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Elden Ring Best Bows - Top 5 Best Bows & Where To Find Them In Elden Ring

7/27/2022 11:31:29 AM

In Elden Ring, bows are a sort of weapon. Bows are ranged weapons that may inflict damage on enemy players from a distance. Today we are going to list the top 5 best bows, so just the standard bows in the game and where to find them. We're going to be ranking it based on just a number of factors including damage and special abilities. Stay tuned for our guide, you will know exactly where to get these Elden Ring best bow locations.


Elden Ring Best Bows - Top 5 Best Bows & Where To Find Them In Elden Ring

Generally, bows will not be your primary weapon in Elden Ring. Many builds will rely heavily on melee and sorceries. A strong bow, on the other hand, is an excellent addition to your setup. While some of Elden Ring's bows need a significant investment on the side of the player, requiring upgrades before they can be used, there is a large number that are ready to use right away, boasting some high damage and typically some type of bonus attack. Now, let's check 5 best bows Elden Ring.


No. 5 Best Elden Ring Bow - Serpent Bow

Location: Abandoned Cave


As far as attributes required to use the serpent box 8 strength, 15 dexterity, and this one does have an arcane requirement of 11. As for attribute scaling, we're going to have d ratings and dexterity strength and arcane. 

Pros And Cons

With the arcane on this, it's not actually going to scale to increase the attack power of the bow. But it does give a bonus poison build up to arrows used which can stack with the mentioned poison-infused arrows, such as the serpent arrows. Outside of that, we have a physical attack bar of 183 plus 120, so a bit better than most of your light bows in the game. A range of 50 which again is just going to be quite a bit higher than your light bow. This one cannot be upgraded using ashes of war and it has the mighty shot special attack, it's just going to be an overdrawn attack.


How To Use Serpent Bow

So if you want to use the serpent bow most effectively, then you're going to want to make sure you've got a pretty decent arcane skill and use the serpent arrows that will give you the best effect as you're going to have quite a bit of poison ability then by using this combination. 


How To Get Serpent Bow

There is only one location on the map where you can get a serpent bow and it will be in the Abandoned Cave in Caelid. This bow is found in and around a pool of scarlet rot because the whole cave is just filled with scarlet rot. It's one of the smallest dungeons in the Elden Ring, so it's pretty easy to traverse as long as you don't die of scarlet rot build up first. To traverse this cave, you're going to either want to have the preserving boluses on you or use the old flame cleanse me or whatever the spell that prevents you from dying of it. This one of the best Elden Ring bows just going to be lying on the floor, you don't have to kill anyone for it.


No. 4 Best Elden Ring Bow - Albinauric Bow

Location: Consecrated Snowfield


For our attribute scaling, we have the dexterity of d and strength of e. For our attack power, we have a pretty impressive physical attack power of 200 plus 121. So for attributes required to use this one, it's actually going to not have any extra requirements, it's the dexterity of 18 and strength of 7. 


Pros And Cons

The albinauric bow does perform quite well and it just looks really cool. On top of that, its stats are also pretty good. This is a powerful bow in Elden Ring and again a range of 50. This one can be upgraded using ashes of war and it is equipped starting up with the mighty shot, so again it's just going to be that overcharged power attack. 


How To Use Albinauric Bow

If you're just being a pure combat build, and don't want to put any into magic, then this bow is a great one for you. You just go into your stance and boom, drawback, heavy shot. 


How To Get Albinauric Bow

To get this weapon, it is going to be a random loot drop. If you go looking for this one, it's better to have a nice high arcane skill and be using the trinkets that are going to improve your drop rate. In short, you can get it a couple of different ways in the Consecrated Snowfield. Once you're inside here, you can start looking for the albinauric wolf back archers. They're a pretty powerful enemy that you'll see prowling around the area. They're pretty dangerous honestly. If you just follow the main path between the secret path up through towards the Ordina, Liturgical Town you can run into a half dozen of them. If you're in the Ordina, Liturgical Town to break a magical seal to try getting to the haligtree, you have to go into an ever jail and light a number of beacons, and the enemies in there there will be a couple of black knife assassins. But also several stationary albinauric archers just on the rooftops and they all also have a chance to drop this bow. It's going to be a grinding weapon that you have to kill enemies and hope that eventually one of them drops.


No.3 Best Elden Ring Bow - Horn Bow

Locations: Hollowhorn Grounds


As for attributes required strength of 10, dexterity of 14, and 12 intelligence. So it does have an intelligence requirement. But for scaling, we have an e rating for both strength and intelligence and a d rating for dexterity.


Pros And Cons

Horn bow is pretty great actually a real solid bow. It has the mighty shot special attack and can be upgraded using ashes of war and we have a split physical and magic damage type. The range is going to be normal for the boss. 


How To Use Horn Bow

The thing to consider when using this bow is the ammo type because this one will stack with magic-type arrows. So if you use the dwelling arrow it is great. You get a nice huge boost to your magic attack, so it can make this bow infinitely more powerful than just using it. You could use any barrel arrows with this bow, but the most effective ones are going to be magic. So the dwelling arrow and the spirit flame arrow are going to be your best options overall. Using them with this bow makes it pretty overpowered.


How To Get Horn Bow

To get this weapon, it's actually decently simple. You come over to the Siofra River Well in Limgrave and you go down through that and you make your way to the Hollowhorn Grounds. Then from there, all you have to do is go over to where we're going to be finding it, so you don't have to kill anything for it. It's not going to be a random loot drop, you just run over to the bridge and look for a little stone cliff down on the right, drop down to it. While you're down here but you're going to want to go further and jump across onto the part of the bridge and then look down behind these pillars. Right on this corpse, you're going to find the horn bow. 


No. 2 Best Elden Ring Bow - Pulley Bow

Location: Mount Gelmir


As far as attributes required to use this one, it's going to be the strength of 11 and dexterity of 11. We're going to have d scaling for both strength and dexterity. 


Pros And Cons

For our damage we're not going to be anything too groundbreaking, it's going to be pretty decent. But our range is going to be slightly higher than most bows, so that's the best thing about this bow is that you get a better range. This one cannot be upgraded using ashes of war so that's unfortunate. But it does have the mighty shot special ability, so take what you can get.


How To Use Pulley Bow

To use the special attack, you're going to go into your stance and do an overpowered overdraw attack. It acts very effectually.


How To Get Pulley Bow

To get this weapon, you're going to be up here in the Mount Gelmir sub region of the Altus Plateau and it's going to be up on top of the Siege Tower. It's just simple,  you just have to pick it up. Once you've taken out any bad guys in the area, you can just climb right up the ladders and pick this weapon up. You'll find the bow sitting right next to the guy who is leaning off the edge of the siege tower.


No. 1 Best Elden Ring Bow - Erdtree Bow

Location: Erdtree Sanctuary


As far as attributes required to use, it's going to be a strength of 8 dexterity of 12, and faith of 14. We're going to have a strength scaling of f and dexterity and faith of d each. So both of those are good. The range is going to be back to normal and this time we're going to have our physical and holy being split for the damage.


Pros And Cons

Erdtree bow actually goes pretty well with a samurai-type build, because they were known to use a type of longbow and it was asymmetrical. Erdtree bow’s appearance is pretty unique. This one cannot be upgraded using ashes of war, but it does have the mighty shot special attack.


How To Use Erdtree Bow

The best thing you can do is to pair this with the golden arrows because it will help scale that same way with the extra holy damage.


How To Get Erdtree Bow

To get the Elden Ring best bow early, you're going to have to make your way up here to the Erdtree Sanctuary in Leyndell Royal Capital. The first time you're able to make your way up here, you will find a room and all you have to do is go out onto the balcony, and then we're going to be climbing up the route all the way up to the top. Once you get up to the platform, we're just going to take it out onto the little porch slash balcony and we're going to turn immediately left and jump down onto the roof. Once you're on the roof, we're going to make our way up to this one window that's open and then we're going to take a right turn and go down towards a chest that you can see at the end of the room. Inside this chest is where you will find the erdtree bow.


That is all five of the best bows in the Elden Ring and where to find them. If you want to buy Elden Ring runes any item weapon or piece of armor, goldkk.com is going to be the best place.


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