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Lost Ark Arcana Guide: Emperor Rotation, Tips Of Using Arcanist Cards In Lost Ark

6/24/2022 3:05:11 PM

The Arcanist is an advanced class in Lost Ark under the Mage class that use the power of cards to inflict damage to their enemies. Today we are going to cover Lost Ark Arcanist (Arcana) emperor build rotation guide.

Lost Ark arcanist emperor rotation

Lost Ark Arcana (Arcanist) Guide - Emperor Build Rotation, Arcana Cards

Emperor build is a burst build that you have to pour the skills in 5 seconds, so it is much harder to play than the emperor's build since the mobs in the legion raid do not stay still and allow you to hit all of them. Call of fate is a skill that you wanna use whenever it's on to draw the cards. For the other skills, you use it in sequence as a whole combo. 

Arcanist (Arcana) Rotation 

This is the rotation and you have to use all these skills in sequence as fast as possible to land all the skills before the crit damage buff of the return and the crit rate buff of the stream of edge ends. 

  • First, you want to use the first awakening called prismatic mirror to activate domination fan relic set, you want to kick off with this skill even if you don't have the relic set since it allows you to draw two cards.

  • Press scratch dealer for three times to get attack speed and movement speed buff with conviction rune activated.

  • Press evoke for one time to set the circle.

  • Use stream of edge to get the crit rate buff with judgment activated.

  • Use dark resurrection use return for the crit damage buff.

  • Use evoke again to explode the circle.

  • Hold checkmate until the last shot lands. Since it's a back attack skill, you wanna use it as a back attack to get 5% more damage and 10% more crit rate.

  • Use celestial rain. 

Lost Ark Arcana Card Deck - Tips Of Using Lost Ark Arcanist Cards

- Medusa

- Madness

- Twisted Fate

- Decay

- Ghost

- Death

- Balance

- Judgment

- Moon

- Star

- Royal

- Wheel of Fortune

- Emperor 

Use wheel of fortune card mostly for resetting the awakening. If you got this card and your awakening is still on cooldown, then use it on the dark resurrection to use it twice in a row before using return. And keep the skull, twisted fate and emperor cards and use them as soon as you use the return skill to apply the card and the return buff on all the skills. You can use the cards even if you're using the skills. For instance, you can press s the return skill and z and x, the cards at the same time. For the other cards, just to use them whenever you draw because since emperor build runs lots of yellow skills with short cooldown, you will draw like 3 to 5 cards for every rotation and you do not want other cards to block the previous cards that we mentioned.

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