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Elden Ring Op Black Flame Rogue Assassin Build Guide: Stats, Talismans, Gear & Tips Of Ultimate Dagger Build

7/30/2022 2:45:31 PM

In this guide, we’ll go over the Elden Ring black flame rogue assassin and show you how this op build naturally evolves. We go over weapons such as Black Knife, Misericorde, Blade of Calling and many more, and how to use OP Faith Weapons to their fullest capabilities. We also go over a faith-based dual daggers build, magic, tips and tricks, combos, talismans, optimization, how to oneshot every boss and everything you need to know to destroy every boss in Elden Ring as the Black Flame Rogue. With this build you will truly be an OP and tanky Rogue.

Elden Ring Op Black Flame Rogue Assassin Build Guide - Ultimate Daggers Build

The black flame rogue is a lethal assassin that is free from the constraints of having a conscience. This assassin only cares about one thing whether the contract pays enough, relying on merciless and efficient tactics, the black flame rogue assassinates everything within mere seconds whether the target is nearby or in the distance. Add to that that the black flame rogue is extremely proficient in combat using dual daggers, the arts of black flame magic and is also gifted with the rare power of the rune of death. And with that is one of the few in the entire world that can use the forbidden arts of death magic. By now it's obvious that the black flame rogue is dangerous and at no point in time do you want to cross paths with this mercenary. Now read on and learn all the details about this dangerous assassin build, the op black flame rogue build & ultimate daggers build in Elden Ring. 

Black Flame Rogue Build 

This is a build you can make at any point in the game, the early game build is pretty much the late game build as the main weapons in the guide will stay the same. But at the same time, the build gets more finesse to it while you progress through the game and every now and then you can add another epic piece to the build to make it even stronger. However, you can establish the core of this build and get a lot of good stuff really early on in a new playthrough.

Main Weapons & Ashes of Wars

The black flame rogue is known to use daggers and daggers only, due to the flexibility, utility and speed of this weapon class, this seems to be the perfect tool for the assassin. The best way to use daggers is not to make a bleed or poison build out of them. The thing with daggers is if you want to make a bleed or bleed poison build, you're much of better using curved swords, katanas, twin blades and a lot of other weapon classes as well because it's just much more reliable to get bleed procs with those types of weapons. But daggers have other benefits going for them and one of those benefits is that the weapon with the highest critical damage in the entire game is in fact a dagger. 

  • Misericorde Dagger: This weapon is really good and definitely a must for any dagger build because why would you rely on procking bleed when you can just critically hit something and do so much damage with just one step, it just kills off your enemy. An actual competent assassin knows exactly where to step, he enters combat pierces a vital organ and two seconds later the enemy is dead. And afterwards, the rogue just vanishes into the shadows onto its next targets, so one of the two daggers we're going to use is definitely going to be the Misericorde.

  • Black Knife: This dagger is together with the Misericorde in the top two most powerful diaries and that's why you want to use both of these daggers in gun junction. The Misericorde has you covered in melee territory while the black knight has you covered for ranged combat.


The best way to build a dagger or even a dual dagger build is to scale dagger's true faith. And the black knife skills really well with faith and the Misericorde is very flexible as well and one of the best options for it is actually also scaling it with faith. But that's not all because scaling your daggers through faith makes it also possible for you to use a lot of incantations and one of the groups of incantations in the game that you'll want to use are the black flame incantations. These incantations fit an assassin build very well and they also harmonize well with the black knives blade of death, because they also sap away hp from your enemy after you hit your enemies with a black flame spell. These incantations are also the better option for a rogue compared to making it a poison based rogue as you can just spam these incantations and this will make the damage over time take much faster. In addition to the massive immediate damage that the black flame spells hit your enemies with in the first place.

Black Knife,& Misericorde - How To Get Them Very Early On

You can get the black knife before getting the Misericorde. The reason for this is because the Misericorde is in stormville so you have to defeat market for it at least. If you want to start making this build at the very start of a new playthrough, you want to do a few things.

1. Get the red-hot whetblade..

2. Get flame of the redmanes.

3. Go to the roundtable hold or buy a dagger & get the spirit ashes +bells.

4. Prepare, put flame of redmane on dagger, and get some vigor.

5. Get to the location where you can find the black knife assassin sitting in front of the entrance of the satan hero’s grave.

The OP Black Flame Rogue Assassin Build In Elden Ring

6. Kill him.

7. You now have black knife at the start of the game

Now that you have the black knife, you can start obliterating everything in a really elegant way. This ash of war also gets bonus points because the animation for it is very nice and it feels also more like a sorcery or an incantation because for an ash of war, it has a really long range and that's exactly also why it fits this build very well because it will pair up really nicely with the Misericorde that we'll want to use for melee range and why is this dagger so good. The ash of woar blade of death has really nice immediate damage, but it will also reduce the target's maximum hp for a period of time. During a fight, you will see this because the hp bar will get smaller. And at the same time, it also reduces your enemies current hp, it keeps sapping damage from them and this makes it a really good ash of war whether it's early mid or late game as this mechanic skills accordingly and makes sure that you can always just melt whatever you're fighting, add to that that this ash of war comes out really fast, so you can just spam it and accordingly ramp up the damage on whatever you're facing really fast as well. Combine that also with the fact that the ash of war gives you a lot of hyper armor when you're in the air casting it. So even if you get hit while casting you will still be able to send out the blade of death and with that reliably always get the damage in and quickly kill off everything. This is a really good ash of war and you can just make a build with only this dagger and only this ash of war and you will just beat the game. 

Flame of the Redmanes

You always want to use flame of the red mains as a staggering tool, but in addition to that, it will also deal nice aoe damage. It has a nice arc shape, basically it will just hit everything in front of you and it has a nice range as well but when you actually use it to stagger stuff and then combine it with the Misericorde and it's incredibly high critical damage value. Every critical hit will take a massive chunk of your enemies hp bar or even just one shot them. Misericorde also has other benefits because the dagger's main weakness in Elden Ring at least if you use them in melee range is their range, so you usually have to stand very close to whatever you're fighting to get damage in. 

The Misericorde sets this weakness as out of all of the daggers in the game. It's the dagger with the longest range. Adding all of these different things up makes the Misericorde definitely the best dagger for when you want to use its blade to damage things. That's also why you want to use the Misericorde in our main hand, so we can profit of its range to hit enemies that are close, so we can always use flames of the redmanes instantly and get those critical hits in quickly.

Seal & Incantations 

  • Black Flame Fireball

  • Scouring Black Flame

  • Black Flame Ritual

  • Nobel Presence

  • Black Flame’s Protection

Stats (Level 125)

  • Vigor: 40

  • Mind: 30

  • Endurance: 14

  • Strength: 11

  • Dexterity: 12

  • Intelligence: 7

  • Faith: 80

  • Arcane: 10

Talismans & Flask

  • Dagger Talisman

  • Fire Scorpion Charm

  • Godfrey Icon / Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

  • Shard of Alexander / Assassin’s Crimson Dagger


  • Arms: Black Knife Gauntlets, Bull-Goat Gauntlets

  • Legs: Beast Champion Greaves, Bull-Goat Greaves

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