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Elden Ring GOD TIER Blasphemous Blade Build Guide | Meta Build after Patch 1.05

6/24/2022 11:07:24 AM

This is Elden Ring God tier Blasphemous Blade Build Guide, and it's the meta build after Patch 1.05, take a look, put together the best weapon as well rune in Elden Ring, and make it into a God Tier build.



  • Vigor: 39

  • Mind: 38

  • Endurance: 40

  • Strength: 66

  • Dexterity: 39

  • Intelligence: 22

  • Faith: 79

  • Arcane: 20


Best Blasphemous Blade Build Gear

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  • Blasphemous Blade

This weapon is probably one of the top five weapons that you need to get in Elden Ring, not only does it have physical, but on top of this, it has fire damage.

  • Knight's Fire Greatsword

  • Seal: Gravel Stone Seal

Gravel Stone Seal is going to boost our Dragonclaw incantations, there is pretty much an attribute scaling of s and attributes require our strength and fate which are going to blend just perfectly with our build.

  • Helms: Haligtree Helm

  • Chest Armor: Raptor’s Black Feathers

  • Gauntlets: Briar Gauntlets

  • Leg Armor: Briar Greaves


  • Fire Scorpion Charm

Fire Scorpion Charm, this one will raise our fire attack by 12, it's also going to lower our damage negation by 10. 

  • Ritual Sword Talisman

Ritual Sword Talisman is one of the most op talents that you can get because it raises your attack power, and with the blasphemous blade and putting all this together, it just goes well because you are going not only are you getting back your hp, but that means that you're pretty much are going to be on full maximum hp which is going to allow you to pretty much just deal max power damage against any foe.

  • Shard of Alexander

Where do you get this talisman the pretty much is going to be throughout the whole entire questline, and you are going to go to the dragon temple, and then follow along, and then you end up meeting him, and then pretty much take him out, and then you are going to be able to acquire the talisman.

  • Carian Filigreed Crest

Carian Filigreed Crest is a very important talisman that we need to get because it allows our FP consumed by skills to be lower, and since the blasphemous does eat up a lot of FP, this is going to be helping one-to-one to be able to pretty much just lower our FP.


  • Flask of Wondrous Physick

  • Flask of Cerulean Tears

Tips for Blasphemous Blade Build

  • Radagon Icon

Radagon Icon allows you to pretty much shorten your spell's casting time.

  • Bloodboil Aromatic

Bloodboil Aromatic just raises your physical damage which is going to be for pretty much as you guys see there it says to use FP to enter a temporary state of fervor raising maximum attack power and stamina while also increasing damage received, but overall, the damage that you are going to be increasing which is 30 for about 30 seconds to one minute and this is a consumable, so you can pretty much just consume it over and over and over and you are going to be just killing just about anyone in Elden Ring.

  • Flask of Wondrous Physick

We are going to be using the strength not crystal tear which is going to temporarily boost our strength,  and the last one is going to be the temporarily boost fire attacks which are going to be the flame shrouding crack tier putting those together, we are going to be taking advantage of the blasphemous blade's full power which is fire and physical damage and also on top of the other weapon. We will just run with a lot more consumable Flask of Cerulean Tears, and we would do less of the tears because you are blasphemous and they are going to give you back the HP which is going to allow you to do that easily.

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