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Top 9 Best Mechanics To Rank Up In Rocket League | RL Rank Guide 2022

9/30/2022 8:52:07 PM

If you're ranked anything below grand champ in Rocket League, this guide is for you, these are top 9 mechanics, the only essential mechanics to rank up in Rocket League 2022 (shared by SpookLuke).

Top 9 Best Mechanics To Rank Up In Rocket League

1. Speedflips

We'll just start with the most controversial mechanic, you should learn speedflips. You might be thinking speed flips are just a nice to have, but even up through Platt diamond and champ, their kickoffs are just not good. Across the board, kickoffs have to be one of the most inconsistent mechanics across the lower ranks, so the reason you should learn speed flips is because if you can just get a consistent speed flip kickoff, you will literally play every game with such a massive advantage on anyone below Grand champ, because just for whatever reason, people's kickoffs are not good. So that's why we learn speed flips if you can, because they're actually just that game changing and that impactful if you can get consistent with them.

2. Half-Flips

Half-flips should be a mechanic on this list that you probably expect. Half flips are the best way to turn around quickly and most players at the low ranks don't even have consistent half lips either. Like think to yourself, when was the last time you went for a half flip and like messed it up or landed awkward and then you weren't back in time. Be honest, it's probably happened more than it should. Half flips are still something really inconsistent at the lower ranks and once again they're just a fundamental that is going to improve your speed and improve your movement around the field so much, will help you get out of so many dicey situations and make sure you're always last back, defending Your net and covering ground for your terrible solo queue teammate down at the lower ranks. 

7. Fast Aerials

Fast Aerials are essential once you start climbing through like diamond and champ. The reason that fast aerials are so important is because especially on defense, not even so much on offense, you can get away without knowing them on offense. On defense, sometimes the ball is just going to be falling in front of your net or be falling somewhere central where the opponents can take a shot and if your fast aerials aren't good, if you're like using double jump Aerials or you're just consistently slow to any jump ball, you will find yourself getting beat a lot on your back half and it just makes playing defense and playing the game so much harder.

6. Clears

Clears is specifically the ability to time the bounce on a ball, so that way you hit it as it's rising and you get a booming clear. So much at the lower ranks like you can catch people off guard, not even by putting like a good shot on that like it doesn't have to be a screamer top corner. Literally by just putting the ball above the opponent's backboard, you can force players to become so awkward that literally you'll just get open nets. This is a little bit of a weird mention to the list, but clears like specifically timing that up bounce and just being able to boom the ball. Not even with accuracy, but just with power is going to give you really good results against players who don't know how to respond and who panic which is basically everybody at the lower ranks. A great way to practice clears is just using the wall ball drill over in free play where you just roll the ball to you and you bang it off the wall and then let it bounce back to you and bang it back on the up bounce again and just practice hitting it back and forth. Literally just doing that for like 4 to 5 minutes will significantly improve your ability to time the ball and hit it with power would highly recommend you learn clears.

5. Air Roll

Another ranking up mechanic that you need to do is air roll. If you're below grand champ, really just the ability to land on all four wheels using regular arrow with your joystick will have a massive impact on your speed in game. So many people still at the lower ranks like don't know how to land consistently and a lot of ranking up at the lower ranks is just being in position and being back and not getting scored on breakaways. So if you can recover better specifically like jumping off the wall, jumping off the sidewalls, jumping off your backboard landing on four wheels and things like that, so that way you're never awkward or fumbling around recovery wise, you're just going to be in so much better position and you're going to win more games.

4. Double Jump Pop

What you might be thinking is this a mechanic why wouldn't you include something like flicks, but we don't think you need flicks to rank up at all. Flicks are nice to have, it would benefit you to know more, but when it comes to just scoring like one-on-one situations, if you know how to just do a basic double jump pop or even better, just put them on your car, do a single jump pop fly at the goalie and bump them. If you could do that, you really don't need to do much else to score one-on-one situations. Honestly, the better people get at Rocket League, the more they over complicate their goals like the more you think, you need to do fancy stuff to score. When in reality to score, you just need to put it around the opponent, doesn't matter how fast the ball's going, doesn't matter how you know many times you air rolled while you were taking it there, you just need to put the ball around the opponent. So putting the ball on your car and just doing a basic double jump pop is now and will probably always be one of the best ways to consistently score and convert 101s at the low ranks. You will score way more often and mess up way less because it's just an easy way to score.

3. Bounce Dribbling

This is the best mechanic to learn if you want quick rank up in Rocket League. Bounce dribbling is properly timing, a bounce is on the ball while hitting it at like slight angles to both get direction change and height change. That's all bounce dribbling is. But the reason it's so good is because so little people know how to do it and know how to defend it. Most players at the low ranks will give you too much space and too much time to do whatever you want with the ball, yet most people at the low ranks when they get the ball go for like carries and flicks where they have to use boost to take the ball down the field and the ball's staying the same speed the whole time. Tat's not the best thing you can do if you get space. SpookLuke recommends you make your first touch on an angle and you start bounce dribbling. The reason bounce dribbling is so good is because you can get those Direction changes you can get those height changes and you can get it at basically any point while you're watching the opponent, which is so much more potent than just a flick that can usually only be one defender. 

2. Backwards Saves

This is probably the most underrated of any of the mechanics on the list. From coaching players and just watching gameplay at the lower ranks, everybody practices the mechanics that help them on offense, everybody wants to learn the scoring mechanics, everybody wants to learn the air dribbles, the flip resets, but for whatever reason nobody wants to practice like the basic defensive Maneuvers and you would be amazed at how many people make it all the way through champ and don't know how to drive backwards. Most people aren't confident driving backwards, yet they can do an air dribble double tap like it's nothing. Once again, if you want to rank up fast in Rocket League, this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

1. Powerslide Cuts

The number one must learn mechanic to rank up in Rocket League is powerslide cuts. This goes in line with bounce dribbling, but it's one level above. The reason powerslide cuts are so good is not just because they get a Direction Change on the ball, getting a direction change and being able to beat one defender is great. Not only that, but the thing about powerslide cuts got to think about is they don't commit you when you go for the mechanic. When you cut that ball in, you can immediately follow it up and play it past the second defender, so you can outplay multiple defenders with just cuts in and out. Not only that, but you could just completely fold and go play defense if the opponent ends up picking up the ball after you do a cut, or if none of that works at any point while you're doing a powerslide cut, you could just stop and go for a low 50/50 and punish somebody who's early challenging you. Unlike a carry where you're committed to a carry, dribbling on angles and going for power side cuts it's such a low risk high reward way to outplay opponents. Once again, people just don't know how to defend this stuff, because everybody's going for the flicks and everybody's going for the carries. So if you can learn this once again by practicing the same drills for bounce dribbling and even just driving around in free play and practicing doing 180s around the ball, practicing turning the ball 90 degrees, then your gameplay is going to level up so significantly. You will be able to outplay players even through grand champ with basically no effort.

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