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POE 3.19 Lake of Kalandra Guide - Mirrored Tablets, Rewards & Running Tips In Path of Exile

9/6/2022 3:35:28 PM

The Lake of Kalandra is one of the coolest visual implementations of the league mechanic in Path of Exile. This is Path of Exile 3.19 guide to the Lake of Kalandra League mirrored tablet, rewards, and running tips. 


POE 3.19 Lake of Kalandra Guide - Mirrored Tablets, Rewards & Running Tips In Path of Exile

This Path of Exile Kalanra League guide will be broken down into two sections the first is the mini-game or the mirror tablet and the second is the actual run itself. This section of the league mechanic is probably the most important and should not be overlooked. After all, it determines your maximum possible reward. 


POE 3.19 Lake of Kalandra Mirrored Tablet

The general gist of the tablet is that you want to move away from the entrance as far as possible. As each step you get away from the entrance increases the difficulty and the reward. There are 4 major components of the mirror tablets

Entrance tile: everything counts up from here with regards to difficulty.

Water tile: you can't do anything directly with it, however, you can move it for another tile depending on whether you get the roll or not. 

Empty tile: all of these must be filled before you can actually run the encounter

Reflection tile: this is actually what you're going to run when you enter this section of the island.

Tablets come in 4 sizes and the size is determined based on the level of the area in which you find the first tablet. During the campaign the tablet is 3x3, this gives you a maximum reward chain of up to 6. In white maps is 4x4 giving you a total maximum chain of 10. In yellow maps, you get a 4x5 which gives you up to 12. And in red maps you get a 5x5, this will give you a maximum potential of 16. It should be noted that the difficulty level of these encounter ramps is incredibly high with the distance from the entrance.


Lake of Kalandra Mechanics 

Not all tiles are made equally, there are really 4 types of tiles. There's your normal tile which is weird monsters and these come in lightning, chaos, and physical that you can choose from. Then we have league mechanic tiles. This is a tile set that has past lead mechanics on it. Next is the manipulation tiles, these are basically stuff that affects the board directly. It does not fill anything out, it is just there to make your board better. There are 4 manipulation tiles: swap water with an empty tile, transform water into empty, change entrance with an empty tile and destroy the table. The last one is special tiles, which are basically your money maker. These are incredibly profitable, but also really difficult especially since some of their essences are almost impossible once you get to like tier 8. 


How Does Tablet Work In POE

As you move away from the entrance, the difficulty steps up by one for each tile away that you are. Now bear in mind, that it's the shortest possible number of tiles to the entrance. We also have Kalandra reflections these tend to have some hard bosses in them which are like map bosses but juiced up to hell. You'll know you're in a Kalandra area cause Kalandra will be there sitting on a rock until you defeat the area. Once you defeat this area, Kalandra will fly away leaving behind a shrine click on this shrine to create a pair of mirrored jewelry items. The final set of trials are utility trials and these will allow you to move tiles around on the tablet. There's also one that allows you to swap the position of an empty tile and a water tile. The last one allows you to swap two reflected tiles allowing you to put your essences earlier on instead of them taking 8 minutes to kill. These tiles are absolutely essential if you're going for the max difficulty encounters. 


Tablet Choices in POE 

In each area of Path of Exile, you'll now get an altar that raises out of the ground which allows you to interact with it. This will either give you one set of tiles to choose from or two sets of tiles. You can see which one you got from the choices remaining title at the top. Each set will offer three possible tiles. Underneath these tiles, you've got three small buttons which give you up to three goes each to do various things. 

-The first button allows you to skip the reflections. This is very useful as you're getting to the end of the number of choices. You've got left to complete your tablet as this is normally the time you want to move around to get the largest possible reward chains. 

-The second button allows you to reroll the tiles you're about to choose from giving you a completely new set.

-The last one is exila reflection. This basically takes your selected tile and removes it from the choices until you get a new tablet. This is probably the best one to use to make sure you get the best possible rewards because it allows you to block the more common tiles so you get the rare ones instead.


How To Unlock Tablet Choices

It should be noted that this won't stop you from getting the tier 2 or tier 3 variant, as you can get 3 shots of each of these little buttons. But you won't get that at the start of the game, they unlock as you progress through the Lake of Kalandra. If you hover over the button, it will tell you what you need to do to get the next one. In most cases, this is a complete x encounter at a level of x or higher. Once you've completed all the empty tiles if you're in the campaign, a portal will open there and then for you to enter. If you're in maps, a little button will appear to itemize it to turn it into a map. It should be noted that whilst this works in the map device it is not classed as a map and so it can't be chiseled and you can't make it rare.


POE Lake of Kalandra 3.19 Running Tips

To run it simply take your itemized encounter and put it in the map device and click go. This will give you the usual 6 portals. When we first enter the lake, you'll enter a really small area. As you move out of this area, you'll start to see the rest of the island lift out of the lake. It can be quite disorienting in here and so there's a little button in the bottom right-hand corner that will indicate which of the tiles you're actually on and therefore which direction you need to go next. As these reward chains can get quite long, the actual maps themselves can be very long and windy. Before you run a hard encounter, you drop a portal before you enter. So you don't have to do an extremely long walk of shame, it does take ages to get back to where you were.


POE Lake of Kalandra 3.19 Rewards

How you get rewards in each tile depends upon the type of tile you're running. If you're running a standard monster tile after you clear the area, in the center of that area a chest will raise out the water. This can be really annoying because you often have to backtrack to get your reward. The types of rewards that these chests offer are basically the standard that you would get in any league, such as divination cards, currency, a piece of armor, and all that good stuff. The league-specific rewards will drop from the monsters themselves. The actual rewards you're going to get will be themed around the specific league that you're running. For instance, in the expedition, the bosses drop the reroll currency. If you're lucky enough to get a Kalandra reflection then Kalandra will be in the area once you finish it, she'll fly away leaving behind the reflecting mist. When you activate the reflecting mist, it will give you 2 jewelry items. These items can be particularly powerful because they give you up to double the mods that a normal item would get. 



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