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Elden Ring Best Spirit Ashes Tier List - Ranking Summons From Worst To Best In Elden Ring

7/29/2022 3:27:07 PM

Today we rank 8 spirit summons that are better than the mimic tier. Some of these spirits can breathe fire, inflict a rot or poison, use instant transmission, you can even summon up a moving shield wall for sakes. So we will rank summons from worst to best in Elden Ring. 

Best Elden Ring Spirit Ash Summons Tier List Ranked

  • #7 Fire Stick Dedes

The more the merrier when it comes to spirit summons and we have two of radon's best military men at your service. They don't waste any time and immediately start whacking dudes with their lightsabers, they aren't that strong compared to the other summons on this list. But when it comes to fighting a boss who is weak to fire damage, they really shine, that is their specialty.

  • #6 Magic Dude Hoojoos

He's a beast with magic damage, his strength is in ranged attacks, casting a variety of spells, so he's a great support. But even in close combat he whips out a magic hammer and smashes enemies, against a boss who is weak to magic type damage, battle mage who jews is your guy.

  • #5 Da Boys

They're not all that special, but the fact that you can summon up 6 of them. 6 beautiful soldiers with shields and swords and axes that swarm your enemy and deal tons of damage, even by themselves they can almost kill a boss. So if you have them as support in a real battle, it'll be just you and your crew gang banging your enemies. It's an all-out brawl with these dudes. Obviously not the best at ranged but they excel at close combat against a small to medium-sized boss.

Best Elden Ring Spirit Ash Summons Ranking Tier List

  • #4 Well Rounded Warrior

A well-rounded warrior, extremely strong at ranged and lethal in close melee combat. He deals heavy damage with his huge gravity bow and heavy greatsword. Plus, he's got a shield and actually uses it to block attacks. So he has a solid defense, strong melee attack and can whip out a bow for long range. So very versatile summon. 

Honorable Mention

Omenkiller Rollo. This guy is awesome, man like he's always fun to summon up. He's underrated, no one talks about him but they should. He's got two giant spiked clubs and not only do they inflict blood loss but they hit hard, they straight clobber enemies, very effective against anything that staggers or is weak to poise damage. He freaking breathes fire like a dragon. He's my go-to summon when fighting millennia.

  • #3 Latenna Albinauric

The abundant character, against large-scale boss fights, Latenna is the perfect support, she excels at range with her bow with almost perfect accuracy, dealing constant damage from a distance while you fight. It's debatable if redmane knight is better than Latenna because the redmane knight has a good ranged attack plus strong close combat skills, but the thing is redmane knight will sometimes miss the target meanwhile Latenna is simply so accurate and can deal so much damage from a distance. She's definitely the best ranged spirit summon there is, reliable and consistent.

  • #2 Crystal Guy

- Super strong defense

- Great as distraction

- Weak attack

If you ever fought one before, you'd know they really don't take damage from anything other than blunt type weapon attacks. It's the perfect bodyguard, he's robin, only reason it doesn't take the first place spot is because it doesn't deal a ton of damage. It's mostly for defense, support and taking aggro.

  • #1 Lhutel The Headless

She is the model spirit ash, the a1 sauce of summons. Between her heavy armor, great shield and her ability to use instant transmission, she has a very strong defense and stays alive for a while. She can toss a spear at medium range and of course does high damage in close combat. In group fights and when against a small to medium-sized boss, Lhutel the Headless can't go wrong.

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