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Elden Ring Hand of Malenia Build Guide (Level 150) - Stats, Talisman, Armor, Gameplay Tips Of Waterfowl Warrior Build

7/31/2022 5:05:15 PM

Today we are going to be showing you the waterfowl warrior build in Elden Ring at level 150 that's aimed at New Game Plus and that's because they handle Millennial weapon that we're using for this build is only obtainable at the very end of your first playthrough or close to it, maybe even a little bit after it depending on what order you do things in. If you’ve been looking for a Dexterity Katana build that specializes in rapid multiple hits, then you might want to check this build-out.

Elden Ring Hand of Malenia Build Level 150 Guide - Stats, Talisman, Equipment, How To Build A Waterfowl Worrier 

Waterfall Dance Weapon - How To Make This Build Work

Handle Melania does incredibly good physical damage and scales very well with dexterity. We have 80 dexterity for this build to really get the most out of I,  drops off of it after 80. However, as you get further into NG plus you'll probably want to increase this to 99 at some point because you will want to continue to increase your damage. What's interesting about this Katana compared to other katanas is that bleed buildup doesn't play a huge part in this build because you don't really have ways to increase your bleed build up and waterfall dance doesn't generate a lot of lead build up, you'd think it would because it hits so many times in a row that it would just trigger bleed like regularly on enemies, but for some reason that's not the case. So bleeding doesn't play a huge factor in this build although you will trigger it every now and then really what you want to do is use the running R2 attack and regular attacks of the katana for regular enemies and use waterfowl dance on the tough enemies and bosses. What's really good about this is that you can pull L2 and then pull up L2, you can do it up to three times to chain this in a row and you do get some Poise while you're doing this you can get hit and not staggered out of it depending on what part of the animation and what you get hit by.

But we also do have a lot of poise for this build to help you prevent getting staggered while you're doing this combo, so you can absolutely shred bosses and tough enemies. One of the challenging things about using waterfowl dance is that it just chews through stamina like if you go through a full rotation of three L2 presses using this skill, you're probably going to be through your entire stamina bar or close to it and that means that if you try and do like back to back casts, after those three then you try and Trigger another combo three you probably won't be able to pull L2 all three times because you just won't have enough stamina. So managing your stamina is a huge part of using this skill effectively. It's one of the reasons that we have so much endurance for this build to give ourselves more stamina and also use equipment that gives us High Poise but really getting that extra stamina can make using this weapon a lot easier.

Armor For Hand of Malenia Build Level 150

  • Cleanrot Helm

  • Cleanrot Armor

  • Cleanrot Gauntlets

  • Cleanrot Greaves

It gives you Night cleanrot, night sort of style where you're using this weapon. It has decent poise at about 48 or so which is just below the break point if you're playing a build that relies on poising through attacks because of long animations, you really want to have about 56 poise. So add the bull goats talisman in order to give enough poise so that when you're using waterfowl dance, you can take a hit or two and keep on swinging in most cases. This isn't optimal, you can wear heavier armor that gives you more protection and generally that gives you more poise as well. So if you wanted to play this build 100% optimized and not go the cosplay route, what you would do instead is wear heavier armor and then you could swap out the bull goats talisman for something like create jars Arsenal or you could swap it out for green turtle talisman to get more stamina recovery to help out with your waterfowl dance uses. This will give you more protection and probably more poise as well, you obviously won't have the same style but if you're going for 100 optimization, that's a much better route to go.

Elden Ring Hand of Malenia Build Guide Level 150

Talisman For Level 150 Hand of Malenia Build

  • Bull-Goat’s Talisman

  • Shard of Alexander

  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

  • Millicent’s Prosthesis

Millicent's prosthesis and wink rotten Wing sword Insignia increase your damage as you hit rapidly. Waterfowl dance hits over and over rapidly, so this builds up your attack power which is then going to increase the damage of your waterfowl dance and your regular attacks. You can't get both of these in one playthrough unless you have someone drop you one, so it's likely that you'll use winged sword Insignia and Millicent's prosthesis unless you can get someone to drop you rotten with sword Insignia. But if you have it you should use rotten wind sort of signal over one sorted signal. Shard of Alexandra increases your waterfowl dance damage by about 15% which is great because you're going to use this on all the toughest bosses. If you want to go the more optimized route, you'd wear heavier armor and then you could dump bull goats talisman and something like green turtle Talisman or green Charles Arsenal or you could even use Dragon Crest Great Shield talisman.

Elden Ring Hand of Malenia Build Stats & Attributes

  • Vigor: 50

  • Mind: 25

  • Endurance: 36

  • Strength: 11

  • Dexterity: 80

  • Intelligence: 16

  • Faith: 7

  • Arcane: 9

How To Play Waterfowl Warrior Build In Elden Ring

The way it works is that you're just running around doing run r2s on single enemies or using waterfowl dance on packs of enemies because it has a very large AOE radius, it's really good against like annoying birds or groups of enemies and you're just going to use your regular Katana attacks which you should be familiar with if you've used any other Katana in this game. For regular enemies and then focus on that waterfowl dance on anything that gives you trouble at all just mashing that L2 and doing it a little bit early even as they're moving towards you, because the wind up is a second or two that way by the time it's firing off, they're in range. For this build, there is no buffing required, the Buffs come from actually hitting enemies, so you don't have to buff a golden foul or any other buffs that constantly need to be re-up if you're someone who doesn't like buffing your character constantly, then this is a great build for you.

More Gameplay Tips Of Level 150 Hand of Malenia Build Elden Ring 

You can use something in your offhand like the sacrificial axe, that will give you FP back when you kill something and since waterfall dance kills enemies rather easily this can save you some FP, you really don't have FP issues with this build so it's not something you need to worry about. But you could also put something like the Blasphemous blade in your offhand in order to gain Health back when you kill enemies, it's also not a bad option because you do tend to trade damage.

If you're using the flask of Wonders physique, you're going to want to use the stamina recovery green burst Crystal tier. Stamina is the biggest limitation to Waterfall dance and you absolutely want to spam this in boss fights if possible, so you want your stamina to recovery as fast as possible, so you can get that full combo up, nothing is more annoying in this build than going to use waterfowl dance using it and then trying to use it again. But you only get one L2 pole out of it because you don't have enough stamina to do the second and third one. So make sure you use that and you also want to use the one that increases your damage with the successive attacks that will give you some more attack power, that'll further increase the damage of this ability.

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