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Best POE 3.19 Lighting Conduit Elementalist Build Guide: Items & Gems, Pros & Cons, Gameplay Tips & More

9/6/2022 3:51:25 PM

Today we share with you an idea for league starting lightning conduit elementalist in 3.19 Lake of Kalandra - a new skill being introduced this league. We take a look at the mechanics, gems, items, pros & cons, leveling tips, gameplay tips and more. 

POE 3.19 Lightning Conduit Elementalist Starter Build

Lighting conduit is a new skill added to Path of Exile that deals damage that increased with the power of your shock effect. The stronger you shock, the more damage it does. We use another spell to trigger this shock effect preferably another lightning spell, so it scales with our other talents. The most suited lightning spell comes stormbrand compared to spells like spark that hit an enemy, shock them and your main skill removes the shot from the enemy stormbread attaches to the enemy and reapplies shock every time it hits the enemy. It also deals damage that can shock to nearby enemies and we spread our shock even further beyong thanks to our talents. Galvanic field is another spell added to the game that is also included in this build. 

  • DPS Skills: This build deals damage via lightning conduit which requires the enemy to be shocked. Extra damage multiplier depends on the shock effect, so you are going to use orb of storms with maximum shock effect. Orb of storms can constantly hit enemies while you use other spells within its radius.

  • Defenses Skills: This build relies on life armor and capped block chance with glancing blows for the defenses. Combined with immunity to elemental ailments, you're getting a relatively tanky character without excessive investments.

  • Clear Speed: Clear speed varies from average to good depending on your gear, can be considered a solid B tier if you get impulse's broken heart. Single-Target Damage: Lightning conduit deals simply massive damage when combined with potent shock, easily an A-tier build.

  • Budget: This is one of the cheapest starter builds out there with literally zero initial investments needed.

Pros & Cons of Lightning Conduit Elementalist Starter Build

+ Insane DPS based on Skill Gems and Passives alone

+ Decent clear speed 

+ Multi-layer defenses based on simple and reliable mechanics

+ Cheap with no Unique Items required

- Spells need to be cast in a proper sequence making it more complex than your typical self-casting builds

How To Level

Start with act 1 with freezing pose and explosive trap, then switch freezing poles with frost bomb, don’t forget your flame dash as soon as you have it. When you reach act 2, go back to Lily in act 1 and buy stormbrand. Towards the end of act 2, get yourself Herald of Ice inherit of lightning. In act 3, pick up lightning spire trap and replace it with your explosive trap, add conductivity and defiance spend until you build. Starting act 4, check vendors for 4 links as often as you like. In act 5, pick up lightning golem and continue your journey until the end of act 10 with following gem setup. Make sure after act 5 to check resistances if you are dying a lot.   

  • Stormbrand – Faster Casting – Onslaught – Innervate

  • Lightning Spire Trap – Elemental Focus – Controlled Destruction – Added Lightning Damage

  • Brand Recall – Arcane Surge LVL1

  • Flame Dash – Herald of Thunder – Herald of Ice

  • Conductivity – Defiance Banner – Lightning Golem

Gear, Jewels, Flasks

Unique Items

  • Inpulsa’s Broken Heart: It is a unique item that makes clearing maps noticeably faster, by having enemies explode dealing lightning damage. It lacks elemental resistances however.

  • Algor Mortis: Another very interesting pair of gloves that can increase your lightning damage against enemies inside your chilling grounds, which can be created by cold snap or frost blink.

  • Thunderfist: The gloves fit this build perfectly as they increase the effect of your shock and grant you an extra support gem to boost the damage of your orb of storms or lightning conduit.

  • Singularity: Singularity scepter has just received significant buffs and adds tons of lightning damage to spells while hindering nearby enemies and increasing your damage against them.

  • Berek’s Grip: It grants life leech based on your damage dealt, adds a decent amount of extra life and added lightning damage to spells making it one of the best budget rings for this build.

  • Valako’s Sign: It adds valuable leech and increases your lightning damage. However, in most cases, it will grant less raw dps boost.

  • Watcher’s Eye: It is a great addition to this build if you are looking to invest in it a little more. Simply get wrath mods with extra lightning damage or penetration or possibly more defensive oriented determination ones.

Rare Items

  • Helmet: Get more life, resistances and later as you can afford more sophisticated gear, nearby enemies have minus 9% to lightning resistance. Minion helmet with minion life and increase to the level of socketed minion gems can also be used for your golem setup.

  • Wand/Sceptre: You can use wand or scepter on which look for high bonuses to lightning spell damage and cast speed, crit related stats are irrelevant. At some point, you can craft the trigger mod so that your wave of conviction and curse are cast automatically.

  • Rare Shield: It should give you high defensive stats like life and resistances. It's good to get extra spell block chance so that you can cap it at 75% with glancing blows.

  • Body Armor: Aim for high defensive stats and possibly spell block chance which can be crafted.

  • Rare Boots: They should provide life resistances and movement speed. On top of those mods, if you want to upgrade your pair, simply look for tailwind mod which will increase your action speed.

  • Rare Gloves: Given your defenses are fixed, you can look for bonuses to spell damage or increase damage while leaching on your gloves.

  • Rare Belt: Life and resistances are the only affordable mods worth looking for on a belt. Stygian vise is the best base thanks to the extra abyssal socketed it provides.

  • Rare Amulet: Amulet offers a huge variety of mods, but you should be the most interested in life resistances, lightning spell damage and eventually increases to lightning or intelligence gem levels. Ash, frost and storm is the best anointment or you can simply get one of the budget life ones here.

  • Rare Rings: Aim for high defensive stats and fix your attributes and resistances. You should also get one unset ring, so that you can use molten shell without skipping any of the other more important gems. Rare Jewels: They should provide extra life and some other various stats like spell damage, cast speed or missing attributes and resistances.


  • Atziri’s Promise: It grants extra chaos damage, chaos resistance and leech.

  • Vessel of Vinktar: It boosts your lightning damage if you get the penetration or added lightning spell damage variant. At the same time, you are immune to shock so the downside is negligible.

  • Magic Flasks: You should also use life flask with bleed removal, granite flask for extra armor and quicksilver flask for extra mobility.

Skill Gems and Sockets

  • Lightning Condult

  • Orb of Storms

  • Determination

  • Defiance Banner

  • Tempest Shield

  • Purity of Elements

  • Wrath

  • Wave of Conviction

  • Cold Snap

  • Flame Dash

  • Molten Shell

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