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Rocket League Rocket Pass Guide- 48 Ways To Make A Pass In Rocket League!

7/27/2022 3:26:22 PM

Do you want to make a pass in Rocket league?  Here are the 48 best ways to help you make a good performance in the game. 


Rocket League Rocket Pass Guide- 48 Ways To Make A Pass In Rocket League!

# 1. The Ground Pass 

One of the most basic ways to pass the ball you can't go wrong with this one as long as your teammate doesn't miss 

#2. The Air Pass

Sometimes you see your teammate on the wall or maybe a defender is blocking the low pass so instead, you hit the ball high and that makes it an air pass.

#3. The Flying Pass 

This happens a lot when playing threes where sometimes you go for an aerial shot, but you see your teammate down below and change your mind last minute to pass it instead which usually works out better than taking a shot.

#4. The Flying Pass But You're A Plat

This is the same as the last one but since you're a plot player it ends up going wrong and next thing you know the ball is in your net, 

#5. The Back Pass

This type of pass should be used by pretty much every rank since it allows your team to keep possession and stop a counterattack from forming.

#6. The Reverse Back Pass

Just like a back pass but instead of going front to back it goes from back to front which that's just a normal pass.

#7. The Reverse Reverse Back Pass

Sometimes your teammate gives you a back pass, but you know you don't you don't really want it, so just pass it back to him.

#8. The Reverse Reverse Reverse back pass 

It turns out your teammate gave you a back pass which you didn't want, so you pass it back to him which he didn't want either so he passes it back to you, then you pass it back to him and this pretty much goes on for the rest of the game.

# 9. The Freestyle Pass

Popularized by the goats jaser and MK you do this one by going up one wall and passing it to your teammate who is spinning excessively like a champ player is ranked.

#10. The Double Pass

This is for the times where one pass just isn't enough the double pass is not only harder to defend, but it also looks way cooler.

#11. The Triple Pass

One of the rarest types of passes in rocket league, it's pretty much only used by SSL players and above, but if you pull this off, it's impossible to stop.

#12. The Dropdown Pass

Used by champ players and above this type of pass is extremely useful to fake out the defenders by making them think, you're going for a redirect when in reality, it's just a drop-down pass.

#13. The Inverted Pass

A must-have when playing threes, this pass is very useful since it sends the ball middle at a negative angle which is almost always a perfect shot for your teammate.

#14. The Pass But You Teammate Is A Plat

One of you is familiar with this one where you send a perfectly placed pass but your teammate is unfortunately bad at the game.

#15. The Blind Man Pass 

This type of pass is done by bronze silver gold platt diamond champ grand champ and SSL players and that's when you're attacking with three defenders in the net which means even a perfectly placed shot is probably gonna get saved but look at that your teammate is perfectly set up on the left side for a pass which has a much higher chance of going in, so what do you do of course you take the shot anyways surprise, it gets saved you start a counter attack and now you're down four goals.

#16. The " I Have A  Brain" Pass

Same scenario as the last one, but this time you have a brain and pass it instead of taking the shot and just like that you sco never mind your teammate sucks.

#17. The" I Have A  Brain And A Good Teammate"  Pass

This time you have a brain and you have a good teammate, and just like that, your team scored a goal.

#18. The Self Pass

Once again mainly used by champ players and above this type of pass is where you bounce it off the wall, essentially passing it to yourself which gives you a chance to score in whatever way you choose.

#19. The self pass pass 

so you bounce it off the wall and pass it to yourself, but since you're nice you pass it to your teammate after.

#20. The Fake Pass

Now with all this passing you've been doing, your opponents are gonna get suspicious and start expecting your passes, so that's when you hit him with a little fake and bam, broke their axles with a fake pass.

#21. The Subscribe Pass

#22. The Flip Reset Pass

This one is for all the mechanical players that want to make a pass just a little bit more flashy and it can also help you get a pass at a tough angle that wouldn't be possible without a flip reset.

#23. The Double Flip Reset Pass

Only the most mechanical of mechanical players can make this pass, it's incredibly difficult usually not even that effective, it's more just a kind of flex.

#24. This Triple Flip Reset Pass

This one's pretty easy even a bronze could do this.

#25. The Backboard Pass

This one is very useful and it can fake out your opponents by making them think, you're going for a shot when in reality you're just setting up your teammate behind you very smart play to make and usually works very well.

#26. The Pinch Pass

If you want the ball to fly at unreasonably fast speeds, then all you have to do is drive the ball right into your teammate, make sure both of you flip as you make contact, and just like that the ball is flying at 3.5 million miles an hour.

#27. The Opponent Pinch Pass

this happens where you accidentally pinch the ball with your opponent instead of your teammate, it's only a good thing if it doesn't end up going in your net.

#28. The Turtle Pass

Why you would ever use this, but it's there it's possible is it useful.

#29. The Musty Pass

Just like the name suggests, this is a pass from a musty flick and that's pretty much it.

#30. The Ceiling Pass

Another extremely effective pass is where you pass it to your teammate by bouncing the ball off the ceiling which makes it very difficult for a defender to read while also making it pretty easy for your teammate to read very effectively, and something you should start doing.

#31. The Fake Kickoff

Reserved for the ultra sweaty players, this is where your teammate fakes the kickoff and grabs the side boost while you boom it up to them and hopefully, they score, but since this is mostly done by diamond players, they always miss.

#32. The Failed Ceiling Shot

Sometimes you go for a ceiling shot, but since you're bad you end up missing, however luckily for you, your teammate was there to save you from your mistake, and now it looks like it was on purpose.

#33. The Butt Pass 

Just like the name says you pass it with your butt that's the pass.

#34. The Corner Pass

Similar to the backboard pass, a lot of opponents won't see this coming, but all you do is hit the ball into the corner which makes it bounce center, and allows your teammate to score, just make sure there's not a lot of defenders in the net or else they could also read the pass and start a counter-attack.

#35. The Accidental Pass

Now all of you are familiar with this one it happens where you're going for a shot on the net, but you miss and somehow it ends up being a perfect pass and your teammate scores, it was on purpose no but did it work and that's all that matters.

#36. The" What Are You Doing ?" Pass

Sometimes your teammate forgets what team they're on and decides to perfect dime up the opponents for a shot why did they hit it right into the wall where they know it will bounce middle, the world will never know. 

#37. The Fake Shot Pass

This can be pretty hard to get the timing down in real games, but very often the ball will bounce from the sidewall and almost all opponents think, you'll take a shot here, but in reality, you're actually gonna pass it middle for a teammate very effective, and it can fake out the defenders pretty well.

#38. The "Almost Clipped" Pass

Honestly, which is bad for anyone that has made this type of pass, you almost had a clip, you were so close, but you know maybe next time.

#39. The Lebron James pass 

#40. The Kuxir Pinch Pass 

This one is very rare, anyone watching this has even made this type of pass, but if you go for a cucks or pinch and it's not on target, then hopefully your teammate is there to score it anyways, and then you can say you made one of the rarest passes in the game.

#41. The Dung Beetle Pass 

#42. The Corner Boomer 

This one can be pretty tricky to get the timing down, but if you learn it you can get very powerful clears from the corner that make for great passes.

#43. The Backwall Boomer 

This is pretty common and it's a very useful thing to practice if you want to rank up, but many times you'll find yourself on the backboard with the ball coming right at you, and if you time it correctly, you can hit a Powershot off the backboard and get a very powerful clear up to a teammate, it is pretty tricky to time correctly, so make sure to practice it often.

#44. The Messi Pass

#45. The Backboard Carry 

This pass is very common and happens when you carry the ball on the opponent's backboard, and then you hit it out for a teammate down below, it's very effective and very hard to stop.

#46. The Ghost Pass 

If you happen to be a paranormal spirit, then you might be familiar with this pass, it happens when your car appears to not even hit the ball, it was just a ghost hit, but the game still registered it as a pass 

#47. The Tom Brady Pass 

#48. The Psyonix Pass 

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