using that double rowed armor and helmet combo, they could still have high damage, like fleece, etc. So your standard mercenary formula but then it's just paired with using resist fire aura on a fist of the heavens paladin.

1000 Travincal Runs Drop Highlights

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